ATTAINING DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS ~ November “Thanksgiving” Highlight Inspirational Talk & Meditations: “Ascending The Elevator of Light” ~ Entering the Realm of Divine Manifestation! Featuring Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff





DEAR PARTICIPANT & FRIENDS :*It is our great pleasure to announce that New Thought International Library is continuing to present a complete Inspirational Talk Series from Dr. Linda’s timeless collection of works.

For those who truly desire further in-depth information on Higher Consciousness Themes,  you will be able to tune in to monthly postings of talks on every subject imaginable throughout 2019.

Monthly programs will include an extensive talk on the Higher Consciousness Theme being considered, along with accompanying closing meditations, for incorporating deep within.  The closing meditations will  be available right here in written form as well, so that you can easily reference in your daily meditations, while working on a particular theme. In this wonderful talk series, you will always find very easy, profound and practical tools for raising your consciousness to the level desired, always illuminating: “How to tune in” to the completeness of the Divine-in-you!

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“ASCENDING THE ELEVATOR OF LIGHT ~ Entering the Realm of the Transcendent & the Divine!” (A Miracle Consciousness Meditation). To access Complete Talk & Meditations, Visit Dr. Linda’s Complete Talk Library on I Tunes

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In this 7th and final talk of our “Miracle Consciousness” Series, Dr. Linda provides a brief summary of key points for remaining in the transcendent state necessary to live in the Highest Realm of Mind and Heart, one with the Divine Presence & Power at all times. This is followed by an empowering meditation, where you will enter the summit of being and witness the glorious level of instantaneous and harmonious demonstration.
In Deepest Gratitude for All the Good that Lies Before You, Enter Now the Kingdom of Divine Consciousness, where every moment dreams are easily fulfilled by the Mere Thought of it! ~ Where nor Space Nor Time Exists ~ Only the Wonder of the Perfect Blissful Now!
During this Thanksgiving Season, strive to remain at the level, where nothing is impossible to you, daily “Giving Thanks-In-Advance” for your “Miracle Demonstration” and the Kingdom of awesome good that is forever thine.
And now, just relax and receive an extensive Meditation for your direct experience of the wonder of the Miracle Realms, and so that you can incorporate the majestic qualities in a very personal and deeply meaningful way.

This highlight meditation is excerpted from Chapter I of her glowing book “LIVING THE MIRACLE CONSCIOUSNESS, Attaining the Kingdom of Greatest Eternal Good ~Heaven on Earth”.  

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Listen to the meditation portion of your talk below:

Do you believe in Miracles?  Miracles are the natural expression of our Perfect Freedom in God where the substance of life flows freely and limitlessly on our behalf. Sound on because it is time to lift you to the Highest Dimensions of your very own Divine Self. Discover more about the Unlimited Divine Presence and Power in you!

Enjoy your meditation in written format below, so that you can follow along with ease, while listening to the talk and refer to as often as possible while you are working on this theme.

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As we enter into the Sacred Place in meditation now, breathing very deeply in and out of the Kingdom of Divine Light and Limitless Love beyond all imagining, open your heart to receive of the special quantum leap Gift of Divine Healing Manifestation  you need right now.


 (Visualize Your New Good Taking Place!)


Breathing in and out of the Light of the Universe…

Now, going within the within, let us center ourselves in meditation ~ to attune our minds, and get ready for the work we are going to do.

Let us each draw a deep, renewing breath…rising to the summit of Divine Awareness; now going within to the Sacred place of the Most High and the True ~ the Everness and the Allness ~ the Sum Total of All that is. And let us now become sublimely still and aware in our perfect God-Center ~ knowing that we have left all worries, all cares, all burdens, and all thought taking right outside the door of conscious awareness.

Each one of us now, if we have forgotten to leave something outside, we go in Spirit, and release it, breathe and let it fall; and then come back to the hallowed Center of the Temple, within ~ where we are ready to receive of greater ideas than ever before. 

Now, remember ~ as Jesus said: “My yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

Having released all our cares, let us enter the Divine Realm, anew ~ fresh, clear and ready. In the center of existence there is an imaginary Golden Elevator of Spirit, and we are gathered around it. Now, we quietly step together onto the beautiful Golden Elevator of Truth.

And we are going now to the uppermost floor of understanding to realize and view the full potential of our being in the Highest Place. We have arrived in an instant. And now we open the door, and there before us is a magnificent new City of Miracles.

We enter the hushed gates and look around ~ and as we look around we see the great atmosphere and teeming consciousness of peace, joy, love and faith that abounds now in balance.

Here is the place where miracles are the norm, and the greatness of creation flows free, and through ourselves ~ and all beings, magnificently. 

People in this dimension are wise and evolved.  Here, in this dimension we notice there is no laboring.  There is only thought flowing successfully; and the entire collective consciousness is unified in harmony and Truth.

All manifestation we notice is instant and carefree; and God is recognized by each and all, and heralded as the One and Only Source…and all that is ever necessary for the accomplishment of any great thing ~ for Perfect Demonstration.

Here in this Hallowed High Place, creative processes are revered, and are deeply understood, and honored; and intense creative thoughts are used only for the Highest and noblest visions and intentions of good.

As we watch the flow around us in this City of God’s Life, no one seems to be concerned or competitive or controlling another. All have their minds serene in the worship of Everlasting Truth. And the great Diamond Walls of this City keep out and repel the profane, the unbelieving, the unknowing; and only those of Faith and Love of the Divine Spirit, may enter.

Here we notice as we look out over the sea of persons there is no status, no achievement, no history, whatsoever that counts with any being, or that makes any one being more than another. Only Faith and Profound Knowing and Reverence count for the manifestation.

And everything moves at gliding accelerated pace,  with great streams of life flowing out. And there is no such a thing known as delay or obstruction. Only My God now ~ my good now, is known by each and all. And there is never a negative word spoken or entertained. It is not even known what negative words are. Here, in this territory, indeed ~ thoughts are things.

Thus, thoughts are carefully chosen with wisdom and joy. Each one has their full at every moment, all the time. And each one is sublimely fulfilled and satisfied. Everyone seems to be involved in the art of embodying within, knowing how to embrace an idea. And each one knows how to expertly clothe their ideas with brilliance, beauty, imagination, creativity, abundance, eloquence, loftiest ideals, freedom and joy.

No one knows:  “I can’t.”  Frustration is unheard of ~ nonexistent. Ideas of “no” and “impossible” have totally dissolved from consciousness and from the universal vocabulary.

Each one seems to be able to create at will the most magnificent creations entirely.

Yet, at the same time no one seems attached or clinging to any single creation, just simply rejoicing in the full realization and utilization of the creative power and the expanse of the imagination.  Creation is not an effort; it is simply an act of joy.

Here is the Divine Dimension where people manifest at will and with ease. And each thought is filled with love. Each knows their own power and freedom, and manifests what they require as they go along, in the moment they require it. There are no limitations. If you want to communicate with someone here, it is easily done with a pure thought. If you want to manifest, there is no resistance, and you do it, and it takes place. There is no memory whatsoever of hardships or other worlds, only the pure joy of creation.

As we draw a deep breath and drink in of this Infinite scene, which we know is our promise, we realize ~ to have permanent residence at this level, we must have cleansed ourselves of all restrictive ideas of our ancestors, of history and collective memories. For indeed, they have no place or power here. We must have only our good idea before us.  And we must have faith in ourselves and the Invisible with which we work, and with which we are one. 

The constant mantra for all individuals here is:  “I and the Father Are One.”  And we must know: “God is the Thought Substance, and becomes the Form of all things.  God always manifests as the Good I have named.  And God alone is the only Perfect Doer.”

We must know that our good always manifests independently and of itself, by pure thought alone…and by the Divine Law that Thought becomes Thing. The sublime good, we have in mind exists independently of all things, and is dependent upon our conception of good alone… and our invincible Faith and Trust; and there is never a problem with the availability of good in the Kingdom. There is no shortage, no lack, nor any good reason to delay or go without any more.

And we notice that God ~ the animating Force of Life Itself, is the only Spontaneous Doer in charge of matching our conceptions with the most perfect manifestations; and we are told and reminded that we must know our authority here, and not doubt the authority of our choice and our rights.

And we must be empty. Our minds must be emptied of all thoughts of:
“I shouldn’t, and it is too good to be true, or that is not possible.”  For negative beliefs do not operate here, and are completely unknown and completely irrelevant ~ in the world of instant manifestations.

As we look around, we see that no one seems to be depending upon anything or anyone. No one has any guilt, shame, blame or remorse. No one even seems to have resources in their very hands when they manifest. Yet, through the power of their ideas they can manifest all. How mysterious and wonderful it is!
Here in this place ~ we pause to remember:  “Manifestation is dependent on consciousness alone and the idea, itself.”

And this is the key and the password:  “I have a great idea whose time has come. And I am one with the Great All in the All.”

As we silently withdraw, now ~ slowly moving back to the elevator, it also seems we notice that periodically people stop, in briefest and most perfect contemplation of their idea, to remind themselves of the good things that they are manifesting.

And look how they love their ideas intensely, and clothe their ideas with such bountiful Love.

This very action instantly serves simply to atomize the idea and lower it into form. In an unbroken stream of connection they swirl that love around their idea and the idea gets brighter and brighter and more luminous, more and more vivid, and then moves over into the manifest plane.

This Love is always the Supreme Power that the lustrous Masters throughout the Ages always use ~ we notice. This is the power, we shall also use; and we promise ourselves, now, to eternally remember the indomitable greatness of this ultra Power of Divine Love, flowing so mightily through us now. It is all we ever need. Yes, our loving an idea, and radical reliance on the power of God… brings it through. We have the tools, for we know now; it is our staying with an idea, and sweeping our Light around it, which brings it through.

Now, having observed in great appreciation this beautiful dimension of miracles and wondrous life, let us now withdraw quietly back into the elevator ~ each one remembering what we have gained. And now let us breathe, and shoot down the elevator, through the center of the Universe ~ returning to present awareness; and stepping out, let us speak of what we have seen.  


While you are returning, think deeply of any realizations~that happened for you in this experience…and contemplate the information that was revealed to you for just a moment…and then, write it down.

“This is to “heighten” your illumination more strongly to you… that you will always have it as a reference to refer to, at any time.

Remember ~ A chief aspect of Miracle Thinking is to know so completely that creation always proceeds from within to the outer planes in a sublime perfection of Divine Order.  “As within, so without!” 

Remember ~ Only such exalted Love, as the Masters have, coupled with an undaunting Faith and Courage to believe wholeheartedly in the Power of Love in you, has the power to transport you in one single instant to the soaring heights of the majestic mountains of Divine Bliss.

Thus, “Love your idea. Fall in Love! Be in Love! Be enthralled with your idea! And never abandon it!”

Then, after quiet meditation on the radiant fulfillment of any good… take your mind off it…releasing it to the Infinite and the All, letting it go into that Limitless Place of the Most High, declaring:

“In deepest Gratitude, I thank you, Infinite One. I am satisfied in full measure, and I am so thrilled, as the much needed miracle in my life now appears.”   

AND  SO  IT  IS!   

As always, I encourage to you write out the conditions that you would like to experience in your life, Giving Thanks that you have them now. By doing so, a new prototype begins to develop in mind, and before you know it ~ the ways and means shall appear.

Do write out your treatment request now, and just trying using these words. “I know I Am One with the limitless Love and Life of the Divine,  connected to every conceivable form of good. I know I need nothing in my hands to demonstrate, only Faith in my God and in my transcendent Idea.  In this sublime awareness, I Give Thanks for my wonderful___________ ”  (Fill out whatever your most important need is.)  In deep meditation, Just Give Thanks and receive.

Diamond best

*Before you embark on any journey of visioning your good, it is always a good time to take a moment and write out your Spiritual Mind TreatmentGiving Thanks- In-Advance for the good you want to receive…so you can retain strong focus throughout the time you are working on perfecting your current issue.  And the phenomenon that happens when you speak your word, when you clarify your word through writing, speaking & envisioning, through your knowing and your Gratitude-in-Advance is that every atom of the Universe is set into action for you.
State the elevated condition you would like to receive in the Present Tense, i.e, “Thank-you, I am now receiving, being, doing, etc. ____________ (Fill In the Blanks with the most radiant pictures of wholeness and success you can imagine, without wondering how it shall come to be). Know, as you Give Thanks, Divine activity is already moving on the invisible for you, in ways wondrous and complete.
Recognize that Perfect Law that is always responding to you, and that is always going on…according to your word and most heartfelt inner vision, and that this mighty evolutionary action must produce perfect results. 

Diamond best

Know your vision is creating a new platform of being, upon which exists your new bottom line, and below which you never shall never descend.  

Diamond best

Any time you need to tune-up to the Perfect Truth, simply take some moments of quietude to read your meditation again ~ and you will center right back in power once again…right and ready to receive of the ultra Miracle Divinely Destined for you.


Just like writing and speaking our word is powerful, so too Divine Visioning and seeing yourself already there in the desired circumstance adds mighty Divine Power to any subject we may be concentrating on ~ any Divine State we want to achieve. It is one thing to know a Truth of Infinite Possibility within, but when we envision it as already so, it magnifies the force, stretching consciousness & providing further energy of identification.  Now, you have the Power of the Word and the mighty force of Divine Visioning acting to bring forth your good for you.
You will feel a dramatic change when you shift your focus to view the Unlimited and the Unbound at work.  Always ask within what the Divine Idea of Perfection is, before you enter into visioning and then permit that Divine Word, that Divine Vision to flow through and through all your concerns, to be immersed in that other greatest possibility for you.
Realize in Spirit, there is no age, and there is no time, and all are eternally one with the greatness of it all at any given moment, regardless of what seems to be going on.
Know that through your visioning action, you are imprinting upon this great Mind of the Universe the Truth of your Divine Destiny, and even as you envision your transcendent state of good, there is Divine Activity going on. And this is only the beginning for you that ever expands through you and becomes more and more of that radiant Light of God that you are.








*For strongest use of the monthly talks provided, establish a major goal you would like for yourself, not thinking of how this may be accomplished or limiting in anyway. Describe this goal to yourself in the most radiant detail, and then simply write it out, Giving Thanks that it is being established in the now and speaking in the present tense, i.e. “I Give Thanks I now have_______ (Fill in and describe), I now Am________________, I now receive _________ (Fill in and describe), etc.
Refer to your wonderful goal often, as long as you are working on any given talk. Whenever in doubt, simply turn within, Giving Thanks and once again describing to yourself in full.
This definite action of spending quality time contemplating your goal “as if you have it now” serves to build the new prototype in your consciousness and heart, the new cup of acceptance, and before you know it ~ there it is… right there in your manifest world.


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