DEAR PARTICIPANT & FRIENDS :*It is our great pleasure to announce that New Thought International Library is continuing to present a complete Inspirational Talk Series from Dr. Linda’s timeless collection of works.

For those who truly desire further in-depth information on Higher Consciousness Themes,  you will be able to tune in to monthly postings of talks on every subject imaginable throughout 2019.

Monthly programs will include an extensive talk on the Higher Consciousness Theme being considered, along with accompanying closing meditations, for incorporating deep within.  The closing meditations will  be available right here in written form as well, so that you can easily reference in your daily meditations, while working on a particular theme. In this wonderful talk series, you will always find very easy, profound and practical tools for raising your consciousness to the level desired, always illuminating: “How to tune in” to the completeness of the Divine-in-you!

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“SYNCHRONICITY ~ Miracle of the Sixth Sense!” To access Complete Talk & Meditations, Visit Dr. Linda’s Complete Talk Library on I Tunes

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In this 2nd talk of our “Miracle Consciousness Series”, Dr. Linda describes a universe of perfect timing, where spontaneous manifestations of good constantly appear in your life…  Join the great harmonic symphony of being and live in the Consciousness of your Infinite Connection on every level with every person, place and thing that is for your good!

“Your Great Faith in your Invisible Source shall always prove you victorious and true.”   

At the end of this talk, Dr. Linda provides a Closing Meditation for grounding the information in a very personal and meaningful way for you. This is followed by an “I Am Statement” ~ an excerpt from Dr. Linda’s glowing book, SONGS OF ETERNITY ~ Contemplations, Treatments and Meditations on the Word of God!”   Below, please find your meditations in written form, so that you can follow along with ease and refer to as often as possible while you are working on this theme.

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 “SYNCHRONICITY ~ Miracle of the Sixth Sense!” 



As we enter into the Sacred Place in meditation now, breathing very deeply in and out of the Kingdom of Divine Light and Limitless Love beyond all imagining, open your heart to receive of the special quantum leap Gift of Divine Healing Manifestation  you need right now.



 (Visualize Your New Good Taking Place!)


Breathing in and out of the Light of the Universe…

Let us each go within now to that great, teeming center of vibrating light atoms, tapping into this magnificent atomic energy field of ongoing creation within, and let us join with the radiant and sublimely intelligent energy. And let us say within ~

“I Give Thanks to the High Consciousness within me that all that is unlike the Truth of my Divine Self is now removed. All patterns of belief in delay, difficulties, and all fascination with long, drawn out procedures… all are removed. I place no barriers between me and the Divine Pattern of experience, where all is One.”

“I open myself to the great flow and success of Divine and Miraculous activity right where I am. I move with life at its natural level of exuberant expression. I recognize the sweet Presence of God and Sublime Perfection, showing up everywhere. I celebrate this glorious, rich life of good that I live, and I feel so intrinsically one with all vibrations of being. And right now, I bring my High God awareness of Light, Love, Ease, and Power to a special situation where I now desire to be realized, unbound and fulfilled.

And I see the Divine Presence removing now all obstruction from my path and richly greeting me with the Gift of Great Fulfillment, greater than I have ever known.

I am instantaneously swept up in this Pattern of Fulfillment now. And I move forward now, electrified, energized, knowing God is indeed my own.

I sing God’s Song of Ultra Synchronous Being, as right now I meet with and embrace my good… complete and whole.”

AND  SO  IT  IS.   

As always, I encourage to you write out the conditions that you would like to experience in your life, Giving Thanks that you have them now. By doing so, a new prototype begins to develop in mind, and before you know it ~ the ways and means shall appear.

Do write out your treatment request now, and just trying using these words. “I know I Am One with the Transcendent and Limitless Force of All Capacity. In this sublime awareness, I Give Thanks for my wonderful___________ ”  (Fill out whatever your most important need is.)  In deep meditation, Just Give Thanks and receive.

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*Before you speak your “I am” statement, it is always a good time to take a moment and write out your Spiritual Mind TreatmentGiving Thanks- In-Advance for the good you want to receive…so you can retain strong focus throughout the time you are working on perfecting your current issue.  And the phenomenon that happens when you speak your word, when you clarify your word through writing, through speaking, through your knowing and your Gratitude-in-Advance is that every atom of the Universe is set into action for you.
State the elevated condition you would like to receive in the Present Tense, i.e, “Thank-you, I am now receiving, being, doing, etc. ____________ (Fill In the Blanks with the most radiant pictures of wholeness and success you can imagine, without wondering how it shall come to be). Know, as you Give Thanks, Divine activity is already moving on the invisible for you, in ways wondrous and complete.
Recognize that Perfect Law that is always responding to you, and that is always going on…according to your word, and that this mighty evolutionary action must produce perfect results. 

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Know your word is creating a new platform of being, upon which exists your new bottom line, and below which you never shall never descend.  So let it be!

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Any time you need to tune-up to the Perfect Truth, reference your “I Am Statement” ~ and you will center right back in power once again.


Now, let us read our I Am Statement, knowing we are now firmly grounding Divine Realities in our experience, bringing Heaven to Earth, knowing that these words that we speak are established even as we speak them. Let the words settle and absorb in all of mind and heart. 
Know that through this action, you are imprinting upon this great mind of the Universe the Truth of the Divine Soul within, and there is chemicalization of all situations to become the Perfect Harmonious Pattern of God. There is Divine Activity going on as you speak your word. And this word is only the beginning for you that ever expands through you and becomes more and more of that radiant Light of God that you are.





“SYNCHRONICITY ~ Miracle of the Sixth Sense!”

Divine Fulfillment


(Daily Meditation for Centering in the Kingdom Within) 


I AM THAT I AM ~ And, Right Now I Declare:


I know that by linking up to the One Perfect One, for sure, my good is already done.

Absolute, spontaneous, complete and whole ~ I rejoice as my new and bountiful good now springs forth to bless me, to increase me, its riches to unfold.

Before me now is the great and the All.

I am one. I am free. No doubts nor fears come nigh me.

I know who I am, and my absolute clarity and unity establishes me in greatest and most profound demonstrations of God’s perfect Love and Supply right now.

Divine Love fills my Soul.



Did you feel a change when you shifted your focus to align with the true capacity? I recommend this a lot, to Ask: “What the Truth of the Presence of God in you is”, and then to permit that Divine Word, that Divine Vision to flow through and through all your concerns, to be immersed in that other greatest possibility for you.

Realize in Spirit, there is no age, and there is no time, and all are eternally one with the greatness of it all at any given moment, regardless of what seems to be going on.

And so, let us further seal our good with a closing Spiritual Mind Treatment.



(From Dr. Linda, Knowing the Perfect Truth About You!)


And now, as I speak the words of Ultimate Truth on your behalf, just relax and receive, knowing you are setting the right level of consciousness for the very best to happen, and knowing these words are manifesting even now.

Right now, I declare there is only and ever One Power, One Presence, One magnificent, omnipotent Life Force, expressing its bounty in, through, and by means of each and all, and in particular by means of those persons incorporating this Treatment.

I know that right within each is the full consciousness of God-Victorious being, and that for each, whatever challenge right now requires more Divine Energy, whatever that area may be, known or unknown, that Light Power of God is now moving in and through that particular area, whether a condition of health, finances, well-being, or relationships…moving its mighty power of Light in and through, dissolving all known and unknown obstructions that the greatness may now come forth in, through, and by means of each individual.

I do declare that for each individual joined in this consciousness, the Divine Attribute of Perfect Divine Timing, along with Synchronistic, Spontaneous, and Magnificent results is now moving and flowing in the vibration of each.

Each is experiencing a more joyous and spontaneous existence, opening doorways of good greater than ever before. Each one has come to a new Light Level of expanded experience. I give thanks to that Mighty Power greater than myself, greater than all, that now sweeps all up in its good and lays its treasures at the feet of each one’s experience so magnificently, synchronistically and simultaneously.

I speak my word. I know my word is one with the Law and complete and that all is perfectly done now.





*For strongest use of the monthly talks provided, establish a major goal you would like for yourself, not thinking of how this may be accomplished or limiting in anyway. Describe this goal to yourself in the most radiant detail, and then simply write it out, Giving Thanks that it is being established in the now and speaking in the present tense, i.e. “I Give Thanks I now have_______ (Fill in and describe), I now Am________________, I now receive _________ (Fill in and describe), etc.
Refer to your wonderful goal often, as long as you are working on any given talk. Whenever in doubt, simply turn within, Giving Thanks and once again describing to yourself in full.
This definite action of spending quality time contemplating your goal “as if you have it now” serves to build the new prototype in your consciousness and heart, the new cup of acceptance, and before you know it ~ there it is… right there in your manifest world.


For further information on monthly articles and updates, and to review or catch up on articles missed, Visit our Archives:


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Many of the “I Am” Statements of this program and far more are included in this book, along with brief instructions, related to any particular talk.  It is a most wonderful, condensed way to quickly tune in to the consciousness necessary to obtain your particular good.   (Visit our New Thought International Library to hear radio interviews, where Dr. Linda was the featured guest of the day, speaking on her books).

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