Dear Friends ~In Celebration of the Glory of the Easter & Passover Seasons, and following in the footsteps of the beloved Master, Jesus ~ let us PRAISE the Infinite Capacity within ourselves to resurrect ANY aspect of life whatsoever & to overcome any situation, without limit.

As a special Easter/Passover highlight, an excerpt from Dr. Linda’s new book “SONGS OF ETERNITY ~ Contemplations, Treatments and Meditations on the Word of God!”….Choose the Miracle” ~ is presented below for your consciousness elevation.

Here, Dr. Linda reveals the way to “rise above” through “letting go” ideas of personal history or limitation, that God itself may bless our every circumstance, infilling all with the miraculous power and capacity of Infinite Life. Here, through contemplation on the unlimited power of the God-Self, we advance at once from limited states to sublime manifestation through right letting go of dependency on the “little self” (known ways and means) and radical reliance on pure God-Capacity alone. Now, once again, by Letting Go of all ideas of “personal power” and force on all levels of being…we avail ourselves of the limitless Power that is and that knows how with ease and never fails.

Ask yourself, “What can I let go now – that new good may freely appear?” Then add the question – “What is beloved Father/Mother’s Idea for me here, instead?” Then, let go any need to use personal power or past references whatsoever, rather finding assurance in the mighty, glorious, unlimited, unprecedented power of God to heal. For the overcoming of any condition, we “Choose the Miracle” of the great all-encompassing Self, instead.


And so, we move forward in the consciousness of transcendent miracles available at all times for every good purpose of Heaven on earth ~ setting our sites to new God-heights, attaining the ageless and timeless Secrets of the Kingdom of Bliss!

Together we form the radiant spiritual body of the Universe, practicing the principles of our Highest Nature ~ ever One with God Divine.

Together, we rejoice in the One, Absolute and All-Encompassing Supreme God Self that only knows an Eternally Flowing Abundance Complete!

And that – In God…I find all that I am and have. And I live ever at the summit of an Infinite Glory present in every way!

For whatever God (Love in Me) Is, I am.

Whatever God (Love in Me) does, I do.

Whatever God (Love in Me) demonstrates, I do bring forth.

And whatever the Highest in me knows, I now know with every fiber of my being.

Aum! Bliss! Amen!

So be it!

And so it is!

And together we now say within ~ let the Light of Supreme Divine Plan and Purpose for the Well-being of all mankind prevail all over our earth!

And So It Is!



Part 11, “The Application…Bringing Heaven To Earth!”







Let us contemplate the phenomenon ~ known as miracles, and discover together, what these awesome manifestations are really all about. What we call miracles are really instances, where we witness the Supreme Law and Capacity of Divine Mind, acting without obstruction. When we use the Great Law in accordance with its limitless nature, miracles appear and reveal a Divine perfection ~ operating in its most natural and unlimited fashion. Here, the Infinite Capacity and Essence, blessing every circumstance, flows unbounded and without restriction; and we call it a miracle.

Do you need a miracle in your life? Have you ever said nothing, but a miracle can help?

What ever it is, large or small, major or minor, know that the miracle can happen for you here and now ~ even though the evidence is yet to be seen. Forget yourself for a moment. Forget any shadows of restrictions of the past. Choose the miracle. Do not be afraid it cannot be done. Do not judge infinite power by the weakness of yesterday’s lack of human faith. When you stop limiting the Infinite, you will stop limiting yourself

So many people pray for miracles ~ when all that is needed is acceptance of the Sublime Truth, that, indeed, what they want may be beyond their normal experience; but not beyond the power of God, {the Infinite Intelligence within}. Do not be afraid that you are not strong enough. Do not protest that you are weak. Be modest about yourself as a personality if you wish, but do not put limitations on the invincible inner God-Self you really are. Life does not judge you, nor withhold its blessings, except as you judge yourself and withhold those blessings from yourself.

How powerful these words are. Now, let us breathe and rise up in joy ~ knowing all we need to do ~ to make what now may seem like miracles the absolute norm of our lives, is to let go of identification with the limited past, to cease diminishing the great power of our Divine natures, to acknowledge and pay true homage to the Atman Most Holy, within, and to say: yes, to it all:

Why spend one’s time forming and building a stronghold of protection ~ holding on to ideas and beliefs that merely fan the ego and sustain the illusion of separation from the Allness and the flawless magnificent potential of fulfillment and realization ~ that are our gifts, for the mere price of letting go? Why cluster limiting conditions to one’s self, and hold on to them with such tenacity?

It is as if the Divinity within us ~ the still small voice, within ~ ever beckons

I am waiting ~ waiting ’til thou does call upon me ~ ’til all your courtship with illusion is done ~ ’til you realize you are one with me. And when you return with heart, and mind, and being ~ and all to my wealthy abode, I shall grace you with all. All error shall be removed; and I shall return to you thy portion of my Kingdom, which transcends all. I await thee with Love in my heart in full expectancy of thy return. I have already prepared thy feast of fulfillment. I have saved up and stored up all thy good for thee, which thou hast not yet claimed. I would deny thee nothing. My kingdom is yours.”




CHOOSE THE MIRACLE (Of the Divine Self)


Now, let us go within, and realize we are always free to choose the Miracle of Transcendence! In jubilant celebration of all the good we have; we rise up now to the heights of faith and optimum receptivity. Bathing in the awareness of richest manifestation, now ~ celebrating the forever abundant nature of our lives and our glorious Kingdom of Divine Consciousness ever at hand ~ let us say, WITHIN:

“I forsake my dance with illusion and limitation now! It is no thing to me. I widen my vision to embrace all of God’s Infinite Miracle Majesty in me and for me, throughout my world. I give thanks! I give thanks morning, noon and night for my rich and outstanding unlimited fulfillment now. FROM THE HIGHEST PLACE in Mind and from the Summit of an Infinite Awareness… I now see the transcendent life of God instantaneously filling up every vessel, that needs filling, now ~ arranging, rearranging and transforming all to its perfect Heavenly complement. How Great it is! I have chosen the miracle for me, for it is my right, and I choose to be free!”


God is doing, and I am letting!


I rejoice in the World of Limitless Good, that is ever Mine!




Love & Light Divine,

Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff


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*Please note that all were recorded in live circumstances. Thus, there are occasional room sounds on some, but none that override content.



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