The Power of Choice


Choose Ye This Day Whom Ye Shall Serve! ~  

“Leaving the age of materialism and duality behind us, we now seek to become Masters of the Spiritual Kingdom ~ moving into the penthouse of ourselves, the crown chakra, as it were. Herein lays all our joy, our progress and our discovery of our superior and limitless Divine powers. By loosening identification with the sense world, we begin to access the greater causal gifts and realms.

I believe we must always learn to use our power of choice ~ to develop Spiritual authority, and come out of victim consciousness. It is important to encourage the setting of strong goals (focusing around fulfillment of pure heart’s desires). When the will is highly focused, the reader become receptive to the Higher Way and technologies of God I wish to impart.” ~ Excerpts/BRIDGE OF THE GODS by Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff

As you listen to the contemplation below, remember there is a choice in every challenging situation to respond from the lower emotions, or to respond from the highest awareness of the everlasting Presence of Divine Love… and your all encompassing healing and supplying Power within.  Practice always claiming the full Presence of the Greater, complete and whole at every point, regardless of any situation, and you will always come out radiant and right.

Click below to hear a contemplation/meditation with music on The Power of Choice:  “Choose Ye This Day Whom Ye Shall Serve!” (Please note that this meditation was recorded in live circumstances, and periodically there may be some slight background noises, but not enough in any way to prevent listening, and deep receiving of content).

Choose Ye This Day Whom Ye Shall Serve!

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