DIVINE PROSPERITY, The Unexpected Income Program ~ Twelve Steps to Your Perfect Consciousness of Infinite & Eternal Supply!

This wonderful in-depth book on the Highest Principles and Laws of Eternal Abundance Consciousness includes extensive introductions on each Stage of Consciousness Ascension, along with deeply empowering consciousness raising exercises and daily meditations, to assist you in incorporating the vital information contained.
“The Unexpected Income Program” portion for each of the Twelve Steps provides all that you need to live at the Summit of Divine Thought eternally…and to get to the place, where you are so “One with all the Abundance that is”~ that you are always demonstrating immediately the substance of everything you require.
Expand your awareness, and rise to the summit of all bounty… Enjoy the Heavenly Mantras of each Lesson’s Theme, and the transformational exercises, allowing for your immediate transcendence of every troubling issue, along with the exquisite Daily Meditations for activating your Divine Consciousness within.