ATTAINING DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS ~ Volume III: “The Risen Consciousness!”
After you have raised your consciousness to the Highest Level of the “Divine In You” in Volume I, and then learned how to use the Great Laws of Mind & Manifestation in Volume II, whole worlds of lustrous capacities are opened unto you.
In Volume III of this evolutionary series ~ Discover the transcendent qualities that shall be yours, and that every Master enjoys, once risen above all limitation… once re-united with the Divine within. In this series of Higher Consciousness talks, Dr. Linda describes this summit state of existence ~ together with the qualities that manifest as you rise Higher and Higher in bliss. “What an incredible reading experience! I felt as if I were being transported into another dimension where the magic happens. A million praises to the author for her efforts in writing such a helpful and self-transformative book. Highly recommended to anybody.” Dianna Wilson

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