ATTAINING DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS: “The Raising of Matter!” ~ Inspirational Talk & Meditation, Featuring Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff



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ContemplationsICD2.75X2.75 - CroppedDEAR PARTICIPANT & FRIENDS :*It is our great pleasure to announce that New Thought International Library  is now presenting a complete Inspirational Talk Series from Dr. Linda’s timeless collection of works.

For those who truly desire further in-depth information on Higher Consciousness Themes,  you will be able to tune in to monthly postings of talks on every subject imaginable throughout the year.

Monthly programs will include an extensive talk on the Higher Consciousness Theme being considered, along with accompanying closing meditations, for incorporating deep within.  The closing meditations will be available right here in written form as well, so that you can easily reference in your daily meditations, while working on a particular theme.  Helpful instructions are also included below to help you focus in and obtain maximum benefit from your program.  In this wonderful talk series, you will always find very easy, profound and practical tools for raising your consciousness to the level desired, always illuminating “how to tune in” to the completeness of the Divine-in-you!”



TheAscentOfSpirit_MomentTo listen on You Tube, simply press “Listen On You Tube” on the video screen.  To activate closed captions, simply press CC on bottom right of screen and words will appear).


In this 3 Part Series, Dr. Linda describes how the raising of consciousness is the pre-eminent stage to manifesting transcendent and glorious circumstances in all of your outer (matter/material) world.  “As I Rise, All Things Automatically Rise To Meet Me! ~ at my New Level!”  “As Within, so Without!!!”

THE RAISING OF MATTER ~ Part I ~ “Transforming All In Your World: Up the Ladder of Consciousness” explains how thought becomes materialized, the mirror of what we are thinking. Through emptying of all limiting notions and turning within raising heart and mind upward to receive of the Greater Divine Idea, we begin our ascent into the mansions of Heavenly existence on our Earth.

THE RAISING OF MATTER ~ Part II ~ Helpful Highest Spiritual Tools, Ways and Means to Rise Victorious and Convert Even the Worst Conditions Into the Best!  How to Apply Divine Principles of Wholeness, Love, Beauty, and Completeness to your World! Part II of this illuminating 3 Part Series presents the Highest Spiritual Tools for converting even the worst and most troublesome conditions to Divine Fulfillment and Success. Enjoy practical examples of how to bring Heaven to Your Earth (Your world of experience) through aligning with the Perfection, Strength and Wholeness of your Divine Self within, relying on the limitless Divine Presence and Power to absolutely lift you above if only you would ask. All external situations are resolved through the application of Divine Qualities, which act as antidotes releasing the substance of Divine Love & Light into all your affairs.     

 THE RAISING OF MATTER ~ Part III ~  Closing Meditations for Manifesting Your Next Highest Level of Good! .

This final Part III of our illuminating 3 Part Series presents awesome meditations for aligning with Divine Presence & Power and manifesting your most long held desires in the Highest Way of Unifying with The Wholeness & Completeness of God. Put on the Golden Mantle of Completeness and Fulfillment beyond all measure of the good of your past. The first 5 minutes contain a recap of most important points before you enter the meditative consciousness, where you can now apply all the info you have gained to the realization of your specific good.

May Infinite Blessings of Awesome Advancement Now be Yours!!!

In All Love, Light & Truth 🔶 🔶 🔶 ~ Reverend Dr. Linda


At the end of this 3 Part inspirational talk, Dr. Linda provides a Closing Meditation for grounding the information in a very personal and meaningful way for you. This is followed by an “I Am Statement” ~ an excerpt from Dr. Linda’s glowing book, SONGS OF ETERNITY ~ Contemplations, Treatments and Meditations on the Word of God!”   Below, please find your meditations in written form, so that you can follow along with ease and refer to as often as possible while you are working on this theme.

Diamond best



As we enter into the Sacred Place in meditation now, breathing very deeply in and out of the Kingdom of Divine Light and Limitless Love beyond all imagining, open your heart to receive of the special quantum leap Gift of Divine Manifestation  you need right now.

Breathing in and out of the Light of the Universe…



Let us go within right now to the Highest Altitudes of God-Consciousness, Infinite Awareness and the realm of totally Perfected Conditions. And let us all now rise up, gently through the top of our heads, flowing out into the great cosmos of being, the great sea of life with which we are one.

And here in our place of Light, abiding in the Heavenly Domain, we sound the High Note, the name of our good, the good we have in mind as it reverberates on light patterns throughout the entire cosmos of being. We are setting the perfect tone and perfect vibration and perfect level. And right now, we see our immense good respond and unfold right before our very eyes, right before us out of the great sea of God substance.

And we cognize now that the great Spirit of Life, God, went out before us into the ethers to set the form for us with all the perfect details… and the manifestation we are seeing is filled with the Perfect Mind of God, vibrating with all richest substance that is.

Now, as we are regarding our favorite good before us, a beautiful robe is materialized before each one of us, and it is golden and glowing, and each one puts on their robe, their new raiment, the new Golden Garments of Consciousness. The new man-woman, the new idea, radiates over, in, around and through. This garment is filled with the substance of God thought, and we live ever and always in God’s Highest Place, in the Penthouse of Consciousness, with a Penthouse View on our worlds.

We drive our lives in the plush limousine of our great and Godly Thoughts, and we breathe the beautiful air of our glorious thoughts, and now, at the point of loftiest elevation and oneness with God, we come into a focus in our view over our world, and with any remaining unresolved conditions we may see right now, each one of us selects a condition, and we say to that condition:

“I do not move mountains by pushing against them. No, this mountain of difficulty removes itself now, for my love and my faith is so great. I do not wrestle with the lion in terror. No, I find my oneness with it always. And it rests in supreme comfort at my feet, for we are one.”

“I do not try to lift heavy, weighty conditions. No, I praise them to life, and they rise to meet me. And I apply, now, that force of sweetest love that I am, and the heat of my Divine Knowing…and all previous difficulty is dissolved away before me.”

This issue is now raised in Divine, glowing perfection. I have used my Spiritual Tools of God, which I always use. Thank you, God. Thou hast perfected me, all that concerns me, and all is sublimely raised and is well.

And So It Is.


  Diamond best

*Now is a good time to pause and write out your treatments ~ “Giving Thanks-In-Advance” for whatever it is you want to experience in your life.  Write out your more cherished goal for yourself in present terms, i.e.; “Thank you,  “I now have____”, “I now am_______”, “I am now established in_______”, defining in very definite present terms what you desire to experience and in keeping with the nature of Divine Manifesting Ways , expanding consciousness to include  the statement,” This or greater”, ever being open at the top.  Take a moment to envision yourself there ~ in this new and elevated condition complete.  Breathe in the Goodness, the Truth, the Beauty and the Light.

  Diamond best

Now, let us read our “I Am” statement…And, as you speak these words, absorbing the content into the very fibers of your being…  

Know your word is creating a new platform of being, upon which exists your new bottom line, and below which you never shall never descend.  So let it be!

While you are working on this talk, speaking these words of the Divine Self silently or aloud on a regular basis will aid you greatly to maintain consciousness.

Diamond best

Any time you need to tune-up to the Perfect Truth, reference your “I Am Statement” ~ and you will center right back in power once again.  






(Daily Meditation for Centering in the Kingdom Within) 

I Am that I Am ~

And right now I declare:

I am that force, which ever moves upward and forward in a dynamic energy field of eternally expanding good.

I am the continuity of love and the accumulation of all the good of my life right now and in every moment.

I am that which sweeps up all in my Golden Consciousness of Divine Love and Perfect Outcomes. I am that radiant richness of spirit, which ever flows through into greater and ever-widening concentric domains and dimensions of cosmic glory and success.

Through the consciousness of I Am the Completeness and Wholeness of It All, I raise and perfect my matter world now. I burst through into the sunshine of ever-new life, reflecting the clear activity of wondrous spirit that I am.

Thank you, God. I am so raised in spirit and God-consciousness now, that my entire world flips over to reveal the magnificent and the new. The Divine Idea has taken completely within and without, in me, as me, through me, and is gloriously shining and manifests now.

I am the success of thy name, one in Thee. I am the majesty of thy victory brought forth…


 Diamond best


*For strongest use of the monthly talks provided, establish a major goal you would like for yourself, not thinking of how this may be accomplished or limiting in anyway. Describe this goal to yourself in the most radiant detail, and then simply write it out, Giving Thanks that it is being established in the now and speaking in the present tense, i.e. “I Give Thanks I now have_______ (Fill in and describe), I now Am________________, I now receive _________ (Fill in and describe), etc. Refer to your wonderful goal often, as long as you are working on any given talk.  Whenever in doubt, simply turn within, Giving Thanks and once again describing to yourself in full.  This definite action of spending quality time contemplating your goal “as if you have it now” serves to build the new prototype in your consciousness and heart, the new cup of acceptance, and before you know it ~ there it is… right there in your manifest world.


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*Dr. Linda most highly recommends that you obtain a copy of “SONGS OF ETERNITY ~ Contemplations, Treatments & Meditations On The Word Of God”, while you are working on your DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS SERIES of talks.  Many of the “I Am” Statements of this program and far more are included in this book, along with brief instructions, related to any particular talk.  It is a most wonderful, condensed way to quickly tune in to the consciousness necessary to obtain your particular good..

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