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 Dear Participant in our 2017 Review of “Spiritual Mind Treatment” ~

Last month we we discussed the very important first stage of Spiritual Mind Treatment, “Recognition” ~ Discovering that a new conscious recognition of the ever presence of Infinite Divine Principle being present at all times for our use, causes an immediate surge of power and wholeness to arise from within.  Yet, this Divine fountain of resources and Infinite capacity to heal and manifest, wherever directed…  remains unavailable ’til the individual claims as his or her very own.

Thus, the second stage of treatment is Unification.

This month let us explore the profound alchemy that takes place in this second (2nd) phase of Spiritual Mind Treatment, as the individual now moves from the former state of feeling “separate” to Conscious “Unification” with the Allness of the Presence, Power, Life, Love & Capacity of the God self within. Though one may still “feel” apart, at least one is now recognizing that this feeling is just a product of old beliefs, but is not so, and never was or will ever be the Truth.

With the conscious statement of Unification with All that is God (Whatever God is, I am one with that), the human soul melts into the Ocean of Oneness and feels itself now to be one with all the mighty attributes of the Divine Nature ~ the Joy, the Love, the Power, the Peace, the Capacity, the transcendent nature, in short, the many names of God, praised by all mystics, saints, and avatars of the Ages. One is feeling God now as a living presence in one’s experience, on hand to empower, uplift and succeed beyond any circumstances of the moment.

As the feeling nature immerses in God Consciousness, new thoughts about one’s self and capacity to overcome arise, causing a knowing that one can, because of God within and all surrounding.  No longer is the problem or unwelcome condition sitting on the Throne of the Heart, yet Lord of Life, is now enthroned as the one and only power, with which the individual is blissfully One.

How great it is that the Divine Soul need never depend on the little Self, struggling alone and apart against the mighty odds, yet the individual may now have confidence that even though he/she may feel that he/she cannot overcome, there is that within that can and that shall.

A very important fact to note is that Mind is deductive in nature, and proceeds to a logical conclusion re: results in any matter of concern. According to the basic belief, either in separation or unity with the All Power, Presence, Life & Love, a basic deduction will be made in Mind that one “can” or one “cannot” overcome. When one declares Unity in the 2nd phase, mind now draws different conclusions, hope springs anew, and the Lights come on, as wondrous new conclusions are drawn, and as every atom of being is enlivened, re-awakened and renewed.

So powerful is this process that takes place that for example, if one has been told over and over again that they are nothing in an early environment and therefore, accepted it as fact ~ one can actually be super successful all their lives and still manage to turn it all to thoughts of failure, as subconscious mind will only take in experiences that confirm the belief, denying and shutting out all the rest.

As one heals one’s mind through practicing conscious unification, beliefs alchemize and deductions become positive and strong , in short, “I can, for the full power, presence & life of God is within me and all surrounding.” This is true healing at the depth of the Spiritual Nature, the guiding force in all ultimate manifestation at the most mundane and sublime levels. Greater than mental healing is Healing at the Spiritual, Causal center of one’s being..

The individual has now turned away from the problem and is dwelling in the Light of Solution. Now, the individual is “Golden Keying” their situation, as the great Emmet Fox suggested ~ declaring right where the problem is, is now only the full power and presence of God.

The third stage of Spiritual Mind Treatment is “Realization.” And, it is actually in this stage that healing takes place and new empowering demonstrations unfold. Remembering that mind is logical and deductive, we can easily see how a new “therefore” takes place, a new conclusion. Dwelling in the place of the most High now (All of the Life and Love of God within), the individual now deeply declares that in essence, because he/she realizes there is a Principle of Perfect Life and he/she is One with that, he/she now consciously affirms the new Truth realized about their condition. As the soul accepts, the new and profound realizations that now flood consciousness with bliss , all of life changes on the outer, propelled by the new convictions and awarenesses within. The gifts of the Kingdom become the individual’s blessings to unfold.

We have all heard of the placebo effect, where one believing a pill can cure, though it be empty of anything but water, will get well, because they have believed, yet, one who believes that nothing can cure their situation, will remain unaffected, untransformed and unchanged.

Truth rises higher than even belief, and never will change or become “untrue”, regardless of person’s beliefs of the moment.  Thus, it is imperative to realize the fundamental Truth of all living beings that each is one with the most High, regardless of appearances of past or present, or any belief whatsoever. Then, one can access the Kingdom at all times and draw forth the good that is available for any situation.

Thus, for the month of March and throughout the Glory of the Easter and Passover Seasons ~ daily take time to affirm your unity with the Allness of God that knows no negatives whatsoever and that is the totality of Love and Healing Capacity. Write out a list and spend time in meditation, realizing what this means to you, declaring new victory over your situation. Say to yourself, “Because I am one with God and all principles of Infinite and Perfect Life, I now realize the good new Truth ____________(fill in the blanks) re: my condition.”


As Ernest Homes so wisely said……“Let nothing come from my lips or words of my innermost heart, that I don’t want to experience.” Choose your prophesies about yourself wisely and let your conclusions be drawn in concert with beloved God self within. So let it be!


When falling into old negative thought and therefore, thinking in terms of the absence of the Presence, just consciously take a moment and re:affirm the full power and presence of God and Infinite Love at hand.

Diamond best

*As always, Review and develop your lists of Divine Principles often, most especially with direct reference to your situation. Do you need supply? Affirm, there is a Perfect Divine Principle of Supply. “My perfect resources are present.” Do you need a perfect new home? Affirm, there is a Principle of Perfect Circulation, Timing, at a perfect “right” price, and “The perfect home is ready for me right now!” Do you need physical healing? Affirm, “There is a perfect Principle of all-encompassing Divine Healing energy in the Universe, now restoring me in all my ways!” All Principles reflect a sublime harmony and connectedness of all things, revealing the inherent immeasurable and blissful perfection that is. All else has simply come to pass.

When you are desirous of any type of healing, ask yourself ~ what Principle do you need to connect with, that supports the manifestation of your good!?  Get underneath  the apparency of the issue itself, healing and releasing at the causal level.

Practice makes perfect! And so, let it be for each and for all ~ Next month, we will delve further into this most important 3rd stage of Realization and consider the key elements that shall cause the greatest demonstrations.


Please don’t hesitate to add your comments and/or reflections in the space provided below…


Love & Light Ever Unbounded, Ever Free ~



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  1. The contents existing at this web page are
    genuinely remarkable.
    keep up the good work.

  2. I eagerly anticipate Dr. Linda’s thoughts, discussions and reviews each month of profound spiritual Truths. It’s a joy to peruse these “bon mots” and meditate upon them during the day, and especially in times of decision or turmoil — although one should constantly give Thanks for the little miracles of every day life, “the attitude of gratitude,” and how abundantly blessed are we given the graces of intellect, heart and soul and all the many beauties of Nature! God bless you, Dr. Linda! Jean

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