A Review of the Highest Healing Technology of SPIRITUAL MIND TREATMENT ~ January Intro Lesson 1 of 12 ~ The Stages of Mind and How Mind Works in Manifestation





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Dear Beloved Members of the World Spiritual Family of Highest Light and Love, of Divine Healing & Prosperity for All…


Happiest New Year ‘2017! ~ a year for profound quantum leaps and Divine Change…”Bringing Heaven” (God’s Mind) to Earth (Practical Experience), demonstrating the Highest & the Best in All!

Diamond best

 ANNOUNCEMENT~ New lessons in “Spiritual Mind Treatment”


It is our pleasure to announce that this year Dr. Linda will be adding an in depth series of lessons on Spiritual Mind Treatment to your regular Divine Consciousness Highlight Program. Spiritual Mind Treatment is the most advanced healing technology there is, the perfect path for aligning your mind with the Limitless Mind of God. Each month you will receive, along with a Full Talk and Meditation on a key Higher Consciousness theme, some illumining information from Dr. Linda, beginning with an Introductory Review of Mind and How Mind works in manifestation, followed by a description of the 5 sequential stages of Treatment, an explanation of what alchemy takes place at each ascending stage; and what elements are present in the Highest and most profoundly successful treatments.

It is ever true that the yogi raises him or herself into the Divine nature. This raising takes place through the continuous conscious aligning of one’s personal mind with the Universal Mind and Heart of God. Every time this Highest state of being and acknowledgement is achieved, there is mighty manifestation, evidenced on the earthy plane as Mind turns into the Matter of Daily Experience.

If you wish to sign up this year’s program, please advise Dr. Linda of your interest at revdecoff@aol.com. All are welcome, whether new to the Science of Mind or highly trained. Treatment is blissfully infinite in scope, as in all purest Truth processes, so each can gain immeasurably whether just beginning or already a highly skilled Practitioner. Thank you for advising your friends of this opportunity for enhanced studies. The program has no subscription fee, but donations are always most welcome, and may be easily placed using our convenient PayPal site, found on most pages at http://newthoughtinternational.com.

And so, let us begin with our first Introductory Lesson ~




Dear Participant in our 2017 Review of “Spiritual Mind Treatment” ~

Our January Lesson 1 is designed to enhance Understanding of Mind and How it Works in Manifestation ~ so that once we begin our review of the 5 stages, you will be most clear that indeed, “All is Consciousness and according to your word or thought about any condition, shall be your results. Outer conditions of themselves have no power whatsoever. Therefore, it cannot be stressed too much how important it is to be vigilant about what you are “thinking” into unlimited Mind and that every effort is made to “Think the Thoughts of God” & “Ultimate Truth” re: any condition you want to heal and to bring out the Highest and the Best Results, always available to you.

So, let us begin now with an Introductory Review to the 3 stages of Mind ~

Mind is composed of 3 phases ~

Conscious Mind may be thought of as the Director, rendering all sentient beings the power to choose, along with an invincible and eternal connection to Universal Mind Itself ( the all encompassing Mind of God), with the power to overview and to change whatever thoughts and beliefs are not producing desired results. Conscious Mind plants the “seed” of thought into the “soil” of all-capable Subconscious Mind, where creation then commences to take place, on the invisible planes.

Subconscious Mind (often called the “Doer”) constitutes the 2nd phase of the process of creation (although all takes place simultaneously), receiving the directive of conscious mind and acting upon whatever it is told, often burying information for convenience and thus, acting on “automatic pilot”, eventually mixing all beliefs held within to produce the composite external results.  The resultant manifestations are  known as the “Body of Conditions” or manifest world, the “world of matter”, or all that can be seen, felt, touched, or heard and identified in the manifest world.

Thus, Matter or material World constitutes the 3rd phase of results in this eternal process.


With this knowledge of the “way it works”, one can immediately see how critically important it is to think into the Infinitely Creative Mind of the Universal “Subconscious Mind”  only that which you desire to experience. Your own subconscious mind is your greatest servant that responds to the impress of your thoughts and deeply held beliefs to produce the equivalent results.  Yes, if you say yes!  No, if you say no!  And, gratefully ~ once you have changed (transformed) your mind about anything, results automatically change as well.

Upon this foundation, rests the Unlimited Power of Spiritual Mind Treatment, a Boundless process of spiritual evolution, where the individual, now aware, may now begin to use their own personal Conscious Mind to either continue to relate to past events and replay old conditioned beliefs, stemming from whatever input of societal groups, tradition, or family background one has experienced (commonly called “Race Mind”), and thus repeating all the inherent limitations, or to “Rise Up”, so to speak, out of the land of obstacles, and to begin relating to the Infinite Capacity and Power of God/Universal Mind, that is the Source of All that Is, and is within All.

“According to our beliefs, it is done unto us”, we are told by the great Divine Master metaphysician, Jesus ~ the “Son of God”, who understood this Science of the Law of Mind and How it works. Thus, we can rest secure that there is no power outside ourselves we ever need to contend with. The wrestling with the Spirit of Truth is always within, and according to what we choose to align our thoughts and expectations with, so it shall be!

This process is the eternal movement of “Thoughts into Things” ~ and true progress begins with opening our individual minds and understanding to the great Power, Love & Light that is ~ the “main” electrical currents that always have been ours and are ours now to recognize and to plug into at any time, to experience the vast wonders of the limitless realms of our true being.

We begin to understand how “free we are”, and that :”beliefs” are merely passing, and are not the fixed reality of Universal Spirit, and each is free to “Change Beliefs”, upon greater realization of the Infinite Reality and to consciously replace with a truer God-Self idea. As beliefs alchemize and change, so does experience. This is the Science of Mind and once the majority of Thought is God-aligned, and the critical mass of 51% positive reached, then experience rises to reflect the Majesty, wonders and miracles of “resurrected life”, right there in the individual’s daily practical life, in all matters small and large..

*At the source of any problem, you will find is a “belief” in separation from the “All that Is”, and therefore from the Love, Capacity and Power of God, that is always present in every individual life, yet does not activate until consciously put into action.

The First steps of Spiritual Mind Treatment immediately move to correct this source of every problem that exists, and here in the very first stages we begin to turn away the main problem, once again consciously Unifying our Mind and Being with the Infinite Mind of God, where all solutions to any issue whatsoever exist.

Jesus and all great Masters, saints and sages have all avowed that “The Kingdom of Heaven is within”, and “He/she who looks upon me, sees the Father”. What greater meaning can this have than to let all know, that every life may be blessed and healed, through Recognition of every Principle of God’s unlimited life being within and attainable by all. One only has to tune in, and claim this Presence, Power and Love as their rightful own, to call upon at any time.

How shall we call upon the Divine one within, without and all surrounding? Step by step, as it were. Spiritual Mind Treatment repeats the stages Jesus always used, the first stage being “Recognition” that there is a self existent Principle of complete and whole life that all may use.

Therefore, for January ~ let each prepare to ascend in consciousness by Practicing the Principle, and for your major goal, practice saying to yourself the Truth of a self-existent Principle of Perfect Life, daily reminding yourself that you “Can”, because there is a Principle of____________(Fill in the blank with a specific manifestation of a Principle of God’s Perfect life that supports your success).

For Example, if one is not physically well, there is evidencing a separation from the Divine Principle of “Perfect Health”. When Jesus saw into an ailing individual, he only recognized God’s perfect pattern there within. His knowing was so strong and so perfect, that instant healing occurred. And so, for the first stage, we begin the process of separation from the problem, by turning away and recognizing only God, only the Higher principle within we want to manifest.

All month long, regardless of whatever you may be feeling or experiencing at the moment, daily take a moment to “Consciously Recognize” the Divine Principle, pertaining to your need, remembering that Principle is self existent, never changing, and available to all, regardless of stature, experience, or history… and therefore, if one can get well, then all can get well. If one can prosper, then all can. There is no favoritism in God. At all times, “Conscious Mind” is busy recognizing either the power of the problem or recognizing the Greater Principle of God, the certain way out.

The individual now sets the stage for perfect healing of any matter, by first stating the Principle that is!

For example, at the very onset or even right in the midst of a health crisis, declare “I recognize there is a Principle of “Perfect Health”. Here, the individual is expanding to embrace the Great Reality, that is not subject to whims or limitations of prevailing beliefs, yet continuously exists perfect and whole, of its own nature.  With these words of Recognition, immediate alchemical change begins to take place within the body.

So let it be ~ Look outside yourself and Recognize the Principle that will serve you best! Joyfully Recognize it wherever you see it happening. Now, you are opening the door for yourself to enter in.

In our next article, we will look further into the 1st Stage of Treatment, “Recognition”.

*As always, Review and develop your lists of Divine Principles often, most especially with direct reference to your situation. Do you need supply? Affirm, there is a Perfect Divine Principle of Supply. “My perfect resources are present.” Do you need a perfect new home? Affirm, there is a Principle of Perfect Circulation, Timing, at a perfect “right” price, and “The perfect home is ready for me right now!” Do you need physical healing? Affirm, “There is a perfect Principle of all-encompassing Divine Healing energy in the Universe, now restoring me in all my ways!” All Principles reflect a sublime harmony and connectedness of all things, revealing the inherent immeasurable and blissful perfection that is. All else has simply come to pass.

Please feel free to e*mail me with any questions you may have. I am happy to respond. And, thank you so much for advising any friends you think may have interest to participate ~ of the availability of our Review on “Spiritual Mind Treatment”. Persons need only to e*mail me of their request to receive.

Love & Light Unbounded and Free ~


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  1. Thank you Dr. Linda.

    This lesson was perfect and on time for me! I see my lungs and respiratory system operating under the Divine Perfect Principle of the Healing energy in the universe restoring my lungs in all ways. And so it is.

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