MY INSPIRATION for BRIDGE OF THE GODS ~ “To My Readers”…Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff


I have been asked on more than one occasion “why” I wrote BRIDGE OF THE GODS, and what was my inspiration and the goal I wished to achieve.

Thus, I share you with you ~ my comments below…………

MY INSPIRATION ~ “I have always been aware of the Power of Consciousness in our lives….!”

” Indeed, I glimpsed the very real possibility that the very cause of suffering itself could be dissolved forever in any life, that there is something greater in us that can overcome all.” 

After many years of teaching and public appearances on major EVOLUTIONARY higher consciousness themes, persons urged me over and over to get this material in book form, so persons all over the world would be able to learn and read and enjoy and benefit, regardless of whether they could attend public appearances or not.  I was urged to consolidate all the discoveries of helpful tools to advancement that I have developed over many years of involvement with the major teachings (from ancient to modern) of Eastern and Western metaphysics.

Just before entering the 21st century it occurred to me as well how important “vision” is for progress and success, and how much people need to know about the Divine Patterns underlying existence, how they can access for their benefit, and how to incorporate in their lives, that they can enter into new dimensions of livingness in the new millennium.  I urgently felt compelled to write, feeling that Civilization as a whole needed a vision of the highest directions to which it can evolve and how to implement.

Thus, BRIDGE OF THE GODS offers practical ways and means for the  individual to move forward, along with transcendent and joyous stories of the powerful success of individuals who have used the”Consciousness Raising” techniques I have evolved over time ,and which are interspersed throughout the book, and who have prospered so profoundly… as they live the utmost vision for our  greater society and civilization as a whole.

From very early childhood, I have always keenly aware of the suffering of others, and have actively sought ways and means to help and to heal…always believing, there was a way, whereby anyone could achieve far more than a bandaid, and truly be able to achieve permanent transcendence of any condition whatsoever.  Indeed, I glimpsed the very real possibility that the very cause of suffering itself could be dissolved forever in any life, that there is something greater in us that can overcome all.

This book, Bridge of the Gods, is the vehicle through which I am so happy and honored to share the profound healing methods I have been blessed to discover in over 30 years of involvement in ancient and modern major healing techniques of Highest Spiritual nature, indeed a whole lifetime.  I consider myself so fortunate to have been blessed with teachers of  truly Highest Consciousness, who suddenly appeared in my life at the perfect right times, and who stirred the most profound inspiration and illumination in me; and I hope that others may find such bliss through the reading of my works.

I have always been aware of the power of consciousness in our lives and the limitless power within that can change the most intense states of depression and suffering to exalted states of bliss; pain and frustration to unstoppable faith, endless courage and strength; illness into maximum wellness on every level; poverty and lack into abundant manifestation, bringing forth joyous success and fulfillment, where once there was only failure and obstruction  I have discovered that the only path of permanent healing and complete transformation of any department of life is spiritual in nature ~ rising far beyond merely intellectual remedy.  Indeed, I have discovered that there are Divine Patterns undergirding all of life that, once accessed and incorporated, will bring a harmony and peace and soaring success heretofore unknown.

It came to me that persons really need to know of these patterns, existent within, and how to easily activate and apply to their individual concerns.  For without strong vision towards the next desirable state of personal and collective evolution, the people perish.

Through the unveiling of mankind’s true identity, understanding the Laws of the Universe and how to easily apply these beneficent laws for outstanding manifestation ~ I now know that anyone may raise him or herself out of depression and despair, anxiety and frustration, and overcome repetitive obstacles that have kept them stuck and far away from their dreams ~ liberating the limitless joy and power of the Divine Soul, unlocking the mysteries within.

It is my fondest hope that as many as possible will find their lives joyously and permanently transformed while reading this book and experience the boundless happiness I have experienced myself, through the application of the techniques and soaring meditations I share…..that they may not only find comfort and hope, yet truly and practically find their lives transformed ~ each, as I have experienced myself and been so thrilled to witness throughout many years of assisting others, and viewing their joy-filled transformations…that each will realize and come to cherish, even as I have, their own awesome potential already within…thereby making their fondest aspirations a living reality ~ never more to return to the past.

The Good News is that there is absolutely nothing that cannot be healed through the greatness of the Divine Self that is within each and all.  The door is forever open…..Let us walk in!

Love and Light Forever Unbounded and Free ~ Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff

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