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Prepare for a wonderful summer filled with Divine Love.  Learn how to use the immense and unlimited healing powers already present in the Universe for your every need!  To go Direct to Amazon and get your Free E*Book, Click Right Here.

Mysticism & Divine HealingDiscover the Profound Healing Secrets of the Mystics of the Ages, and learn how to Identify with the Limitless Divine Principles and Capacity of God-within-you.

Live the Life of Miraculous Healing in every Department of concern.

Understand the Divine Principles always available to you, and the way to activate through applying the Highest Consciousness of Spiritual Mind Treatment ~ Your Ultimate Healing Tool!

In this book on Ultimate Divine Healing Principles and Law, Dr. Linda touches upon every aspect of life with Astonishing Clarity, illumining the most accelerated pathway to Permanent Healing of Physical, Mental & Emotional Conditions ~ And to Perfecting All in Your Outer World of Business, Financial & Relationship Conditions!

For those who wish to learn further about Divine Principle itself, What it is, and How to Use It and the Five Stages of the most advanced healing method of Spiritual Mind Treatment, (replicating the sublime approach of the Christ to Divine Father/Mother Mind)~ an extensive section is also included in this all-inclusive book…with empowering meditations and transformational exercises for daily raising your consciousness to the Most High.

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5 STARS ~ Jeanne Latter This masterpiece on Mysticism is Divine! — one of the great legacies of Spiritual World Literature, for sure to be read and studied in the decades to come! God bless Dr. Linda for this beautiful and holy work!

Top customer reviews

T. Vargas
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants a clear way to understand how to move out of the automatic pilot thinking process of the ego and move into the Intelligence & Love we were created as. Lots of practical examples and process to assist all & anyone to realize their Divine pattern that leads to the Divine experience of the Truth we are. The book is not filled with complicated theories and far out dreams of enlightenment, but down to earth, everyday living examples that anyone can follow & benefit from.
Format: Paperback
Rev Linda De Coff has contributed to the field of metaphysics and healing in this work an amazing amount of wisdom developed from her extensive experiences in life and ministry. She fills it with many relevant case examples that enable the reader to clarify complex concepts and align them with real life situations. And so, it serves as a guidebook to living life with joy, richness, understanding, gratitude and empowerment. Which highlights the importance of mindfulness of our thoughts and feelings that impact on our reactions, decisions, life dimensions and overall health and well-being. Her writing style is so easy to read. It’s like having a conversation with the author herself. Such a wonderful model for me in my own communications, powerful and helpful. Psychotherapist, Public Health Professional and Educator

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