Attaining Divine Consciousness: Ascending to Salvation

A silhouette of a person sitting on the sunset beach, attaining divine consciousness.
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It can get confusing when some ask what spiritual awakening is or how a higher state of consciousness is achieved in one’s life. Learn more about attaining divine consciousness and what it means for your life through Linda Decoff’s book.

When you ascend through the air, you witness the majestic sunrise illuminating the world beneath it. You can immediately feel gently rising beyond what you’ve always known. It’s a beautiful privilege to reach higher levels beyond what one would expect. Very few people attain divine consciousness for two reasons: they refuse the idea or don’t know how to.

The former leans towards the awareness that divine consciousness through salvation in God is plausible, but they want to stay the way they are. The latter still contains passion in their hearts, which is one of the prerequisites to being saved.

The correlation between divine consciousness and salvation

Believers mainly associate salvation with a “New Age” phenomenon that only existed later in history. However, no one can perfectly explain divine consciousness in that sense unless we try and bring back its original meaning that’s been swept away over time. We need to get around the lost essence of salvation relevant to one’s spiritual awakening.

Religious people also define salvation as the basic flow of the journey to eternal life while we’re still living on earth – that it’s all about reciting the “Sinner’s Prayer” and renouncing our old, evil ways to turn over a new leaf and live for the glory of God. Understanding our life experiences in God’s grace and how it’s larger than life can be considered a good grasp of salvation and divine consciousness.

Being self-aware is ascending to salvation and divinity

We were all raised to think that being saved means being rescued from eternal damnation, which is man’s ill fate after falling short of God’s kingdom. The elders around us trained our minds to fix our eyes on the prize, meaning our lives should be about getting ready to enter heaven and spend the rest of our days in God’s presence.

Thinking that we ultimately need to be saved by God’s divine power, we influence others to believe the same. Those truths are not wrong. They are part of what we must do to attain divine consciousness. After all, we hear them from prominent Christian figures throughout history. But if we were to go off-script here, we realize there’s more to life than following a pattern to salvation.

Self-awareness of our need to attain divine consciousness is the missing piece to the puzzle. Not necessarily a set of repetitive self-centered prayers that we directly communicate to God. Not even the typical evangelical work that Jesus tasked all of His followers to do – making disciples from all nations. How can we make that possible when we lack the self-awareness to steer our spiritual awakening in the right direction?

Redefining divine salvation and consciousness 

It’s a long journey up to the level where we can attain divine consciousness. The book Songs of Eternity Treatments and Meditations on the Word of God is an excellent place to learn about the gift of salvation and religious consciousness. The book helps readers stay grounded in their continuous efforts to lead themselves toward the light and transform in a way that is beyond comparison to what they were before.

There are certain pieces of advice that you need to follow when it comes to attaining the levels of spiritual consciousness. Turning to the basic principles of divine consciousness may help us look at life with a brand-new appreciation. We don’t have to make it dramatic for our salvation to be life-changing. It only takes a simple bout of self-awareness since divine consciousness is a state that requires a great deal of effort and grace from God.

What you need to do

Is reaching divine consciousness a difficult thing to achieve? You won’t have to struggle forever with the following steps that will give you a kick start:

Live life mindfully and peacefully.

Paying attention to the moment, the present to be exact, must be done openly. Upon reaching the state of consciousness, you start to sit and contemplate with full awareness how your life has been. You also begin to notice things differently before you receive God’s gift of salvation and consciousness.

Awaken to new beginnings.

Having self-awareness after attaining salvation and consciousness allows you to take in your surroundings. You begin to realize something inside you has blossomed, forgoing the state you were in before you arrived. New beginnings are part of divine consciousness’ transformative power, and you shouldn’t shun it when it comes. There’s always a new and glorious sunrise for those who choose to receive the gift of salvation and consciousness.

Be intentional in everything.

Even though your intention is necessary to achieve the goal of consciousness, you have to set it right for you to use them accordingly in particular situations. Your choices fully reveal the kind of person you are and not much of what you want. Focus on being before doing. That’s when your divine consciousness, salvation, and intentions align without fail.

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