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Volume I ~ Expanding Horizons of Mind!:  A Collection of Inspirational Talks & Teachings of Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff.   

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*****A Review By Barry Finlay on Goodreads ~ 5 Stars ~ Award Winning Author/Kilimanjaro & Beyond!

“Attaining Divine Consciousness – Volume 1 – Expanding Horizons of Mind” is the first in a new series of books by Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff designed to help us find the best in ourselves.

This volume is an amazing starting point. Each chapter is an extensive discussion of the subject at hand. Linda writes with such profound understanding of each subject that one cannot help but be absorbed into the message.  The language is eloquent, moving us to action, and each section is followed immediately by a meditation which allows us to promptly follow through on the lessons learned.

Some of the messages will resonate more than others with people and it will be different for each of us. One that resonated with me is, “…never, not ever, are we subject to negativity, save by our own fears.” Another is, “empty yourself out of all attachments, distractions, opinions, judgments, and ideas about things, becoming, thus, an empty vessel through which, now, the life of God and Truth and Highest Consciousness may stream anew.” I’m convinced that everyone will find something in Reverend De Coff’s writings that will resonate with them.

Personal anecdotes help to illustrate and amplify the message for the reader. One particularly fascinating anecdote involves driving up a mountain in Hell’s Canyon at the Continental Divide. In spite of her intense discomfort while following the narrow winding road, the author came to the conclusion that one cannot achieve the fullness of themselves if overcome with fear. The story illustrates the point of the lesson perfectly.”

Attaining Divine Consciousness is a wonderful book recommended for everyone. After having read the book and completing the meditations, you will be able to, in Reverend De Coff’s words, “…set your sights High.”


5.0 out of 5 stars Literature par excellence for Obtaining our Personal and Professional Goals

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

I have been looking forward to the publishing of Rev. Dr. Linda De Coff’s new 3-set Volumes on raising consciousness. Her first volume, “Expanding Horizons of Mind,” does not disappoint! “We are limitless,” says the master teacher, and then proceeds to take us on a magnificent journey into the depths of Inner Space.

Dr. Linda teaches us very viable and practical methods of entering and uncovering our Divine Selves — and gently introduces us to the basics of Divine Principle, outlining a program par excellence for attaining our personal and professional goals and ridding ourselves of unwanted negativity through the study of the Divine Substance of Life. Treading the labyrinth of expectancy, preparation, thanksgiving, forgiveness, presence, and much more, her Talks sustain our psyche, as well as employ immeasurable scenarios to enlighten our bogged-down brains~.

The lovely Dr. Linda seems to materialize herself out of the page, speaking directly to us, guiding us, asking questions, gently prodding. Each Talk is then followed by an apropos meditation feeding the hungry heart. I treasure this book and have it on Kindle where I can refer to it at any time. This Volume is a prize contribution to Dr. De Coff’s Collection!

VOLUME II ~ The Divine Manifesting Laws!: A Collection of Inspirational Talks & Teachings of Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff.

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Customer Review

5.0 out of 5 stars Find Realms of Discovery and Grace You Never Thought Possible!

Format: Kindle Edition

After reading the much-awaited Volume II of the prolific Dr. Linda De Coff’s “Attaining Divine Consciousness” – a masterwork of creative manifestation on how to achieve your Perfect Good – I am compelled to return to the foundational jewels of Volume 1. One dovetails into the other, and I feel I want to reinforce the original Principles…

These two volumes (not to mention the author’s entire body of work) can occupy a lifetime of study. Each profound chapter is accompanied by a centering meditation which is truly inspirational and powerful. Dr. Linda takes you note by note, achieving a melodious symphony of various levels, planes and spirals of consciousness. The metaphysical study itself raises your awareness until you are living the New You suffused in Realization and Love.

With attentiveness to every detail, Dr. Linda informs your Soul. She embarks on a mission, leading you to realms of discovery and grace which you never thought possible, all the while based in methodology easily understandable and applied. Kudos to the good Doctor! As a student of philosophy and spirituality, this read is moving and fascinating, one not to be missed!

VOLUME III ~ The Risen Consciousness!A Collection of Inspirational Talks & Teachings of Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff

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*This latest Volume has just received its 1st 2 Reviews. We welcome your reviews of Dr. Linda’s newest work.

ATTAINING DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS Volume III: The Risen Consciousness! ~  An Author’s Den Review

A TRUE CLASSICAL SPIRITUAL TREASURE***** Transporting. Altered Reality. Surfacing a vast Spiral that slowly, gently, sometimes suddenly, pulls you to The Deep — to float, to ponder, to imagine, to open, to BE, if we but submit to the sacred space. Mind-altering… Life changing … Grace-filled.

The incomparable Rev. Dr. Linda De Coff’s new illuminating Volume III of her GLOBAL DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS SERIES and Attaining Divine Consciousness, entitled The Risen Consciousness, is a masterwork for the ages. Simple and unutterably profound.

If the first few chapters do not make you weep, possibly you aren’t human! To open the Table of Contents is to walk a labyrinthian “magical mystery tour” — if mind could see, or ears hear . . . This compendium of work treats of Attaining Divine Consciousness and Volume III is filled with Master Talks & teachings, which contains many themes with soul-inspiring closing meditations — jewels to be delighted in and savored as they crystallize form. On each page, passageways of joy and beauty beckon and lure the mind to an enchanting universe, one formed in Divine Mind, incomparable in perfection.

To wit, the opening chapter is titled, “The Jewel in the Crown.” It speaks of contemplating the measure of our Being, who we are, treats of negating duality and conflict since there is only One Source and it is not divided. Rev. Dr. Linda De Coff teaches synthesizing and harmonizing, how not to get caught up in maya, but see your vision through a Centered Self. We learn to elevate chakra by chakra into alignment with our Perfect Selves.

Through meditation, we search and glean Truth, the Jewel in the Crown, and our truth. We strive to incorporate higher and higher levels; alchemize our negative thoughts and behaviors to become Principle and the Ground of our Being, break through our limitations, ego and patterns into a new Realized Self.

Rev. Linda suggests contacting our Divine Self throughout the day in every activity to stay mindful of All That Is and using meditation and treatment to manifest our best selves. And after each fiery, rhapsodic, and life-changing chapter in this momentous Volume III are meditations to assist us in the transformative work of raising us to the level of Truth and Divine Reality.

In the next chapter, “Return of the Cosmic Christ,” my favorite, Dr. Rev. DeCoff uses the analogy of the modern laser as metaphor and tool in our work of bringing Divine Light to the world and all that we wish to heal. Chapter after chapter — “Sacred Seals of God,” “Gifts of the Illumined,” “Ark of the Covenant & The Golden Chalice of Peace,” in which Dr. Linda expands on our role in the healing of the world’s peoples and activities — all profound poetic words filled with the wisdom of the ages…

Find yourself a sacred space and be enlightened!

*****I enjoyed reading, “ATTAINING DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS ~ Volume III ~ The Risen Consciousness! A Collection of the Inspirational Talks & Teachings of Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff.” The book is the third volume in a 4-volume series of the writing of the Rev. Dr. Linda De Coff, who in my opinion, is an excellent, inspirational and brilliant writer.

I’ve always felt there is too much cynicism and negativity in the world and in this opening excerpt is a message from the author, “Let us always be the Divine Alchemists…And, by that continuous transformation of our thoughts, consciously transitioning from whatever negative ideas or beliefs we might be holding in mind to replacing each with a Divine Thought, knowing what God within us knows at all times…”

I liked the way the author closed each chapter with a closing meditation, and I felt this was a very practical work with detailed instructions on how to use the book and how the thoughts expressed by the author makes it all easy to have the ideas become part of your life and to make yourself more positive as well as raise your thoughts to a new level in life.

In the last chapter, the author encourages us not to fear change and become a more positive and enlightened person, “And we unplug ourselves from playing out the gloom and doom record in our speech, in our feelings, in our expectations in every instance. The hope of the Ages is ours once again everywhere. We stop playing that old record. Consciously and now we live that life with an endless consciousness of enthusiasm, greatness, of untold good awaiting at every turn, ever-new domains to conquer.”

To me, it seems to bring out the best in ourselves and this is a very powerful and practical guide. Well done!



BRIDGE OF THE GODS, A Handbook for Ascending Humanity:  The Golden Pathway to Your Highest God Self!

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Wisconsin Bookwatch ~ Volume 7, Number 6

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

Dr. Linda De Coff

Building a more perfect self is the pursuit of self-improvement. “Bridge of the Gods: A Handbook for Ascending Humanity” is an inspirational work from Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff, advises becoming in touch with your inner God and embracing a more complete life on many levels, pushing one to personal Godliness and granting one’s own rightful heavenly domain. “Bridge of the Gods” is a powerful read for followers of new age spirituality, much recommended.


5 Stars


Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff’s book, Bridge of the Gods is definitely a journey to The Higher realms of God Consciousness. One can literally feel the glow of Light within as one absorbs each chapter.

As she writes and teaches the reader, Dr. Linda’s choice of words dance right into one’s heart. For example, these two phrases are so profound: ‘All in the All~-the Limitless Spirit of Creation’ or Divine Guest~ the Holy Breath and Spirit of all Omniscience into your Heavenly Mansion’. Rev. Dr. Linda describes how one can release control, not to seek approval and to let the past go with such distinction and through her glorious inspirational meditations one experiences that beautiful release.

Prior to reading the Bridge of the Gods, the words limitation and freedom were all around me. There is no co-incidence that Bridge of the Gods found me. Every person needs to read Bridge of the Gods ~ A Handbook for Ascending Humanity because it is exactly that, A Handbook. Once read in its entirety one finds just re-reading a chapter can raise one’s vibration for the entire day.

5.0 out of 5 stars There are not enough stars to adequately rate this great book

By Dimitri Dedes

Format: Paperback

It has been said that when the student is ready the master appears. The writer came into my life the very moment my physical and emotional needs were so overwhelming that even though I had read many uplifting books about the inherent divinity of every human being, I was still questioning if life is supposed to be a life of trouble, limitation and constant anxiousness. I was searching for something more real and simple, something with deep thoughts but easy for me to grasp and apply in my everyday life, and possibly even be able to rise far beyond my greatest expectations thus far.

I came across the Bridge of the Gods manuscripts long before its present form. Going thru the twelve steps with ease I now have a clear understanding that I am a human being with unlimited possibilities, created to have all that is good in every respect and aspect in my life. Then, the bridge is no longer merely a structure that we just cross when we come to it, but becomes a superstructure that we now cross due to our greater risen state of consciousness ~ the” Bridge of the Gods”, as Gods.

This is truly a great book. I am so glad it is now out for everyone to be able to have! There are not enough stars to adequately rate this book!


Bridge of the Gods!  What a perfect title for a wonderful book.  I was captivated by this book by Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff from page 1. It is the power of positive thinking meeting spirituality. And there is something in it for everyone, no matter what their particular beliefs are.

From the Awakening in Chapter One where Rev. De Coff asks, “For, do we really have limits?” to the final chapter when we step onto the Bridge of the Gods to leave the past behind and start afresh, we’re on a journey to examine our personal lives and make changes for the better. It’s a spiritual evolution to be sure and it’s a wonderful journey.

There were occasions when I found myself having to concentrate deeply to fully understand the message. But those moments were quickly clarified by the author’s personal anecdotes.  The anecdotes are charming, witty and easy for us to relate to. They help us significantly along our journey to a better place and make the book thoroughly enjoyable to read.  In Rev. De Coff’s words in Chapter Four, “…a confused person cannot fix anything, as we all know.”  The author ensures we are not confused as we make our way along the path to enlightenment.

Another thing that I believe sets Bridge of the Gods apart from books of a similar nature is the exercise in each chapter to help further our understanding.  My own experience with the exercises was that it clarified issues in my mind. I think everyone would be able to do the same in their own personal way.

Rev. De Coff is a beautiful writer. Her words paint a picture in the mind’s eye and it is a picture with an aura around it. She truly has a gift.  Because of the content, the nature and beauty of the writing and the concepts that it has to offer, Bridge of the Gods is not a book to be read quickly. It is one to be absorbed, to be reflected upon and most of all, to be enjoyed. It’s also one to be read over and over.

I can easily recommend Bridge of the Gods. The reader will get out of it what they allow themselves to, but for many it will be a source of inspiration and self analysis. And if the reader gives it a chance, they just might find themselves crossing the Bridge of the Gods.

Customer Review

5.0 out of 5 stars A Master Work on Metaphysics!

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Dr. Linda De Coff has written a true visionary master work on our spiritual birthright. Easy to read, the reader/initiate is brought from our present-day cultural currents to the end of Volume II where he/she crosses the Bridge of the Gods into the Promised Land, glimpsing a vision of the New Millennium of ascended consciousness. With wonder and illumination, Dr. De Coff introduces a celestial city where one day humankind might live out its full potential. With each page, the heart beats a bit faster, the mind reaches for clarity, the will aspires to loftier heights.

With clarity, grace, humor, and tremendous insight, our individual and collective evolution unfolds. Step by step we are instructed… given a system of tools to look inward — and gently, lovingly make the required changes.

Dr. De Coff, a true mystic, guides us unerringly to live in an exacting question and through meditations and challenges to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps. She guides us on the Sacred Path by posing questions which trigger new answers; creatively we discover our issues, pass through our cultural conditionings and through profound revelations of our own mixed intentions, move by leaps and bounds into new awareness.

This is a book to savor slowly, to work with, to read and re-read, gleaning the golden principles of master metaphysics. Let us begin here and now to walk the walk, talk the talk, and assist the planet in its spiritual transition to a new age. There is no better way to begin, I believe, than with Dr. Linda De Coff’s masterful, mystical, empowering Handbook!


5.0 out of 5 stars A Spiritual Spectrum

Format: Kindle Edition

Linda’s wee book ‘Bridge of the Gods’ is worthy of the detailed attention of a wide readership. Many Spiritual authors tend to plug into one tradition and pound away at it. Linda on the other hand skips through the meadows of a wide and inclusive spirituality drawing folk from various religious or psycho-spiritual backgrounds into her Dance of Consciousness.

If an ex-Northern Irish Presbyterian like me can enjoy the writer’s ecumenical take on things then anyone can. I can thoroughly recommend this inspirational book to all on the Journey into Divine Love.

*****WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD! Authors Den Review ~  Bridge of the Gods ~ (Paperback)

This Handbook is a great addition to the world’s philosophical and spiritual literature. It stands with the greats and I, for one, found it not only enlightening, touching upon the nature of reality, but of great assistance in giving the readership some “tools of the trade.” By positing perceptive and profound questions throughout the book, we are urged to delve further into our Higher Mind and clear our past, humanely clearing a path to enlightenment. We’re also given many meaningful meditation in certain areas of human frailty, which lifts us up and out into Clarity. This among many other reasons makes this book worth its weight in gold.

It is the alchemist’s key to pondering our Soul – and as we read, releases a certain Cosmic Energy, which translates into bigger and better living. With Dr. De Coff’s healing inspiration, we’re able to make a quantum leap! The author is a seer and speaks of a future world of Peace. Her book tells us how to get there…

Joyce Logan

5.0 out of 5 stars Guide posts to spiritual peace

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

As I near retirement, a friend recommended this book as a pathway to increased spiritually. My goal in retirement is to deeply explore spirituality in this next phase of my life. I relate to the Buddhist philosophy that we create our own suffering by being judgmental. Rev. DeCoff’s exhortation to “Let go” makes so much sense to me. Our human minds do not have all the answers, and, as she states: “Why would I bother to go to the limited dictionary of my past experiences, when I have everything at my command…all perfect leads to right action.” This book provides excellent guidance about how to move toward the Divine Connection, from our mind to One Mind (“whatever God is, I am”). I highly recommend this book to those who want to break free of their limiting tendencies and find peace and happiness.

Amazon Customer    

5.0 out of 5 stars Consciousness Expander!!

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Rev. Dr. Linda’s book, Bridge of the Gods, is a beautifully written guide for ascending in consciousness.

She writes with eloquence and clarity – – always uplifting the reader to higher realms. I am most grateful for her work, for I know it blesses and uplifts our entire planet.


5.0 out of 5 stars Bridge of the Gods

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

This book is an empowerment to your life. It is a celebration of our own Divinity and explores unlimited possibilities in living a full life and letting go of the past that has pained us… Setting ourselves free.

Dr. Linda De Coff has written an uplifting, inspirational book that is practical and has wonderful meditations and exercises to do to grow and live with love and joy. This book is a great gift to oneself and to friends. Dr. De Coff is a great consciousness and she shares it beautifully with her reader.

Jan Cullinane

5.0 out of 5 starsWonderful!

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff has written an excellent book about stretching the self to greater horizons. I especially liked the exercises and meditations. The perfect book to help you realize your full potential.


4.0 out of 5 stars Thank you!

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

After reading some of the sample pages of Rev. De Coff’s new book, Bridge of the Gods — a Handbook, and reading the reviews, I decided to order. I thoroughly enjoyed the personal stories and found them so inspirational — and the spiritual lists and exercises I think will be of great benefit in a grand new round of soul searching as we enter the 21st century. So much is changing and our need to look forward, especially for our children and grandchildren, is an important endeavor we seniors should undertake!

Reverend Joan Fericy

5.0 out of 5 stars A must read for the metaphysical reader!

Format: Paperback

I have had this book for so long, and it is one of my favorites to teach from.  Dr. Linda’s consciousness is of the very highest, and I enjoy the lessons that she teaches in Bridge of the Gods. A must read!


5.0 out of 5 stars Wow!

Format: Paperback

Wow! What a book! I enjoyed the setting of goals at the beginning of each chapter. Very inspiring. Takes the reader on a journey to be open and discover there is limitless potential. After reading, I feel ready to let go of my past and acknowledge all that I am and re-discover the Light of our Divine Origins.

An incredible and inspiring book!

Rene Sanders

Mar 20, 2021Rene Sanders rated it it was amazing

Thankful for this awesome book, because I get to understand the all-encompassing meaning of my existence. I am 40 years old, and getting older has made me felt less vibrant, less attractive, and more unfulfilled with my life. I associate getting old with not being able to achieve things as easily as when I was younger, and maybe, finding true love might be harder this time.

This book, made me realize that I am enough when I connect to the universal truth which is LOVE. This book has inspired me to realize how I can manifest the love of my life, by trusting that God always delivers and that by trusting that all of what we desire is already being heard.

Thank you for reminding me who I AM, before negativity can truly seep into my consciousness. Such a great read- a deep calling to the Spirit.

Wade Hayes

Mar 18, 2021Wade Hayes rated it it was amazing

Fortunately for us, this book holds the secrets to Godhood. Fortunately for us, there are people, such as Linda who are eager to share her experience about transcending to divinity. And, fortunately for us, it is easy.

Reading this book inspired me. It makes me not forget who I AM! The essence of who I AM can be easily forgotten, when one steps into negativity, logic, and hate. One reaches Godhood in the ALL encompassing LOVE that God wants us to know about. Reaching higher levels of divinity is UNIVERSAL LOVE, getting into alignment with the God energy within you, doing things for the good of all, and finding yourself into eternal bliss.

Such a profound and enriching read… highly recommended!

Wilton Gonzales

Mar 21, 2021Wilton Gonzales rated it it was amazing

Fascinating teachings, wonderful thoughts, and awesome realizations.

I’ve been struggling to a breakthrough in my morning worship. This book reminded me of going back to the basics. Its teachings are life-changing and it will make all of those who are in the process of awakening realize how to tap into the level of Godhood in the easiest most achievable way. We already know this, however, we might lack some of the special skills that Linda DeCoff has mastered. Her skills and her background truly speak a lot as she writes the step-by-step process on how we can be spiritual like God.

Knowing this is empowering, and as we step into this God-like mind and awakening, our lives will never be the same again.

This book should not be taken lightly.

Terrance Castillo

Mar 20, 2021Terrance Castillo rated it it was amazing

Relax, trust, believe and love unconditionally.

Simple truths like this are easily forgotten, but when we read this book, we are reminded that the universal truth is creation, Godhood, and reconnecting to our empowered spirit.

Living in divinity is something we no longer practice because we have been too caught up with being human. The best thing? We have this book to remind us to reconnect to the God spirit within us and to access that universal love where creation and manifestation are easy and reachable.

This is a book that every one of us should read! It is not religious, it is spiritual. The message is universal, and someone who has experienced moments of deep love and happiness is someone who can naturally understand the concept of this book. A must-read!

Zee Griffin

Mar 20, 2021Zee Griffin rated it it was amazing

I am grateful that Linda shared her expertise and she shared it with the easiest way we can access the God within us.

Getting into the world of spirituality is sometimes a tricky discussion. Not all of us have truly understood the meaning of Godhood in a sense that is already known to us. So many books quote the religious stuff in the Bible, which may take a scholar to translate its meaning. The good news? This book doesn’t do that. It’s easy to understand and the whole summation of it is to understand who you are in the essence of love and purity. When we get this message, it becomes easy to live in accordance with our natural God-like design that can manifest, give and become wealthy and reach unlimited possibilities.

Connect with this book and let the God from within you reign!

Zackary Diaz

Mar 20, 2021Zackary Diaz rated it it was amazing

What if we live our truth? What if we lived like Jesus? And what if we understood the powerful God that is within us?

This is what this book talks about and it teaches people how to reach and tap into that special power of deep spiritual union.

There is a lot to say about how we can transcend from our body into our spirit, however, some of what is written from other books are too religious and sometimes difficult to understand. Well, not this one!

Linda lays out all spiritual truths as we already know them. We know deep in our hearts, how powerful our minds are. We know how great love can move mountains, and we know that when we trust and believe in the word of God, all things are possible.

That is the simplistic message of this book, once read, it will never be forgotten.

Wilson Foster

Mar 21, 2021Wilson Foster rated it it was amazing

Self- mastery is Godhood and realizing the power from deep within us is where human beings should be connecting themselves more.

We have been brainwashed by society that it is in logic where we can get all the success and richness in the world. Not a lot talk about the Spirit world and how easy it is to access and manifest our dreams if we align.

Alignment, meditation, and unconditional love are some of what this book talks about. It also talks about transformation, ascension, and living in full awareness of the wonderful, life-giving force within us.

This book is a must-read for everyone! This book empowers, and it will change the lives of many if they take Linda’s teachings from the heart.

Winston Russel

Mar 21, 2021Winston Russel rated it it was amazing

Wonderful, thoughtful, and miraculous teachings from Linda DeCoff.

It is not always easy to connect to our spirit. The negativity, the pain, and the loss of the people we loved have made it difficult to move past that and to understand that who we are behind this life force is a GOD that has all the power to change anything.

As we delve deep into the meaning and teachings of this book, we then recognize how powerful and life-giving we naturally are, and that there is nothing to fear.

Trust becomes easy, and creating becomes joyous, happy, and blissful participation that our being and our human self is naturally inclined to.

Know how to connect to God from within, from this book’s wonderful teachings!

Freddie Peterson

Mar 18, 2021Freddie Peterson rated it it was amazing

Godhood is not a usual topic people talk about. Some of us may already feel it, but not all of us can actually know how to speak about it. The great thing about this book is that Linda is able to share in each Chapter how we can naturally tap into it. Clearing the mind, loving unconditionally, not trapping ourselves into negative thoughts and past experiences, meditation, and trusting the word of God, are just some of the ways where we can access and transcend into Godhood.

If we all read this book, the world will be filled with enlightened people- joining forces to unite a world that loves, gives, and manifests the true essence of their soul! Read it and surprise yourself with what might happen to your soul. 

Wendy Alexander

Mar 21, 2021Wendy Alexander rated it it was amazing

If we all read this book, we will become invincible!

This is a special, one-of-a-kind, amazing book that all of us should read, and never miss out on.
We have been bombarded by knowledge of the mind on how to become more. More in wealth, more in skills and material possessions. Not a lot of books teach us how to be rich from the Spirit- the easiest and the most natural way.

That is why this book is SPECIAL! When we recognize who we are from the inside, what we can achieve from the outside becomes easy.

I am recommending this book to anyone who has lost their soul to the BUSYNESS of everyday life! Let this book make you reconnect to God from within!

Whitney Bryant

Mar 21, 2021Whitney Bryant rated it really liked it
Living in intuition is something we need to know
This is what the book talks more of and so much about unconditional love and connecting with God- in a spiritual sense.
Most of us, believe the essence of God coming from the Biblical perspective, but not a lot are able to easily connect in an intuitive way. This book meanwhile will teach us to abandon logic and trust the bigger picture- which is our intuition. It will also teach us how to live in bliss, and how to manifest the calling of our soul. May it be manifesting wealth, the love of your life, and the career that you desire, it is all achievable, and it starts from knowing how to live in your intuition.Let this book guide you!

Eduardo Patel

Mar 18, 2021Eduardo Patel rated it it was amazing

Be still and know that I AM GOD! A simple message from the Bible and yet a profound truth that I have learned from this book- as a summation of what I had come to understand.

I loved everything about this book. It is easy to understand, it is personal and thought-provoking.
We are taught how to reconnect to our inner being- which is that which is God. As we meditate, connect to our breath, and then use love to manifest our deepest desires, we are able to access this most natural and powerful source.

It is time to remember who we are. It is time to uncover our power, and it is time to use Love, instead of hate to power our lives.

An excellent read indeed!

Enrique Rogers

Mar 18, 2021Enrique Rogers rated it it was amazing

I am grateful for this book. I am grateful for Linda, sharing her thoughts and empowering us. I am grateful that there is someone who is talking to so many people about Spiritual transformation in a way that is not religious, but in a way that connects to the UNIVERSAL TRUTHS of our SPIRIT.

It is not a secret that we all possess this God energy, however, not a lot of us know how to uncover it.

Moreover, the reason for this book to be shared with so many of us is for us to remember who we are.
If you are lost, find it in yourself to remember who you are, read this book and reconnect to the God within you!

Such a powerful message! Read it and let it change you!

Terrence Myers

Mar 18, 2021Terrence Myers rated it really liked it
Linda shared the most amazing message of this book- and that is how to connect to God from within.
So many of us are living in the mind, when in fact there’s so much wealth when we live in LOVE. Not a lot of us understand the meaning of Godhood, but when we do, we realize that it is just unconditional love and that if we think about the higher good for all beings, we can manifest our desires.
This book is a must-read for all! This book should be read most especially to people who are doubtful of their natural potential. People who have lost belief in their God should have access to this book, read it with intention, and practice it.A must-read!

Zane Hayes

Mar 20, 2021Zane Hayes rated it really liked it

Worry, negativity, and reliving the past. Some of the things that this book explained help us realize that the only way to access God from within is to live in the present and to trust HIS WORDS.

This is a brilliant read because it will tell all of us that living in wealth and love is easy. We are not human beings experiencing life, but we are spirits experiencing life by being human. Once we recognize the difference, we will always remember that we are capable of changing our experience by thinking with focus and deep alignment.

The God that is within us is always good. It never judges, it never hates, and its only joy is to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY.

LIVING THE MIRACLE CONSCIOUSNESS ~ Attaining The Kingdom of Greatest Eternal Good! ~  Heaven On Earth!

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Scrum Master/Aditi Agarwal

5.0 out of 5 stars A must-read…

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Beautifully Written. I absolutely love the author’s way with words. This book emphasizes to discover your Divine Self and expect miracles to happen. The author advises to backup aspirations with affirmations of the Divine. I really liked the different exercises and quotes contained in this book. The major influence on me was the concept of duality i.e. that we don’t need to choose one aspiration over the other. We don’t need to give-up anything as everything is in a perfect harmony. I highly recommend this book to anyone who seeks a fulfilled life.

Reverend Joan Fericy

5.0 out of 5 stars Loved this book!

Format: Paperback

I loved this book! A sweet simple reminder that we all have the Miracle Consciousness. Dr. Linda gives us meditations and gives us ways to lift our consciousness to a higher level so that we can live above the “world appearances” and watch how deeply we are taken care of in all ways. She reminds us in this book that the Father and I are One and will always be that alone.

We are not separate from miracles, we just need to be calm and in the KNOWING that this is true. Truly, Dr. Linda is the Religious Science leader that we as other ministers look up to. I’m thankful for all of Dr. Linda’s books, and this one is exceptionally clear in reminding us all that we do have the miracle consciousness!

***** “Clear, Concise, Enlightened and Deeply Provoking!” ~ A Goodreads Review On LIVING THE MIRACLE CONSCIOUSNESS!

Undoubtedly, this a master work of the first order by Reverend Dr. Linda DeCoff…with vital information to help one to completely and permanently overcome familiar limitations.

I’ve had the privilege of working with the good Doctor, hearing her lectures and participating in her profound workshops, always a boon to the Spiritual Journey, no matter where you are on the Path.

Dr. Linda is a vessel for the Wisdom of the Ages and blesses us all with her high standard of teaching.

Her work is clear, concise, enlightened and deeply provoking. One’s being will shine brighter after mastering the concepts ~ may Radiant Light pervade our Universe!

The awesome meditations at various points within this book are so helpful to realize how much good can be ours, when we center in the wholeness of the Divine Self, the living essence and power of every being.

When we center and call forth the Divine Principle, our Spirits are reinvigorated; we cleanse our hearts, minds, bodies of the obstructions so common to humanity’s environment and bring in manifestations of peace, bounty, love.”

“This profound work should be a part of the World’s Library of greatest philosophical and spiritual books!”

*****A REVIEW BY PROMOD KUMAR SHARMA ~ Author/”Mahatma (Gandhi) ~ A Scientist of the Intuitively Obvious”

On Living the Miracle Consciousness ~

The expression “ASCENDING HUMANITY” used by Rev. Dr. Linda De Coff in context of her book “Living the Miracle Consciousness~ Attaining the Kingdom of Greatest Eternal Good” has descended deep into my heart. We say we descend on this earth with our spiritual experience. We even say that the God descends on the earth as an Avatar to empower humanity. Rev. Dr. De Coff spiritualizes the human experience of doing the greatest good. I found that the frequency of my book “Mahatma: A Scientist of the Intuitively Obvious” perfectly matched with her book.

Whether it be enlightenment or realization of the ultimate truth (one may call it the God) or maybe the Emancipation (according to the ancient Indian philosophy) the path one has to tread is the path of the humanity, and when two natural, I repeat ‘natural’ frequencies match perfectly the energy generated melts the ‘Advait’ (duality).

I also believe in it and in whatever I write, I say it again and again, without fail. I also talk about the Divine laws and insist on conformity of our thoughts, deeds and words with those laws. All this is for the universal good, about which we know little but the Supreme Power knows everything what is to be known thereabout.

For me, we human beings have to develop a faith and have to empower it with our conduct.

For Dr. Linda De Coff the faith exists in all of us, as naturally as the existence of the Divine blessings for the good of the all.

She speaks of ‘Ascending Humanity’, an elevating experience for all. It is not an ordinary thought. It is an encouragement we all crave for. I am grateful to her.

**** A  5 Star Review on Goodreads ~ “You Will Be Richer for Having Read!”

Living the Miracle Consciousness is the second of Dr. Linda De Coff’s books that I have had the good fortune to read. This is a book about having faith and thinking positively. It’s about how we cannot be bound by conditions unless we choose to accept them, about taking responsibility for our own miracles and about recognizing the changes we might have to make so that our miracles will happen.

But that’s an oversimplification because Reverend Linda has such a wonderful way with words. The book is full of precious gems of advice for living our lives expressed in a beautiful and dynamic way that is sure to enthrall the reader. There is even a section on how we should react to compliments, which many of us don’t seem to do very well.

What I like most about this author’s books are the practical examples and exercises sprinkled throughout. A subject is discussed in depth and it is immediately followed by a simple example from her personal experience to which we can easily relate. The exercises give us a chance to reflect on what we have learned and apply the lesson to our own daily lives. The combination of examples and exercises add practicality to the theories and bring them to life.

You will be richer for having read this book and realize that with faith and the right mindset, miracles can and do happen.


SONGS OF ETERNITY ~ Contemplations, Treatments And Meditations on the Word of God!


Click Here for Complete Description and Free Preview



(See Reviews Below)



*****Review of Songs by Michael Ben Zehabe/Journalist, Syndicated Columnist/ Author/Unanswered Questions in the Sunday News

Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff is a new discovery for me. I have high praises for her book, Songs of Eternity.

Dr. De Coff is a spiritual powerhouse of growth and discovery. A real treat for the curious (in the matters of the heart) and the adventurous (in the matters of the spirit). Simply put, you cannot be the same person on the other side of this read.

Dr. De Coff begins your journey of transcendence with a starting point (God); an impetus (knowing); and a destination (transcendence). Since she has put such organization into your journey, you begin your first page with confidence.

You can bring what is above into your life below. Her process is pleasant and simple: just let her share beautiful stories and you will be gently transported (in baby steps) from point A to point B. By the end of the book, you have created a (Natural? Habitual? Neural? Spiritual? Evolutional?) path to that wonderful beyond. Then, you will never view your small life from the same perspective.

Prior to reading Dr. De Coff’s book, I was not familiar with her work. I recommend a quick examination through a google search. Just plug in: Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff and you will quickly discover a woman who has effected the world in ways beyond that of an author. Her wisdom comes from being fully engaged in a rich, exciting life. Here is a natural leader with something to share.

*****MARIE ~ SONGS OF ETERNITY Review on Authors Den

This second masterful treatise by Rev. Linda DeCoff is a unique outline of the Principles of Metaphysics, with an Explanation and profound Meditation on same, in the form of an Eternal Song of the soul.

I found this book utterly inspirational and devotional.

Not to give short shrift to the profound thoughts set forth ~ of an evening, one can peruse the table of contents, choose a topic and be uplifted to Realms of Reality, stretching the mind, and grounding the Self in its very essence.

This book should certainly be on every nightstand and I look forward to the Body of Work to be produced by this erudite author!


5.0 out of 5 stars Profound Planetary Prayers

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

“Songs of Eternity,” a new book of contemplation by Linda De Coff, is comprised of profound planetary prayers, or songs, of immortal truths sung by the great masters over the ages — and we’d not be remiss to add Rev. De Coff’s name to that eminent list! Her magnificent book of poetry and joy sings with spiritual truths embodied in historical esoteric writings, and the author has distilled the very heart of the matter for us. Yes, these Songs are heartfelt, exuberant cries and supplications to our Higher Selves. The book is also a summary and distillation of expanding consciousness, empowerment, and awareness.

“Songs of Eternity” is divided into two parts, and the chapter headings make it easy to find any subject matter you wish to treat. The second part pays homage to a former teacher and Rev. De Coff writes eloquently in explicating the nature of cosmic energy, patterns, quantum leaps, perfect alignments, and the divine nature of our humanity. The last chapter speaks of the earth’s harmonic convergence and soars to the heavens in rapturous joy with intimations of world Peace and Perfection.

The book is all encompassing and will serve not only as a basic guide, but thrill the heart with the most exquisite poetry and meditations on ultimate truth.  And also at the back of the book, the author has put forth audio readings of some of the same subject matter. I, for one, already have these and find them the perfect way to end the day and prepare for a night of Sound Rest and Beautiful Dreams!

Amazon Customer 

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent and uplifting

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This book is very uplifting and inspiring – -I like to read it whenever I need a spiritual lift.


5.0 out of 5 stars Greatly recommended!

Format: Kindle Edition

A wonderful book of poetry and song to lighten the soul. After reading, I always feel uplifted and have a feeling of living in the moment. A wonderful way to reflect and feel a higher power.


5.0 out of 5 stars Terrific

Format: Kindle Edition

Very inspiring meditations. A must have book for those seeking greater spirituality through positive thoughts. I love the digital format; makes it very simple to read and favorite passages are just a click away.

*****”A Treasure To Be Perused Over and Over Again!” Authors Den Review: Songs of Eternity!

Rev. Linda De Coff’s new healing and inspirational book, SONGS OF ETERNITY, is a glowing tribute to Highest Spiritual Awareness, evoking the Divine Essence and Presence in us all. Through pure declarations of the heart to Universal Presence and our Highest Selves, Dr. Linda lead us to realms of Reality with abundant joy. Truly the words touch the deepest fibers of our being and our hearts soar as we experience just a taste of Ultimate Reality in some of the most beautiful, spiritual, heartfelt poetry I’ve ever read.

These profound contemplations touch on every aspect of life and human endeavor and are a treasure to be perused over and over again. In great appreciation, I salute a great master of Principal and Truth, Rev. Linda DeCoff, and look forward to this teacher’s many books to come in the years ahead!


5.0 out of 5 stars worth every penny

Format: Kindle Edition

This author is a great thinker, with an expansive mind that has great clarity. This is a must addition to your life.


DIVINE ROMANCE & PERFECT PARTNERSHIP ~ The Immortal Principles and Powers of Divine Love!


Click Here for Complete Description and Free Preview

(See Reviews Below)


Deborah Beauvais

5.0 out of 5 stars The beautifully written Divine Romance & Perfect Partnership by author Reverend …

Format: Paperback

Do we have more than one Soul Mate? Are Souls threaded together? The beautifully written Divine Romance & Perfect Partnership by author Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff answers these questions and more. Humanity yearns for love. The path to a rich lasting relationship is learning to love oneself.

As Dr. Linda shares, loving the self attracts a deeper kind of love, which resonates with another soul on the same level. When the two souls come together it makes for an exciting relationship into the journey of evolution. Which do we choose, a frivolous relationship or one based in benevolent love?


Midwest Book Review/SmallPress Bookwatch

The Relationship Shelf

*****Divine Romance & Perfect Partnership

Synopsis: “Divine Romance & Perfect Partnership: The Immortal Principles and Powers of Divine Love!” is a the latest volume of the Reverend Linda De Coff’s outstanding ‘Global Divine Consciousness’ series.
Revealing ‘Truths of Infinite Majesty’ Divine Romance & Perfect Partnership” has as its focus the incomparable powers and joys of what Dr. Linda calls Divine Romance & Perfect Partnership. Dr. Linda offers enlightening keys on how to prepare for, recognize and attract your perfect eternal mate – and how to sustain your relationship forever. Whether as an individual or as a couple, readers of “Divine Romance & Perfect Partnership” will learn not only how to constantly renew relationships spanning the wide circumference of life, but to lift all in themselves and others to the highest level, and experience greater fulfillment, bliss and attainment than ever before.

Critique: ***** Inspired and inspiring, “Divine Romance & Perfect Partnership: The Immortal Principles and Powers of Divine Love!” is very highly recommended reading, especially for those seeking to create, maintain, and enjoy relationships that will last a lifetime — and beyond! It should be noted for personal reading lists that “Divine Romance & Perfect Partnership” is also available in a Kindle edition ($9.99).


5.0 out of 5 stars Linda De Coff is a great mind and she shares her wisdom with us

Format: Paperback

This is a work by a master of wisdom and the divine principles of the universe. Rev. Dr. Linda De Coff is a great mind and she shares her wisdom with us. A must read!

REVOLUTIONARY ROMANCE! ” ***** A  REVIEW BY J.L/Producer/Director/Writer/Stage & Screen

“Divine Romance & Perfect Partnership ~The Immortal Principles and Powers of Divine Love,” the next installment in Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff’s fabulous Global Divine Consciousness Series, proves once and for all Love is not an accident or a privilege, but the destiny of each and every one of us!

This book is a master work of wisdom and understanding. Dr. Linda has helped us immensely in clearing the way for a Perfect Partner . By internalizing Dr. Linda’s ideas and approach, we can realize our dreams~ not only in partnership, but all other areas of life: the perfect home, perfect job, perfect life’s work.

The principles are simple, but results are revolutionary!

We are motivated on our personal path of integrity and success ~ to change our lives in numerous ways. Reading her book fosters illumination; it’s a blueprint and guide, with exercises, to assist you in reaching your Life’s Goals. Love unconditionally and ultimately achieve all you hold in mind. 

The author speaks sublime truth when she says the closer we get to ourselves, the closer we get to our true love. And of course this realignment of our conscience takes place within, something that we have control over.

If we do the work and keep centered, Dr. Linda assures us that Principle will majestically bear fruit. It is the Law of the Universe.

This tract adds immeasurably to Dr. Linda’s great body of work and I highly recommend to all. It’s a pathfinder to get where we’re going, to have more of what we want. . . to transform the blahs into a luminous Reality! ~ J.L., Producer/Director/Writer/Stage & Screen

DIVINE PROSPERITY ~ 12 Steps To Your Perfect Consciousness Of Infinite & Eternal Supply!


Click Here for Complete Description and Free Preview


(See Reviews Below)




*****DIVINE PROSPERITY ~ Invaluable, Keep Close By! ~ A Goodreads Review

Author Reverend Linda De Coff states at the beginning of the book, “If you are about to go into enormous change, or have just created enormous change, or are very much seeking to manifest an upgrade, over the past period of experience, this book is for you.” She couldn’t have described the book any better.

Divine Prosperity is comprised of twelve stages, each of which builds on the previous stage or stages. Each chapter is followed by an “Instruction” or lesson that leads us through the building blocks necessary to personal prosperity, encouraging us to start with a clean slate, eliminate any erroneous beliefs, establish our worth and so on. Each chapter is also followed by a daily meditation.

The lessons are invaluable, but they are enhanced by Reverend De Coff’s own personal experiences and those of friends and acquaintances, that are sprinkled throughout. As Linda says, the book will be of most benefit to those going through change or looking for an upgrade, but even if you are perfectly satisfied with your personal prosperity, the book will force you to think, remember what got you to where you are and remind you to continue along that path.

It is the kind of book that can be kept close by to pick up from time to time as a refresher.

Divine Prosperity is a 5-star read.


5.0 out of 5 stars Rev. Dr. Linda De Coff is a master …

Format: Paperback

Rev. Dr. Linda De Coff is a master thinker and the highest evolved consciousness. She offers much wisdom and insight and the principles of universal truth, written in a way that will be clear to understand and incorporate into your life. A must read.


IMMORTALITY NOW AND FOREVER ~ How To Live Forever In Your Divine Body of Light!


Click Here for Complete Description and Free Preview

(See Reviews Below)



5.0 out of 5 stars This is a book to be read not once or twice… but to have near you to reflect Divine grace …

Format:  Kindle Edition

The author, Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff, of this transcendent book, Immortality Now and Forever, is eminently placed to impart knowledge of the Divine realms and their relationship to our human experience of flux and change. She states the case that in this present moment Heaven is on Earth and through her clear and passionate prose, laced with transcendental exercises, inspiring stories, affirmations, meditations, and prayers, she speaks to us of the Timeless Truth that God, the Divine, is truly ubiquitous and inevitable. Our Higher Mind, she points out compellingly, is the Divine Nature. Death is a fallacy, a product of delusion and we are free to live our lives in self-renewal, perpetual change and creativity, and radiate Divine Light.

Recently I gave a spontaneous talk on the future of spirituality in the modern world. My method or approach to talks is to simply get out of the way and allow the Divine; it is an exercise in surrender and you become as a listener to your own utterances. To my surprise I spoke of the future time in which human beings evolve into light bodies not only emanating light but being light pure and simply Divine Bodies of Light and Consciousness. As I read De Coff’s book I realized that what she is saying here in Immortality Now and Forever is a development, an exposition of that theme. Truly we are one and spiritual teachers are connected to the same source!

De Coff’s emphasis on steady practice is sound and timely and practical as she offers an abundance of exercises for the aspirant and reveals the secrets of the spiritual path as one can only do who offers authentic wisdom and illumination. Her knowing is surely from her own direct experience as she exemplifies over and over again. Accessing that which is beyond mind, indescribable and unsayable, she teaches how to negotiate your way through the seduction of emotional states and heal past trauma.

De Coff goes thoroughly into the perennial issue and blessed issues of the Divine realms. Among them, forgiveness, reality, illness and healing, infinity, miracles and abundance. What she states is surely incontrovertibly right: when we are One with God all is well. An impassioned guide firmly located in the locus of truth, De Coff guides the reader out of fear and confusion to a vision of a marvelous destiny, as she exhorts us to: “Try to realize that every one of us comprises the one body ~ God’s body, the Divine Manifestation. A Universal Body Perfect of the One Perfect One.”

There are too many gems in this book to pick out a quote or two and do it any justice, but let me refer you to the following timely and perhaps urgent encouragement: “Yes ~ the time has come where, under Divine Grace, it has become possible for every son and daughter of the Most High to live and directly implement the sublime power and the stellar attributes of risen life, activating the substance of God immediately and directly in our lives… To accelerate and transcend, eliminate and cast off countless eons of the round of death, dying, disease, aging, failure; to at last cure those beliefs in separation, where we have constantly relinquished ourselves to the false gods of death and limitation…to rise free and anew, in every aspect of our lives. It is time now to rise in the universal, depthless body triumphant together – the glory of the Divine Plan made manifest.”

This is a book to be read not once or twice… but to have near you to reflect Divine grace from and into you, to realize your Oneness with All in Consciousness.


Nov 18, 2019Simrin rated it it was amazing
Posted on November 18, 2019 by power to heal mind, inspire the masses
Book Review : Immortality Now & Forever! How to Live In Your Divine Body of Light
Author : Dr. Linda De Coff
Publisher : New Thought International, Inc
Genre : Self Help Book
Rating : 5/5 stars
Cover : 5/5 stars
About the book :
This Is a book written by Dr Linda who has spoken nationally and internationally on Highest Consciousness Themes I was really blessed to read this book as the title says Immortality Now & Forever is based on a journey where she explains the ideas of death, dying and aging.  Are they born of spiritual perfection or mortal mind is the basic theme which she covers all around. There is a uniform flow of ideas and thoughts which the author wants to deliver. There is some new positivity that I found to be seen in this book as it brings hope, light and god’s grace to the people who read.
The book is divided into two parts which also has a third part where you are provided with other helpful links about the same topic which includes life from the summit point of view. There is a inspirational journey of the author which makes me even more interested towards the end to go through as she has written so many books.. Last but not the least there is five steps for each and everyone to follow where there are divine steps laid by the author for “YOU”. It is a package of discovering your own self.I would like to introduce to the first part of the book which introduces us to higher mind, divine nature, perfection and last but not the least how we are immortal because humankind is the manifestation of God. In this book there are lessons from Jesus, who is the greatest metaphysical teacher.

She gives example’s that are :
” We as human beings think we have so many years to Live, but we should never think of ourselves that way. We are constantly regenerating and instead of all this we should focus on the light of God.
She also tells how can positive affirmation can bring change in the mind of people.
The second part is most interesting and informative when it comes into depth and clarity of going deeper in necessity of releasing ideas of death, dying and decay which keep coming in an individual, it talks about high stage of four dimensional awareness which is the most unique and innovative part of the book. It is the first time when I got to know and actually read about this principle.The most special thing which is quoted was ” In God there is no death, and indeed there never is in the Great Reality of Divine Life”That has a very beautiful meaning to the divine light of the god. God is the power and he only creates us.She has explained the healing rules that are ” CONVERTING ALL THE LIGHT TO LOVE” This is something unique and at some point of time took and gave me new reasons to be happy and smile. The whole book is so much soothing and healing that one will automatically get calm and feel good after going through the content.Things I liked :

1) The book has a topic which all need to know which will make them more peaceful and contented.

2) I liked the flow in which things were explained. The language was good and easy going.

3) I want to say where example which I found were more realistic and practical.

Recommended to : I would like to recommend this book to scholars, individual’s who would like to take some good lessons from the book.

Last but not the least… I also most highly recommend another of Dr. Linda’s books.  It is ~

” MYSTICISM & DIVINE HEALING Discover the Profound Healing Secrets of the Mystics of the Ages, and learn how to Identify with the Limitless Divine Principles and Capacity of God-within-you.~
Live the Life of Miraculous Healing in every Department of concern.
Understand the Divine Principles always available to you, and the way to activate through applying the Highest Consciousness of Spiritual Mind Treatment ~ Your Ultimate Healing Tool!” I want all the readers out there to go and explore the journey.

Hope you will find some solace in your environment.

Hope you liked my review.





MYSTICISM & ULTIMATE DIVINE HEALING PROCESSES ~ The Perfect Principles and Patterns of God!


Click Here for Complete Description and Free Preview

(See Reviews Below)


Tom Vargas

5.0 out of 5 stars A Very Clear & Practical Guide To Direct Your Life Experiences!

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants a clear way to understand how to move out of the automatic pilot thinking process of the ego and move into the Intelligence & Love we were created as. Lots of practical examples and process to assist all & anyone to realize their Divine pattern that leads to the Divine experience of the Truth we are. The book is not filled with complicated theories and far out dreams of enlightenment, but down to earth, everyday living examples that anyone can follow & benefit from.


5.0 out of 5 stars… field of metaphysics and healing in this work an amazing amount of wisdom developed from her extensive experiences in …

Format: Paperback

Rev Linda De Coff has contributed to the field of metaphysics and healing in this work an amazing amount of wisdom developed from her extensive experiences in life and ministry. She fills it with many relevant case examples that enable the reader to clarify complex concepts and align them with real life situations. And so, it serves as a guidebook to living life with joy, richness, understanding, gratitude and empowerment. Which highlights the importance of mindfulness of our thoughts and feelings that impact on our reactions, decisions, life dimensions and overall health and well-being.

Her writing style is so easy to read. It’s like having a conversation with the author herself.

Such a wonderful model for me in my own communications, powerful and helpful. Psychotherapist, Public Health Professional and Educator

Top reviews from the United States


Reviewed in the United States on November 8, 2020

Verified Purchase
This booking is a life changing tool that will enable you to discover the Divine presence with in you. The author who has spent her life researching and working on the process of healing through the self, God and his divine powers and has acquired numerous accolades and positions for it, shows you the path and process of this entire concept in her book. It is just like some one introduces and guides you towards God and your self for the very first time.

Reviewed in the United States on November 3, 2020

Verified Purchase
There is so much confusion, suffering, heartache and misfortune in this world that people tend to lose hope and faith amidst such uncertainty and start doubting themselves as well as God. This is
where a book like this comes in. The author offers techniques, methods and explanations as to how we can heal, treat our heart and mind through spirituality. This concept is based around finding the love for God, The Divine and self within ourselves. It is just like going on a journey of self-discovery.
Shirley temple

Reviewed in the United States on November 3, 2020

Verified Purchase
A beautiful book that explains the existence of Divine Principles around and within us and how we can dive into our being and use them to improve all aspects of our life. The author has put everything in simple language and used everyday examples to present her ideas and get her concept across to the readers easily. This book is recommended for any one who wants to get his/her life back on track and in control but are unaware of the power of the Divine with in themselves.
Carter William

Reviewed in the United States on November 3, 2020

Verified Purchase
This is a remarkable tool for attaining consciousness of the mind and soul and taking control of all things negative and positive around us through mental healing treatment. This concept introduced by Reverend Linda in the book is nothing new and is an age old practice just not
known to many people. A book that will open new pathways into your mind and soul so that you can improve the outer world around yourself and reach a state of satisfaction.


Beckett Harrell

Oct 12, 2020Beckett Harrell rated it really liked it
In order to be healthy both mentally and physically, it is important to be aware of the fundamental healing principles of the Universe so that you can find out about spirituality, the Divine Power within you and God’s purpose for you in this world.

Neveah Vasquez

Oct 14, 2020Neveah Vasquez rated it it was amazing
This book is meant for everyone who is mentally exhausted and frustrated from being imprisoned in a life of expectations and following the norm to satisfy others and the ego. The author enables you to break out of this rut and find ways to heal through the Divine power instilled inside you by God.

Jocelynn Bradshaw

Oct 07, 2020Jocelynn Bradshaw rated it it was amazing
This book not only explains the process of mental healing and spirituality but also provides meditation techniques and transformational exercises to enhance the self and increase the level of consciousness.

Jayce Ritter

Oct 16, 2020Jayce Ritter rated it really liked it
The whole idea of this book is to provide steps to living a life of empowerment, fulfillment, joy, gratitude and love. It offers exercises and methods of meditation to help in the process of healing.

Dominic Wilkins

Oct 09, 2020Dominic Wilkins rated it it was amazing
A wonderful book that guides you to a life of clarity and truth about the existence of the Divine healing powers, love and God’s presence with in us.

We greatly appreciate your interest to review any of the above books we have listed.  Your reviews mean so much to all who are seeking to raise consciousness and thus transform their worlds to reflect the Divine Patterns of Grace and Infinite Possibility that ever await each and every Son and Daughter of the Most High…if only we know this Truth in our Hearts and Minds…deep within our Souls Divine.

Your sharing of your own valued and personal experience in reading will help other seekers to better know what they can expect.

All Richest Blessings ~

Love Forever Free And Unbound ~





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