April Article on Divine Healing ~ Phase III Spiritual Mind Treatment ~ Key Higher Consciousness Elements for Greatest Realizations!

APRIL 2017 ARTICLE IV ON DIVINE HEALING …A REVIEW OF SPIRITUAL MIND TREATMENT ~  Key Elements of Higher Consciousness for Greatest Realizations!


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April, 2017 ~ Lesson 4 (Key Elements for Greatest Realizations)

 Dear Participant in our 2017 Review of Spiritual Mind Treatment,


Before we review the key consciousness elements that comprise the most empowering “Realizations” and therefore are capable of producing the greatest and most immediate results for whatever situation you desire to heal ~ below is a listing of the five (5) stages of Spiritual Mind Treatment, the most potent “curative” antidote that can be applied to Mind. Treatment works much like a pill filled with healing capacities to cure fundamental separation from the Truth, lifting the soul from the depths of negativity to the Highest Summit of Unity with God and all that God is.

1. Recognition ~ The first stage is where the individual turns away from the problem and “recognizes” the Principle of Perfect Life that can empower complete success, i.e., if one is feeling there is “no way” to demonstrate the thing desired, then is the time to affirm that there is a Greater Power that “knows the way”.

2. Unification ~ This is the essential second step where the individual moves away from identification with the problem and now instead, declares the Truth of his or her Invincible Oneness with all the power and life of God and the Infinite Principle they wish to manifest. “There is a Greater Power that “knows the way”, and I am one with that!”

3. Realization ~ Here is where new conclusions are drawn by the individual re: their infinite possibilities of demonstrating., arising from claiming and re-realizing his or her perfect Unity with the “Allness that is!”, regardless of anything that has happened in the past. For example, “Since I know that I am one with that which “knows the perfect way” (even if I myself am not aware of it), I now declare the everlasting Truth for myself, and I know the perfect way is demonstrating/manifesting now.”

Realization is the major quintessential stage of Treatment, where through the Divine and Spiritual Alchemy of Consciousness that happens following “Unification”, the new demonstration actually takes place, and the greater the new Realization about one’s Infinite Self, the greater the results. The greater the cup of “Receiving”, the more key Divine elements are present in the new state of awareness ~ the more profound the demonstration shall be. Here is the place of “Miracles”, produced by the most profound contemplation on the sublime nature and capacity of God within. And remember, “As within, so Without…………..! 

(It is good to remind yourself often and to know that mind is deductive, so every time one has a thought about something ~ mind then comes to an immediate conclusion about whatever matter. If the thought be negative, then the mind will come to a negative conclusion re: any situation, forming a “therefore”, such as “I can’t”, or “I have no proof in my hand, therefore I know it can’t happen

Yet, if the mind is wrapped and immersed in Divine Thought of Unity and Oneness with all the Presence, Power and Capacity there is…the conclusion (“realization”) will be joyous, life-enhancing, and fully positive.  For here, the person is only empowering transcendent results.  Thus, in the most powerful realizations, a new “therefore” is born, i.e. “Since I now know I am eternally one with Limitless Supply, I now realize this good is accessible to me, and  “When I ask, I do receive!”, and “The perfect ways and means are opening for me now.”  Mind is only thinking now in the language of Perfect Love, drawing every conclusion by the thought of oneness with Love’s Eternal and Limitless Power and Presence.)

(*Below this description of the 5 stages of treatment,  you will find a list for your review of all the dynamics of conscious awareness that need to be present for the most empowering “Realizations”)

4. Thanksgiving ~ Here is where, following the deepest and most complete Realization that the individual can realize and attain at any given moment, he or she now give thanks in advance to that Great Power, knowing that every atom of the Universe is now acting on his or her behalf, going forward on the invisible planes to produce most perfect results. The Individual knows the word is now working on every plane of existence, and is grateful for this mighty creative power that is always his or her own to use for every good purpose of accomplished. That which we are grateful for, we shall never be denied. Gratitude is the yeast that raises the dough and the fundamental quintessential expression of love that unites with all the forces of Universal Mind.  By the nature of our inner expectations, we are always in essence being thankful for either what we “don’t want” or “what we want”.  Always Empower and give thanks to the Highest and Best in you. 

5. Release ~ Release is the final stage in each Treatment, where the individual now lets go in utmost Faith that the word has gone forth and is now demonstrating according to the Great Power and capacity of Universal Mind and Infinite Life, in perfect right ways and means. There is no attempt to condition the ways and means, nor to control the who’s, what’s, where’s and how’s that Infinite Wisdom may choose, yet only the humblest knowing for certain, “It is being Done”, without limit and without condition…and a sense of openness to follow up on whatever intuitive guidance may be given.


The following is a list of some key elements that one should always strive to bring into their meditations, contemplations and Spiritual Mind Treatments in the Realization phase, for here is where the individual is consciously uniting with and radically relying on the Limitless Power and Life of God within. The more of God’s life that can be realized/perceived, the more that the individual may now claim as his or her own.

How great it is that one never has depend on one’s “Little Self”, but may reach out to the heights and depths of the Universal God Self, animating all, for every help one may ever need.

1. No time, no space, no conditions. All is in the “now”. The possibility of Good is now, not later, not after this or after that . All is right and ready now. Good is right here, not afar off. There is no separation in God. All is One. All is now

2. No difficulties, no size, no big nor small, no problem. All is easy to God within and all surrounding. There is nothing too big, nor too difficult. These notions do not exist in Infinite, All Capable mind. No one’s problem is too special or too great for the Creator of “all that is” to easily heal. All is easy to Divine, Father/ Mother within. For example, cannot/does not the great Creator of the human body ~ the earthy Temple of the sublime Soul know how to heal, sustain, regenerate, and mend every condition and every atom, cell and function whatsoever?! of the exquisite vehicle that is its very own?

3. No conditions and no precedent required. God is now and all pervading. Though the prospect of greater demonstration may feel “new” and unprecedented for the individual, he or she now realizes it is no thing to the Divine One within. Therefore, one does not have to depend on the fact that they have “done it before” at all, for now the individual is radically relying on God within and not on their own self will or capacity.. The individual is open for the greatness to flow through. “I will do, but who will let?”

Great peace and assuredness comes to those who Trust in the Greater, and here is the Great place of tremendous relief, where one can turn all over to the Power and Grace within.

4. No limitations. There is no limit to the good that Divine Father/Mother can do in, thru and as you.


Below are some helpful suggestions for daily spiritual practices ~ to keep one’s consciousness on high and centered in Truth, regardless of what appears.


1. Daily Meditating, Centering, and Contemplating the Nature of God vis-a-vis your condition.

(“God in your situation”. How would God, Jesus, Buddha ~ any Master, saint or mystic you love and admire respond in your situation.? What would they be thinking, believing, knowing or doing?)

(Meditating on the pure Virtues, Principles and Capacities of God, i.e. perfect peace, perfect power, perfect intelligence, perfect supply.)

2. Self Inquiry & Observation ~ Inquiring into beliefs and attitudes that you might be holding and immediately consciously converting personal negative thoughts to the Truth. Continuous observation of yourself, a “living meditation” as it were, being aware and changing as you go along, like watching yourself swim in a mirror, adjusting strokes as go along, that they are more perfect and that your thought life (the word within) is always aligned with the good results you desire. “Meditation in Action”.

3. Developing short rythmic Mantras, derived from purest Truth and Principle and related to the outcome desired. For example, “I am one with the perfect health of God”, “I am one with the perfect wealth of God”.  Always follow your “I Am” statements with absolute Truth of Wholeness, i.e., if  feeling sick at any  moment, “I know my body is One with the Perfect Health of God.

4. Centering before beginning treatment, that mind is pure and unencumbered and may focus in the eternal now. This can achieved by breathing deeply, with every breath breathing out all thought-taking that has gone before, and then breathing in all the life, power and love of God, until you feel centered in the most high and peaceful place.

5. Affirmations and Denials ~ Denying any power other than Divine Presence and Life, and Affirming only One Power, Presence, Life and Outcome. Affirmations and denials are often used throughout treatment to keep the mind cleansed and pure and knowing only God. As the great Emma Curtis Hopkins stated and so keenly advised: “Have no Conflict!” Conflicting thought re: any condition will produce mixed results, thus if some goal you have seems to be blocked in demonstration, look for where you still might be giving the problem the power and correct it. “Thou shalt have no conflict!”

(Feel free to mentally deny power to any negative and affirm the positive as much as you need.) 

For this month, keep observing thought and correcting as you go along, always replacing any habitual negative speculation with an affirmation of the Infinite presence and power at work. Develop a short mantra related to the demonstration you desire. And, periodically take time to actually write out a treatment surrounding your goal, filling in the following statements.

1. I recognize there is a Divine principle of …………………………………………………

2. I affirm my unity with………………………………………………………………………………….

3. Therefore, I now realize the following about my situation………………………………………………..

(In this stage, try and incorporate as many of the key elements DESCRIBED ABOVE that you can. Keep going until you feel the process of alchemy is complete in you, each time bringing to the greatest realization of sublime wholeness and completeness as possible.)

(Take as much time as you need, ’til you feel it is being done.  Then take a deep breath and close with):

4. I give thanks………………………………………..

5. I release……………………………………………. (with a sense of releasing to the Infinite Power that is to accomplish in most perfect ways)

*As always, Review and develop your lists of Divine Principles often, most especially with direct reference to your situation. Do you need supply? Affirm, there is a Perfect Divine Principle of Supply. “My perfect resources are present.” Do you need a perfect new home? Affirm, there is a Principle of Perfect Circulation, Timing, at a perfect “right” price, and “The perfect home is ready for me right now!” Do you need physical healing? Affirm, “There is a perfect Principle of all-encompassing Divine Healing energy in the Universe, now restoring me in all my ways!” All Principles reflect a sublime harmony and connectedness of all things, revealing the inherent immeasurable and blissful perfection that is. All else has simply come to pass.

When you are desirous of any type of healing, ask yourself ~ what Principle do you need to connect with, that supports the manifestation of your good!  Get underneath  the apparency of the issue itself, healing and releasing at the causal level.

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Diamond best

Do actually take time to write out at least a few treatments formally, until the Divine Healing process of immediately centering in Truth becomes automatic, no matter what may be taking place. Practice makes perfect! And so, let it be for each and for all ~ Next month, we will delve further into the most important 4th stage of Thanksgiving.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have and/or to add your comments and/or reflections below…


Love & Light Ever Unbounded, Ever Free ~



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