“LIVING THE MIRACLE CONSCIOUSNESS ~ Attaining the Kingdom of Greatest Eternal Good: Heaven on Earth!”

“LIVING THE MIRACLE CONSCIOUSNESS” is more than just about miracles, and living in the Kingdom of Bliss all the time…uniting with all the Divine and Universal Forces for manifesting a limitless world of good. It is about entering Highest Levels of the Glorious Truth of your very own being, and recovering all the glory, wholeness, unity, peace, power and splendor of the Divine Soul within.

Rich in soaring meditations and transformational exercises for the reader to practically apply Highest Principles to their everyday experience; “Living The Miracle Consciousness” takes the reader on an accelerated journey into the many mansions of Divine Splendor ~ penetrating the Sacred Kingdoms and Laws of instant materialization, self-reliance, Unity with God and direct manifestation of every good conceivable.

“If you are looking for a book that will instill your mind and heart with takeaways that are so thrilling and exhilarating to deeply think upon, you have got to read Living the Miracle Consciousness by Linda De Coff.” Alistair Love