HOLIDAY HIGHLIGHT SERIES! GUIDED MEDITATION VIDEOS from “SONGS OF ETERNITY ~ Contemplations, Meditations & Treatments on the Word of God!” With Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff



It is my pleasure to present a series of Guided Meditation Videos for your centering pleasure all throughout the Holidays.  These contemplations are taken from my book “SONGS OF ETERNITY ~ Contemplations, Treatments & Meditations on the Word of God!”  and correspond to Part II ~ The Application, Bringing Heaven to Earth!

Each week I will be adding another video, for you to be be really able to focus on the Ultimate and Sublime Truth of Your Being.  Regardless of what may seem to be happening in your outer world at any given time, remember there is that within you that exists beyond all time, space & events and that ever dwells at the right hand of the Father in bliss.

Enjoy these Meditations on Immortal Truth!  What is a CONTEMPLATION?

A Contemplation is an active meditation that focuses on a Spiritual Idea, founded in Eternal Principle.  As you join me in deep contemplation of the transcendent idea presented, you will find your spirit soaring to the Highest Place, as Divine and perfect realizations and solutions come forth.  Now, you can directly apply your perfected knowing to whatever condition you desire to heal and uplift, whether of a spiritual, mental or physical nature.  Discover the sublime keys to your fulfillment, whether in Divine Healing of any condition whatsoever, Divine Romance, Manifesting Miracles, realizing your Immortal Self, or enjoying eternal Divine Prosperity without end.  *Each contemplation closes with an empowering meditation, for you to incorporate deep within.  *Be sure and use the closed captions (CC) provided for your maximum benefit.



In the Spirit of the Eternal Christ in you, meditate on Immortal Truth!  In this elevating video, discover the key points for remaining in the transcendent state necessary to live in the Highest Realm of Mind and Heart, one with the Divine Presence & Power at all times. Enjoy an empowering guided meditation, where you will enter the summit of being and witness the glorious level of instantaneous and harmonious demonstration. In Deepest Gratitude for All the Good that Lies Before You, Enter Now the Kingdom of Divine Consciousness, Where Every Moment Dreams Are Easily Fulfilled by the Mere Thought of it! ~ Where nor Space Nor Time Exists ~ Only the Wonder of the Perfect Blissful Now!

THE LEGACY OF THE COSMIC CHRIST! ~ Part II, “The Law of Expectancy ~ Lighting the Lamp!”
During this Season of Radiant Light and Grace ~I am delighted to share Part II of this 4 part series on the major elements of the luminous Christ Consciousness ~ given to all mankind to empower each and every one of us to transcend difficulties of every kind, and literally to bring Heaven (Highest Mind) to our Earth (everyday experiences). In Part II ~ Realize the Power of your inner expectations when you are working on any goal. Maintain strong inner vision, expecting only the most Divine and fruitful outcomes, no matter what appears. Daily contemplate yourself there already in mind and heart, knowing; “The Light of my Inner Vision goes before me, assuring the way!”
THE LEGACY OF THE COSMIC CHRIST! ~ Part III, “Your Promised Land, The Light of Divine Manifestation!” In Part III ~ Enjoy opening and closing meditations, lifting to the Highest Level of the “Christ-in-you”. Enter your “Promised Land”, one with the Creator Divine. See yourself as an ever-evolving Body of Divine Light, shining victorious through your every circumstance, growing in radiance to the mansion of your Spirituality…the giant within.


THE ONE SOURCE OF ALL GOOD!  ~ In this contemplation on the Divine Source of all that you have ever had and all the greater to come, realize how truly free and rich you already are, for you exist within the great and unlimited All in the All, where All is available to you at every moment. It only takes the deepest realization of this Truth to begin to activate your right now desired good. Indeed, you are never dependent on person, place or thing!

EXCHANGING LIMITATIONS FOR THE SUBLIME:  Continue to Prepare for a Glorious Thanksgiving and “Meditate on Immortal Truth!” in “Exchanging Limitations for the Sublime”. In this 2nd Contemplation on your Divine Reality, rise out of familiar limitation into the wholeness and completeness of your Divine Self, ever ready to help you to new levels of fulfillment and bliss. Remember there is that within you that does not know any limitations, existing forever eternally whole and unchangeable and true no matter what has gone on in the past. Enjoy a closing meditation with music to help you incorporate deep within.

FOR THANKSGIVING DAY ~ THE DIVINE POWER OF THANKS IN ADVANCE: In this meditation, focus on the Divine Power of Thanksgiving ~ As you give thanks to the Great Creative Power of the Universe…always listening and responding to you, that awesome all-knowing and all capable power goes to work for you. Thanks before, during and after…and every step of the way. A heart filled with Gratitude, even though it hath not yet appeared… shall never be denied. Practice Thanks In Advance every moment of your life! Wishing all a glorious Thanksgiving, filled with Abundance of every kind!

*All Richest Blessings ~ taking time to go within and contemplate the limitless and the unbounded that has always existed within you.

*For those who love to read ~ If you have interest in enjoying more meditations on Truth, be sure and visit my book, SONGS OF ETERNITY ~ Contemplations, Treatments & Meditations on the Word of God! Here you will find 52 meditations with brief instructions on every subject imaginable from Divine Creation & Fulfillment to Prosperity & Miracles to Divine Romance, Immortality and Grace… the golden keys to manifesting every form of good.  Click here for Complete Description and Titles of Meditations

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*****”This book is all encompassing and will serve not only as a basic guide, but thrill the heart with some of the most beautiful poetry and songs I’ve ever read.  I, for one, find it to be the perfect way to end the day and prepare for a night of Sound Rest and Beautiful Dreams!”

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HAPPIEST HOLIDAYS, as you join all of heart, mind & being with Sublime and Eternal TRUTH! May miracles manifest without ceasing in your life!  



In All Truth, Love & Light ~






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