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Dear Participants in the 2017 Review of Spiritual Mind Treatment ~

Last Month we reviewed the quintessential elements that need to be present in the Realization (3rd) phase of Spiritual Mind Treatment, so that consciousness is aligned as much as possible with all the powers and capacities of your God self within.

And, we know that as much as can be realized within, that much can be received without. A helpful question to dwell on is to ask yourself “What can God itself do for me here?” Transcendent vision will then pour into mind and heart, wiping away tendency towards doubt and lesser expectations, replacing now with the Highest God idea for complete healing and Divinely successful outcome, vis a vis any matter you are working on to heal or fulfill.

The next stage or 4th phase of treatment is “Thanksgiving”, where after realizing within the full power of God in any situation ~ to the best of his or her ability ~ the individual now expands the “cup of receiving”, expressing perfect faith that the word has been spoken and is now going forth, truly striving to come to the place that was always demonstrated by Jesus, as he would utter the Divine acknowledgement ~ “Thank you Father, I know thou hearest me always!”

As great as is the cup of receiving, shall be the demonstration, so work here to expand your realization of how great is the Love of the Lord for all of Life. How great is the Divine servant of Universal Mind, the unlimited creative power that responds to your every thought. Experience is the “perfect mirror” of thought. The Universe always says “yes” to you, and according to your Faith, it is done unto you!

Now ~ centered in the All encompassing Love of God for you and all the limitless power of Universal Mind, giving heartfelt Thanks “before you have seen”, realize that what you are grateful for, you shall never be denied. So, immerse as deeply as you can receiving within, dwelling on the picture of yourself in the healed conditions desired. Expand your vision as far as you can, filling with vibrant pictures of being one with your good.  It is important to really take time to saturate consciousness with this wonderful picture of yourself fully established at the new level of good you desire, for every rich and constructive picture changes your entire nervous system and magnetic field of attraction, as expectations rise to embrace such lustrous levels.

The most profound treatments will not only include gratitude for the specific thing desired, but even deeper gratitude that the individual is becoming “the very consciousness of the thing desired” and that he or she is maintaining the inner necessary state of mind or being, required to achieve the highest Divine outcome possible. This is asking oneself in this very important stage of Thanksgiving, “What do I need to be, think, say or do to do my part ~ that the Lord of All Light and Love may fulfill?” For example, if a person is continuously filled with fear, which we know is faith in the negative, and will restrict the demonstration…the person can give Thanks that they become the essence of perfect faith that God is Love and shall never deny.” That he or she is being the essence of right feeling, right thought, right response, right expectation and right action, equivalent to the good desired. Now the individual is stepping outside him or herself, looking towards the Highest Place and willingly converting all habits that have formerly obstructed demonstration to become the consistency and mighty tower of unswerving faith And, as Ernest Holmes said, “If every thought and condition in the universe had to change to accommodate the knowing of one of perfect faith, it would.”

Thanksgiving thus is the “yeast that raises the dough”. Thanksgiving is more powerful than can be imagined, and in fact ~ as one becomes more familiar in practicing the full 5 stages of treatment, eventually Treatment can be accelerated to become a simple “Thank you, God for_(Fill in the Blanks with the most vitalizing pictures possible____________).  Always remember to give thanks in the now!, i.e. Thank you ~ I have!  Thank you ~ I am!  Thank you ~ I can, I do, and this wonderful good is happening now!!!

Thank you morning, noon, and night ~ Thanks before, during and after. Think of the mighty perfection of Faith that is present in an individual who lives by the simple, yet so sublime power of Gratitude at all times.

Thus, this month of May ~ practice giving daily Thanks (most especially in the mornings when you arise, throughout the day when misgivings arise, and before you go to sleep at night). Give thanks for the thing or condition that you desire and give thanks that you are being the right consciousness at all times.

A wonderful mantra to repeat to yourself that strikes right to the clear core of the matter is ~

“Thank you God (Divine Mother/Father),” instead of” (describe in detail the old troubling condition)_____…..”I now have” _____________ (describe the new and healed Divine condition)”. You will immediately experience bountiful change. Your consistent gratitude shall make it so. 

And, in fact ~ it is always good to actually take the formal time to periodically write out your lists, for this clarifies and strengthens the new idea/prototype, within.

*Continue to periodically take time to do the full 5 stages of treatment, so that the ultimate Christ way of demonstrating becomes a perfect part of your being, and next month, we will discuss the last stage of the Treatment Cycle, “Release”

Simply fill out the 5 stages, as outlined below:  Remember every time you heal your consciousness of any idea of separation and rise to higher awareness of your Great Unity with the All-in-the-All of Infinite Capacity, you become one with all the majestic fruits of your raised spiritual thinking, right in your manifest life!

*Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, and if any did not receive any of the previous 4 lessons, simply go to our archives section, where you will find all previous monthly articles of this series.  Just backtrack to January, 2017. 

Be the “innocent”, in whom the Father is very pleased ~ knowing no negative or impossibility whatsoever, and so it shall be!

All Light and Love!

All Divine Success ~


Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff



1. I recognize there is a Divine principle of …………………………………………………

2. I affirm my unity with………………………………………………………………………………….

3. Therefore, I now realize the following about my situation………………………………………………..

(In this stage, try and incorporate as many of the key elements Described in your April Article on Key Elements for Greatest Realizations ~ that you can. Keep going until you feel the process of alchemy is complete in you, each time bringing yourself to the greatest realization of sublime wholeness and completeness as possible.)

(Take as much time as you need, ’til you feel it is being done.  Then take a deep breath and close with):

4. I give thanks………………………………………..

5. I release……………………………………………. (with a sense of releasing to the Infinite Power that is to accomplish in most perfect ways)

*As always, Review and develop your lists of Divine Principles often, most especially with direct reference to your situation. Do you need supply? Affirm, there is a Perfect Divine Principle of Supply. “My perfect resources are present.” Do you need a perfect new home? Affirm, there is a Principle of Perfect Circulation, Timing, at a perfect “right” price, and “The perfect home is ready for me right now!” Do you need physical healing? Affirm, “There is a perfect Principle of all-encompassing Divine Healing energy in the Universe, now restoring me in all my ways!” All Principles reflect a sublime harmony and connectedness of all things, revealing the inherent immeasurable and blissful perfection that is. All else has simply come to pass.

When you are desirous of any type of healing, ask yourself ~ what principle of a Universal Wholeness do you need to connect with, that supports the manifestation of your good!  Get underneath  the apparency of the issue itself, healing and releasing at the causal level.

*I highly recommend my  book, SONGS OF ETERNITY (PART I ~ THE PRINCIPLE, DECLARATIONS OF THE IMMORTAL SOUL OF GOD! and  PART II ~ THE APPLICATION, BRINGING HEAVEN TO EARTH) containing the Manifesting Key and Universal Self-Existent Principle for every situation from Divine Fulfillment to Divine Creation to Prosperity, Healing, Immortality and Romance.  Each short instruction is followed by an empowering “I Am” meditation for incorporating deep within. I am so pleased to say that SONGS OF ETERNITY ~ Contemplations, Treatments and Meditations on the Word of God is available in Kindle and all e*book formats exclusively on  These convenient formats with links back and forth allow easy instant navigation to any subject you desire to focus and meditate on…and for those who prefer to have the paperback version in hand, it can be purchased at any of the familiar on line sites or ordered at your local book store 

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*Do actually take time to write out at least a few treatments formally, until the Divine Healing process of immediately centering in Truth becomes automatic, no matter what may be taking place. Practice makes perfect! And so, let it be for each and for all ~ Next month, we will delve further into the most important 5th stage of Release.

Please don’t hesitate to add your comments and/or reflections in the comment space provided below…  We love to hear from you.


Love & Light Ever Unbounded, Ever Free ~



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  1. I especially enjoyed being caught up in Dr. Linda’s review in 5 easy steps to recapitulate what we have thus far learned. It forced me to focus on my goals and recap exactly what I’m striving for! Dr. Linda always teaches Sublime Truth and the manifestation of same in an understandable and immediate format!
    Thank you for your wonderful contributions to your readers and members!

  2. Dr. Linda mentions a very simple “Thank You for…” accompanied by strong visual images of the thing desired. Could there be a simpler formula, or a shorter act of affirmation?
    Thank you, Dr. Linda!

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