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Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff On Healing The Spirit

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Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff On Healing The Spirit

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” In this article below, published on Technorati ~ Bryan (the interviewer) and myself discussed the importance of blessing the “call to change”, even before one understands the full import in one’s life!  As we name it, so it shall be to us, for there is no energy in circumstances, whatsoever ~ of themselves.  All is as we name it to be! 
Thus, by “Naming a thing Good!” in advance of the outcome, and even before we have seen, we have performed the sacred process of Consciously Annointing Circumstances for the greatest outcomes of the Highest Beneficence!  So let it be, in absolutely every instance for you!!! ~ Reverend Dr. Linda
“So too, remember how important it is live above and beyond circumstances, always finding time to stay centered in the peace within, and now you will Divinely fortified to meet each and every circumstance , on the regenerating and renewing breath of the greater Divine you!  It is never what happens to us or around us that counts.  It is how we respond that reveals the measure of the Greatness of one’s Soul.” ~ Reverend Dr. Linda
“ACTRESS TURNED REVEREND  HAS  JUST WRITTEN A BOOK; She also speaks on why many in Hollywood need to eventually live outside of it.”
The sordid details of the Hollywood star, the starlet with promise – or finally the 15 minutes of fame story gone awry – unfortunately, these stories are far too common in the world of tinsel town; a world that we the common folk soak up from the tabloids like a sponge over a warm and yellow liquid that needs no formal introduction in to our lives.
Most of the time, the stars themselves see the signs that they should perhaps make a life change – of course the desire has to be there.
This story is different – it actually has a happy ending.
For Linda De Coff, the signs were there and the transition away from the politics that Hollywood demands as a price for fame was quite gradual.
“Sometimes those signs come from the gut, from our instincts or our intuition. At other times, tragic events begin to happen” – “My agent being killed in an accident was definitely one of many signs.” She said in speaking on tragedies or apparent crises that can serve as signs.
Linda was a leading Broadway actress – having earned her theater degree from Boston University, also having had the honor of being selected as one of The Top 40 Upcoming National Performers. Additionally, she had the honor of having worked with acting legends Raul Julia, Danny DeVito and Christopher Lloyd. She is perhaps best known for starring in HurryUp Or I’ll Be 30. and for her outstanding performances as Nina in Chekov’s “Seagull” and with Rex Harrison in the Pirandello play, “Emperor Henry !V”.
Now, a renowned spiritual leader, Linda now known as Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff has written a book, Bridge of the Gods.
The Reverend’s book serves as a guide for helping those achieve a higher consciousness. She is the founder of New Thought International, Inc. Her practices combine the timeless spiritual teachings from the East and West into practical applications to living a life free of negativity overcoming the most difficult obstacles.
One of the lessons that Reverend De Coff teaches is on living in hindsight.
“It’s the lesson of learning to live in foresight rather than hindsight. That is when one realizes that when something has happened heralding change…and even before you have seen the end wonderful result, that you immediately recognize that it’s actually the “Greater-in-you” at work.”
This lesson is of particular value to those who may ask the question – “Why me? Why does this happen to me?
Hindsight living is very common to those of us who might not have as a deep of a spiritual grounding as we perhaps should.
“Oh, ‘now I understand,’ after having put yourself through two years of agony, misery and torture over something.”
This speaks greatly to the fact that we are not supposed to be living life in the past. Our excuse for keeping our focus on the past prevalent is that it serves as a learning lesson into our present. However, it doesn’t always end up being that way because that same focus on the past often subconsciously encourages those same past mistakes.
“Nature moves along and regenerates itself from stage to stage; it’s just a natural thing. Of course, that divine intelligence is running through nature and all of being; but nature has no will about it, it just does what it does. A tree drops its leaves, regenerates its leaves and there are beautiful blossoms once again. It’s an eternal process to which there is no end. Yet mankind has will, we have so much potential and we have the will to either go with flow, so to speak, live in the way of the Tao and go with it constructively, or create resistance.”
Many people attempt to control what it is they have no control over, how many people go through this before they finally accept what it is they accept?
“Maybe, many. The artistic soul lives close to God because you always have to step outside yourself in the sense of putting your interest elsewhere, whether entering the world of a role you may be playing, or carving a lustrous David out of the stone. All artists have that great drive, their interests transcend their personality. I do think that many artists come to it; you see that many of them want to get homes outside of Hollywood. It’s because they need to regenerate themselves.”, and in order for the best creative juices to flow.”
Great examples are people who have chosen to live outside of the confines Hollywood; this is no doubt out of a desire to live away from the pressure and the politics that the profession offers in abundance, but more importantly to provide the precious opportunity to look within, perhaps to return to the scene strengthened and ready to go again ~ or perhaps to create meaningful change.
What is Linda’s belief?
“Where there’s peace, there is power.”
Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff is a Broadway/film success story – in the sense that she did not allow herself to be consumed by the power of a world that cannot be controlled; most of all she didn’t allow herself to lose the better part of herself, her spirituality.
Bryan Cain-Jackson


Bryan Cain-Jackson’s authors page Author’s Blog

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