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Dear Participants in our Review of the Principles and Process of Spiritual Mind Treatment ~

As we discovered in our January introductory lesson, there are 3 phases of mind ~ Conscious, Subconscious, and the resultant manifestation in the Physical realm, whether that be physical body or body of circumstances. There is also your individual mind, ever connected with Universal Mind, or the Mind of God, first cause to all that is. It matters not whether we call this all encompassing Mind, God, Universal Mind, Higher Mind, Infinite Intelligence, Love, Life Force so long as we recognize there is a power Greater than ourselves, that is the cause of all that exists, ever giving birth to universes of being and our very own. Neither does it matter if one feels any connection to this Divine Power, all capable and all manifesting, so long as one can begin to recognize this Ultimate Existence, for in the first phase of “RECOGNITION”, we are simply “BEGINNING” the Divine process of  “turning away from the problem” and commencing to look at the Solution.

Thus, this month’s lesson concentrates further on the first essential phase of Spiritual Mind Treatment, “Recognition.”  A new “RECOGNITION” is so necessary to successful transcendence of whatever issue you want to heal, for if one feels that there is nothing greater, one is in essence, feeling doomed and affirming the power of the problem, instead of claiming the Greater Power, Life and Presence of God at hand. Feeling is power, produced by beliefs. Whatever mind focuses on, circumstances become, as vapor becomes water becomes ice. Such is the process of manifestation from idea to thing, and as the great Ernest Holmes stated, if every thought in the Universe had to change to accommodate the unswerving faith (belief) of the individual, it would. Thus, beliefs can work to empower or to devastate a life. And, for greatest healing, one wants to look always beyond the temporary and the passing,( i.e. conditions of the moment) to discover the Eternally Real.

Principles of Universal mind and being are the quintessence of perfect life and love, all life giving and lacking nothing and knowing absolutely no negatives, as worlds move in perfection. Life itself moves on a natural course to overcome, heal, get over it, mend and to be Itself, knowing “Itself” completely. As rivers flow around rocks, knowing no obstruction, as cuts and bruises automatically heal, this tendency to heal exists in all, as all are the progeny of Universal Mind, “made in the image”, so to speak ,and possessing all qualities and therefore every infinite potential

Thus, you can know there is that in you that is greater than your problem, that heals, and once you focus on this mighty power, you are already rising out of your circumstances. It is not the individual apart then that feels mighty, but the knowledge of the Divine presence and power, rich in all capacity that brings the balm of relief and sparks the faith that one can overcome absolutely every problem that comes along, by relating to this great Universal Principle.

Principle is not subject to the whims of human belief, and continues to exist, whether one believes it or not Witness if you think there is no “wealth”, yet many are going on prospering quite fine. What can it be then that “appears” to separate an individual from this mighty resource? It would be the thought or belief in separation. But ask yourself, Is this real? Or, is this just a feeling? Would I continue to breathe and be?, would I have ever been able to overcome any issue at all?, if I were not indeed connected at every level of existence.

All month long be aware of anywhere you are feeling “separate” from the great beneficent Allness, and, at this point ~ simply begin to declare: Regardless of how I am feeling, I “recognize” there is  an Infinite Power, Love, and Light, all whole and capable of solving any issue whatsoever.  Now, you are truly beginning to turn away from the force of the problem, and concentrating on the Ultimate Solution to absolutely every unwanted condition.

Diamond best

The second quintessential phase (Step 2) of Spiritual Mind Treatment is called “Unification”, where the individual now takes the all important step of declaring “Not only is there a principle of Perfect Life, Success, Health, Wealth & Happiness (Recognition), “I am one with that”. Here the individual closes the gap created by a belief in separation, and affirms eternal unity with the All that Is, the One Source of all life and being. Now, the individual is rising out of the illusory world of appearances and delusion (Maya), to realize the perfect emancipating Truth…”I only thought (believed)I was apart, but now I know I never have been!” How great it is.

Thus, for the month of February ~ daily look beyond your issue of the moment, whenever it comes to mind, and instead of giving it all power and focus , rather know this is your Divine Opportunity to experience the Greater in your life…turn away, turn within and ask within what Infinite Power, Light, Love or capacity do you think you need to successfully transcend your condition? Whatever answer arises, recognize the Divine principle that can accomplish this and consciously declare your Unity with that. As you begin to declare your unity with every aspect of perfect life, the Greater power now flows through you, igniting the Divine potential that was always in you, but does not arise without your conscious invitation

*As always, Review and develop your lists of Divine Principles often, most especially with direct reference to your situation. Do you need supply? Affirm, there is a Perfect Divine Principle of Supply. “My perfect resources are present.” Do you need a perfect new home? Affirm, there is a Principle of Perfect Circulation, Timing, at a perfect “right” price, and “The perfect home is ready for me right now!” Do you need physical healing? Affirm, “There is a perfect Principle of all-encompassing Divine Healing energy in the Universe, now restoring me in all my ways!” All Principles reflect a sublime harmony and connectedness of all things, revealing the inherent immeasurable and blissful perfection that is. All else has simply come to pass.

*Please feel free to e*mail me with any questions you may have. I am happy to respond. And, thank you so much for advising any friends you think may have interest to participate ~ of the availability of our Review on “Spiritual Mind Treatment”. Persons need only to e*mail me of their request

*Remember ~ all would move to heal, if you would let, whether of a physical, mental, or emotional nature. It’s up to you! Life is joy, ever resurrecting. This is your real nature, ever one with God, ever rising up. Thus, you can, because God/Higher Mind and Nature is: and because “God in you” can. I “of myself” do nothing. The great power already in you and all of life does the work. God is the only power acting through you now, doing whatever needs to be done.

Yes, conscious unification is so necessary, for one is always either identifying with the problem or with the Great Power and life of “First Cause” Infinite God.

Diamond best

Next month, we shall move further examine this 2nd key phase of Unification and the profound alchemy that occurs, thus preparing for the 3rd stage of “Realization“, where new, empowering circumstances begin to take place.

And, we remember the great mantra of Jesus, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within”! And, when Jesus was asked, “Where is your father?” We recall, he said “Whoever looks upon me, see the Father.”

No one ever met this subtle and invisible essence of perfection pervading and animating all of life, yet the evidence of causal presence is all around, and humanity is ever one through the bond of Universal Mind


Please don’t hesitate to add your comments and/or reflections in the space provided below…


Love & Light Ever Unbounded, Ever Free ~



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  1. Thank you, Dr. Linda, for the clarity with which you present the magnificent way of Divine Principle. Allowing your readers into the inner workings of Universal Mind is a journey that opens heart and mind, leads us through self doubt and troublesome obstacles and manifests a clear identity with All That Is. Thank you for your profound service!

  2. Dr. DeCoff has bestowed valuable elucidation on how the Universal Mind works, how we may participate in its never-ending abundance, and what we must do to work our way out of Maya and into Cosmic Perfection. Thanks you, Dr. Linda, for your inspiration and great insights into the workings of the human and divine minds! God bless you in your Work and may the Planet continue to profit! Looking forward to the next chapter…

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