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Dear Beloved Members of the World Spiritual Family of Highest Light and Love, of Divine Healing & Prosperity for All…


Happiest New Year ‘2016! ~ a year for profound quantum leaps and Divine Change…”Bringing Heaven” (God’s Mind) to “Earth” (Practical Experience), demonstrating the Highest & the Best in All!




It is our pleasure to announce that this year Dr. Linda will be adding an in depth series of lessons on Spiritual Mind Treatment as an enhancement to your regular Divine Prosperity Program. Spiritual Mind Treatment is the most advanced healing technology there is, the perfect path for aligning your mind with the Limitless Mind of God. Each month you will receive, along with your Divine Prosperity Lesson and Meditation, some illumining information from Dr. Linda, beginning with an Introductory Review of Mind and How Mind works in Manifestation, followed by a description of the 5 sequential stages of Treatment, an explanation of what alchemy takes place at each ascending stage; and what elements are present in the Highest and most profoundly successful treatments.

It is ever true that the yogi raises him or herself into the Divine nature. This raising takes place through the continuous conscious aligning of one’s personal mind with the Universal Mind, Essence and Heart of God. Every time this Highest state of being and acknowledgement is achieved, there is mighty manifestation, evidenced on the earthy plane ~ as Mind turns into the Matter of Daily Experience 

If you wish to sign up this year’s program, please advise Dr. Linda of your interest at revdecoff@aol.com. All are welcome, whether new to universal and timeless metaphysical teachings or highly trained. The possibilites of healing any matter are blissfully infinite in scope, so each can gain immeasurably whether just beginning or already a highly skilled Practitioner. Thank you for advising your friends of this opportunity for enhanced studies. The program has no subscription fee, but donations are always most welcome, and may be easily placed using our convenient PayPal site, found on most pages at http://newthoughtinternational.com.

Below, please find your Divine Prosperity Article and Lesson for this month, so apropos for powerful new beginnings ~ “I Cleanse My Slate for Wealth!” Your first Introductory Article on “A Review of Spiritual Mind Treatment, How Mind Works in Manifestation!” is also posted on this month’s blog.

Always know that “It is not what happens “to” you that is the measure of the level of your spirituality in any manner.  It is the quality of your response in heart and consciousness that reveals the true measure of the depth of your connection to the great “All That Is!”  And, one with the Highest and the Best, you shall never fail!

And so, let us begin with our first Introductory Lesson ~



January Highlight- ~ Lesson 1 of 12, “I CLEANSE MY SLATE FOR WEALTH!”


In CELEBRATION of the glorious month of January, let us daily practice the high spiritual tool of Forgiveness. Following the celebration of the ever-new birth of the Christ Consciousness within, comes the realization that anything yet in us contrary to this sublime pattern will manifest as limitation in our lives and therefore, must now be removed; that perfect healing and ever renewing regeneration may occur, and that awesome acceleration of progress may be attained ~ that all may rise to be that Infinite Love in Heart and Action, changing bitterness, frustration, anger, and the many divisive emotions, ALCHEMIZING and lifting all to the radiance of never-ending Love. The capacity to forgive entirely at any moment is the sublime secret to ongoing renewal and to living free of accumulated “baggage of experience”. as it were. Forgiveness sets you free!

One with God, As we begin anew our 12 month consciousness raising cycle, placing our feet on the highest path of attainment , let each establish now a powerful new platform of existence, strongly identifying the new major goals each wishes to attain, planting firmly in mind. Let each bask in the Light of the Eternal Sun, grateful that God has given all of humanity such a wondrous tool to cleanse the past and to progress trace-free of past error, ever on into the Kingdom of Bliss, both spiritually and materially. Let each one look within and find anywhere that needs yet to heal, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt ~ that in applying the sacred tool and step of forgiveness, letting go, releasing, relying on God alone… no longer calling to mind past wounds & hurts, Lord Sublime God of all prosperous good, blesses profoundly, every step of the way.

Yes, each has satisfied the Law. By satisfying Highest Divine Laws and transforming  all to “Love”, we remember the exhortation of all great saints, sages and avatars throughout the ages. Before we come to Divine Mother/Father, for any good we seek, it is so important to forgive whatever needs forgiveness between us and our fellow beings, that we may approach the Source of All Good with all purity of heart.

God needs no forgiveness for God’s self is already All Perfection of Love…yet human beings, angels in the making, as it were ~ need forgiveness to merge into the bliss of heavenly domains. Each can forgive, for “The Christ is the lotus of fragrance in every heart.”

Now we joyfully visualize ourselves and all who need ~ willingly forgiving and letting go all structures, forms, memories, feelings and notions that no longer serve… breathing in the Infinite Breath of Lustrous Freedom, rising to accept the maximum potential in every way.

How great is our manifestation of richest and most prosperous Highest Good for all!


We are grateful!



For whatever God (Love in Me) Is, I am

Whatever God (Love in Me) does in any situation, I do

Whatever God Patterns of Complete Abundant Being Are, I am!

Whatever God (Love in Me) demonstrates, I always do bring forth!

And whatever the Highest in me knows, I now know with every fiber of my being.


Aum! Bliss! Amen!

So be it!

And so it is!






GLOBAL DIVINE PROSPERITY “Unexpected Income” Program –


January Lesson 1 ~ “I CLEANSE MY SLATE FOR WEALTH” ~ of the Global Divine Prosperity Program is presented at the end of this introductory article.

In Lesson 1~ we realize the supreme importance of this first vital “cleansing” step, when embarking on the ascension cycle towards the attainment of any greater level of good…activating the greater Divine idea of full forgiveness of all past and present, conditions. Regardless of how tough it seems to do… we deeply understand how this sacred spiritual cleansing act of Highest God-conscience is the pre-eminent spiritual act that renders a flow of spiritual blessings and that instantly materializes as new definite abundant good in each life. For your goals, Dr. Linda suggests to set your sites high to the unlimited realm where the life of all substance is, realizing all things are possible to those who live in God and that when the Divine Law of forgiveness has been fulfilled by you, the green light of mighty demonstration is yours.

Thus, establish the major goal you would most like to have happen now, knowing as you concentrate on the ever – Presence of all Divine Power and Capacities and daily move beyond past negative cause/effect, through applying the sacred principle/solution of Forgiveness through and to yourself and all,…mighty demonstrations always follow.

It is a good idea to review Dr. Linda’s helpful suggestions for best use of the “Divine Prosperity Unexpected Income Program”. Simply go to http://newthoughtinternational.com/instructions.htm any time you need to refresh.  Here you will find instructions for individuals, couples and group maximum use.

Continue to daily ask yourself, throughout this month. Where are you still holding on to thoughts of unforgiveness? Where do you now need to let go? What is the greater attribute of your God Self that allows you to do this perfectly now?For example, knowing that the complete Love of the Creator is within, you can forgive.  It is easy!”…”Knowing that the entire courage of the Universe flows through you, you can step bravely forward, releasing fear for unbounded faith, and do what you always wanted to do.” The greater quantities are always within us, just awaiting our use. Know that all the powers of Heaven’s Mind are with you now, helping you to transcend and to be born anew in optimum success and abundance now.

And now, we practice thinking only of the perfection of “Divine Outcomes, strong and radiant in every way!”. Now We stand firm at the Summit of Existence, Breathing in the Breath of God, Open at the Top, receiving and implementing Divine Conditions, in every way.

“I (the little self) has decreased! He/She (The Greater Self) has increased!”


And So It Is!




And so, we move forward in our Divine Prosperity Creation Series – (GENESIS… The Art of Perfect Creation Every Time) ~ setting our sites to new God-heights, attaining the ageless and timeless Secrets of the Kingdom of Bliss!

Together we form the radiant spiritual body of the Universe, practicing the principles of our Highest Nature ~ ever One with God Divine!

Together, we rejoice in the One, Absolute and All-Encompassing Supreme God Self that only knows an Eternally Flowing Abundance Complete!

And that – “In God…I find all that I am and have. And I live ever at the summit of an Infinite Glory present in every way!”


Aum! Bliss! Amen!

So be it!

And so it is!


And together we now say within ~ let the Light of Supreme Divine Plan and Purpose for the Well-being and Raising Up of all mankind prevail all over our earth!


And So It Is!

Love & Light Divine,

Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff




Below, please find your prosperity lesson of the month, along with an additional special New Year’s excerpt from Dr. Linda’s glowing book “SONGS OF ETERNITY” ~ Contemplations, Treatments & Meditations on the Word of God,  “The Power of Forgiveness“,  ~wherein we celebrate the Supreme potency and spiritual power of forgiveness… to uplift, restore, free, advance, heal and empower in every way.




And now in preparation to receive illumination ~ Let each get very still, moving into deepest meditation. Let each one now breathe in deeply the breath of God, rising to the summit of all Highest Light, immersing in the splendor of new Divine Cause whole and perfect within. Now say softly to yourself ~ “As I embody, envision and embrace God’s greatest idea of wholeness and completeness for me…And as I contemplate the Great Fulfilling Reality in all it’s splendor ~ my world raises in wonder to new levels ~ Supreme!”






Dear Participant:


Our month of January 2016 – New Year’s Highlight theme is:



To empower your daily treatment/meditation and in celebration of your new beginnings, please formally write out your own accompanying 3 lists ~ enumerating:

1. “That which you now want to eliminate forever from your life”.(Whether person, place or condition).  Describe the troubling aspects in full.

2. “That which you want to establish as a permanent new level of good in your life”, in the place of the old unsatisfying conditions {without thinking of how or limiting your desire in any way}. Fill out your descriptions in full and most joyous detail, not indicating how this transformation shall come about.

These two primary lists constitute a platform for Daily Gratitude to the Creator most High – that “Thank you, God ~ Instead of the old conditions (refer to your list) , I now have ! (The list of positive conditions you desire instead). They also serve to clarify your mind and to put you in conscious charge.   Daily take time to give thanks that instead of the old conditions, you now have……..(the spiritual opposite of wholeness and completeness), i.e. ~ “Instead of hard times, my way is easy, peaceful and light”  Thank you God.  Meditate on the new conditions you have in mind, immersing in Divine Splendor and peace of your vision.  Be specific about the negative qualities of the old condition you are replacing, and just as specific about the constructive qualities of the new condition you are bringing in.

3. Now, formally list all blessings you are grateful for…Blessings of the past, present and future. “That which you are now grateful for” ~ {Including all aspects of good about yourself, your talents, your gains and your unique assets}.

Gratitude is the yeast that raises the dough, and whatever good you am grateful for, you shall never be denied and shall multiply to become the more you seek!

Know that you are now firmly on the Divine Energy Exchange System ~- willing to give up the old conditions for the new Sublime God Ideas of wholeness and peace, thus scientifically Exchanging the “Lesser for the Greater” ~ Creating room in consciousness for definite New Good to come in.

Realize that Divine Abundance and Wealth refers not only to money, but to perfect ease and harmony of relationships, success in all your ways,  and any other goal of well-being

Daily give thanks that ~ “Instead of……..(current problem conditions), I now have……(the constructive spiritual opposite you have listed).” Thank you, God!


“The Universe abhors a vacuum

And rushes to fill every one you create!”

“The Blessings of Wealth respond to you! ~

As you are about your Father’s Business,

Cleaning your slate and doing your Divine Thing…forgiving and letting go absolutely all that has past ~

Your Divine Father in Heaven

{The Law and The Spirit of Abundance}

From the seat of Highest Consciousness

Is taking care of your business

And all that concerns you!”




Blessings of All Limitless Love, Light and Prosperity Sublime,

Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff


NOTE: Each month you will receive an accompanying program for daily Spiritual Mind Practices ~ to strengthen and substantiate your treatment.




(Daily Meditation for Forgiving and Letting Go)

“I Cleanse My Slate for Wealth”


JANUARY Daily Highlight Meditation for speaking silently or out loud.

~ And for manifesting awesome God results, transcendent of every limiting pattern of the past.

 MANTRA of Highest Being ~

( As I Forgive, I rise to greater stages of well-being than ever before!)



Today and every day of this month, I establish my new, perfect and whole Consciousness of Wealth.


As I bring up unfinished feelings and memories of the past and present,

I commit myself in heart, mind and action to absolutely forgive

And release each and every person, place, condition, or event

That comes into mind ~ that has ever appeared to play a part

In any negative financial relationship, whatsoever in my life ~

Including being underpaid, mistreated, misled,

Disappointed, not valued, etc.


I recognize this activity is of paramount importance

To freeing the fullest Blessings of Love, now!


And so, I free all to move out to their perfect expansion,

Success and prosperous fulfillment, now!


I harbor no regrets, revenge, sadness nor remorse ~

For they are perfect and I am perfect.

And all things are freed and cleared between us forever.


As I free others from the binds of my memory and my mind,

I know I am automatically freed, too ~


To prosper anew and to reclaim my Treasures of the Kingdom

That have been bottled up and held up in the past.


I breathe in the breath and possibilities of Ever-New Creation,


For as I release, I realize ~

I am abiding in the perfect Law ~ creating a right magnetic space,

For God to work miracles of renewal of good for me.


I know I must be free of sorrows, regrets, blames and accusations

To prosper.


So it is my good pleasure to perform this surgery in heart and mind.


From this moment on ~

I choose to only remember my Perfect Father in Heaven ~

Who Loves me unconditionally ~

Who cares for me ~

Who is the Perfect Redeemer of my unlimited supply

And Who keeps me in the Riches of The Kingdom always.


I perceive my new good, now!


And I would not block it or delay it by dwelling on negative memories.

I am so thrilled to be so free. And I declare that with each release,

Not only do I breathe a breath of deepest relief,

yet, I simultaneously receive boundless surprises of Unexpected Good in return ~


Unencumbered and straight ~from my Infinite Source.

I am so happy and free.


I am the perfect son/daughter

In whom the Father/Mother Spirit is very well pleased.


I am open on every level to receive ~ Miracles of Spontaneous Increase and Opulent Wealth from every direction.


I have released the whole chain of negative relationships, financial & otherwise ~

And I am established in perfectly healthy, mutually supportive,

Richly rewarding exchanges and activities ~

Governed by the Love of God ~ in every department of my life.


I have gladly given up the hurtful memories ~

For the greatness of the now.

I have let go the lesser for the greater.


I am abundance

And joy is The Hallmark of my Life.

I accept no less.


Abundance is the Law of my being.

I have perfectly Cleansed My Slate.

Spirit richly blesses me, now!




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PART II – “THE APPLICATION” – Bringing Heaven to Earth!






Love is the greatest healing force in the Universe. Let us contemplate now, an aspect of Love ~ exalted in measure ~ that always yields the Kingdom…and that is forgiveness. Let us think upon this Divine power of limitless magnitude, and how forgiveness is Love-in-action, and operates for us as an agent for our complete freedom, wealth and advancement.

As beloved sons and daughters of God, moving towards greater and greater stages of Grace, we strive to know that each and every experience comes to bless us ~ to strengthen and increase the Love and good in our lives. We realize, that regardless of appearances or opinions or judgments ~ we might have about any experience, there is really only God-Love at the center of every experience. And when we have arrived at the point, where we have come in touch with this Truth, that situation will right itself, dissolve and move on, leaving no trace ~ leaving only glorious blessings in its wake. The Spiritually minded understand that the intelligence within us always works for us, and always draws the experience, we need, right then and there, for our highest evolution and greatest emancipation. And that a condition will often repeat itself in different ways and guises, until we have come to a faith of nonresistance, harmony, balance and perfect peace within ~ until we finally fully forgive it and release it.

So if there is any situation in your life ~ any challenge, which seems to persist or seems to repeat itself in different ways, whether that be financial, relationship or otherwise; instead of wrestling with it, struggling with it, struggling against it, trying to change it, trying to escape it, look it squarely in the face. As Daniel did in the lion’s den or as David slew Goliath with the piercing rock of Truth, proclaim this situation a great blessing, Divine and perfect ~ empowered to enrich your life in every aspect. And by the power of your forgiveness, you shall be like the alchemists of old, changing your experiences to gold ~ transforming all by means of the alchemy of your High consciousness and Divine thought. By naming everything good, you invoke your now source of prosperity.

Thus, by means of complete forgiveness, blessing and release, we are blessed at every point; and those situations which have plagued us, reverse their effects and come forth, as the greatest blessings of our lives. There is no longer anything to resist; therefore, nothing negative to persist, for we have turned the other cheek ~ in other words, turned away from the appearances and recognized only God at the center.

Now, Grace descends upon you, and each time you forgive or give up the negative idea about the situation, a new good appears automatically. It is automatic. Always relish your opportunity to advance in Highest Love, forgive others, yourself and all conditions, whatsoever, for your wealth awaits your release.






Let us take a moment, now, and go within to that perfect point at the center of Everlasting Reality, where the great Flame of Consciousness burns eternally radiant, bright, free and filled with Love. Let us view our lives, and recognize, now ~ the Supreme Divine Mind, working in our every experience, for utmost elevation and good.

And here at the center of all existence,  we affirm:

“God in me sees only the good in you. The great power of forgiveness and transcendence makes me healthy, wealthy, wise, joyous, fulfilled and free!”


Say with me:


“I now fully forgive and let go whatever I need to let go. As I do so, I am empowered, enriched and blessed completely ~ at every point of my life.”


“Life springs anew in power.”

“Divine Grace infills me, now!”




 (If you wish to listen to this contemplation and meditation by Dr. Linda, click the link below: (Please remember there are periodic slight background noises, due to the live circumstances, in which it was recorded).

The Power of Forgiveness



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Love & Light Unbounded & Free –

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Happiest New Year ‘2016 ~

Richest Blessings,




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Visit all of Dr. Linda’s books on Amazon.com ~  BRIDGE OF THE GODS ~ The Golden Pathway to Your Highest God Self!; SONGS OF ETERNITY~Contemplations, Treatments and Meditations on the Word of God;  LIVING THE MIRACLE CONSCIOUSNESS ~ Attaining the Kingdom of Greatest Eternal Good!

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Happiest New Year ‘2016!

Richest Blessings,


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