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It is our pleasure to make available the following radio shows, where Dr. Linda was the featured guest of the day, speaking on her books.  Some of these are also available right here in our media section.  Enjoy!

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Authors Show Interview with host, Danielle Hampson ~ Featuring Dr. Linda on BRIDGE OF THE GODS!   Celebrating the Unlimited Divine Self within! (0:20:00)  Authors Show Interview with Danielle Hampson  

Indie Book Publishing Show, Dr.Linda with host, Steve Jorgensen ~ Featuring Dr. Linda on her life, history and books. (0:15:00)  IndieBook Publishing Show, Dr.Linda with host, Steve Jorgensen

The Ultimate Power of Divine Love and Principle to Heal!  Dr. Linda speaks on BRIDGE  OF THE GODS with host, Deborah Beauvais, Revolution Radio Boston, 1510 AM Live & Worldwide on Line..   Hear Dr. Linda speak on the 12 Chapters of “BRIDGE OF THE GODS” and the Ultimate Path to complete transformation in every area of your life! (1:00:00 ~ 1 Hour.)  

*Dr. Linda’s One Hour Conversation on the 12 Chapters of “Bridge of the Gods” is  also now available for download anytime right here in our media section on

Dr. Linda speaks  on the Power of Divine Love, the Namaste Show with hosts Jennifer Clark & Rick LeCuyer ~ Ontario, Canada. (0:2:00 ~ 2 Hours)  Dr.Linda on the Power of Divine Love, the Namaste Show with hosts Jennifer Clark & Rick LeCuyer ~ Ontario, Canada

The Magnificent Power of the Resurrection Principle already in you! NBC Radio Boston Dr.Linda & host, Deborah Beauvais. (1 Hour)

The Power of your Word! NBC Radio Boston with host Deborah Beauvais, featuring Dr. Linda speaking on SONGS OF ETERNITY ~ Contemplations, Treatments & Meditations on the Word of God!  (1 Hour)

Divine Romance  & Perfect Partnership ~ The Immortal Principles of Divine Love! ~ Discover the sublime qualities that exist in relationships, exalted in Divine Love. Make these treasured values your very own! ~ WMEX Radio Boston Live & Worldwide on Line. (1 Hour)

Life At The Summit ~ Cowboy Wisdom Blog Talk Radio Features Dr. Linda, with host Robert A. Wilson ~ “Living From the Highest Place of Divine Light, Peace & Power in you!” (1 Hour)

Activating Compassion In the Midnight Hour w/host Jesse Ann Nichols George ~ Blog Talk Radio! (2 Hours) With empowering excerpts from SONGS OF ETERNITY ~ Contemplations, Treatments & Meditations On the Word of God!–your-god-self

Dr. Linda speaks on her book “LIVING THE MIRACLE CONSCIOUSNESS” with Host, Reverend Barbara Williams ~ Blog Talk Radio (1:14:25)



Conscious Talk Radio with hosts, Brenda Michaels & Rob Spears ~ on LIVING THE MIRACLE CONSCIOUSNESS ~ Attaining the Kingdom of Highest Eternal Good ~ Heaven on Earth! What a miracle is and how to activate! (1 Hr.)  This show is now available to hear at:

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See what publications are included in the Global Divine Consciousness Series special 4 book offer.  Enjoy free Previews:

Visit the NEW THOUGHT INTERNATIONAL LIBRARY for complete descriptions of Dr. Linda’s glorious books.

In all the books comprising the Global Divine Consciousness Series of Works, Dr. Linda touches upon every aspect of the human condition with astonishing clarity and luminosity, providing enlightening keys for the reader on how to raise yourself every day in every way to become the Divine Plan fulfilled.



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