BRIDGE OF THE GODS ~ Overview, Chapter Descriptions and 5 Star Reviews.

An Outstanding Book on the Evolution of the Divine Soul! BRIDGE OF THE GODS ~ A Handbook for Ascending Humanity ~ The Golden Pathway To Your Highest God Self!


“Soon we shall discover that the temple of all mankind is nothing less than the Temple of the Living God! ~ A quote from Dr. Linda.

The Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff is the noted founder of New Thought Institute of New York, and New Thought International, Inc. (an Association of Global Centers for World Peace and Enlightenment). She is also the celebrated author of the GLOBAL DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS Series of books, including DIVINE PROSPERITY: Secrets to the Kingdom; LIVING THE MIRACLE CONSCIOUSNESS; DIVINE ROMANCE; IMMORTALITY NOW & FOREVER; MYSTICISM & ULTIMATE DIVINE HEALING PROCESSES, and SONGS OF ETERNITY ~ Contemplations, Meditations, and Treatments on the Word of God!

Dr. Linda has been honored at the United Nations and spoken on Universal Spirituality and Advanced Consciousness themes all over the world.

BRIDGE OF THE GODS is the all-encompassing leading book of this series.  Hailed as a masterwork in metaphysics, The 12 Chapters take the reader on an awesome journey of the Divine Soul, from the Awakening to the Promised Land (fulfillment of major heart’s desires). Rich in stories, practical techniques for transformation, and soaring meditations ~ this book can take you to the Highest Levels of the Kingdom within.


BRIDGE OF THE GODS, A Handbook for Ascending Humanity
The Golden Pathway to your Highest God Self!

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“BRIDGE OF THE GODS” is the Master Two Volume text of the Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff’s golden evolutionary series: “Global Divine Consciousness. “Bridge Of The Gods” offers profound healing methods for ascending humanity ~ to live by the Divinely Perfect Patterns, Word and Principles of God ~ revealing ways to practically aid the bringing of Heaven to Earth {Highest Mind into everyday conditions}.

The Twelve Chapters take the reader on an awesome Soul-perfecting journey throughout the many mansions {the chakras} to the crown summit of bliss and attainment. “Bridge Of The Gods” is filled with profound and practical examples, on-the-spot transformative exercises for the reader, and soaring and breath-taking consciousness raising meditations ~ that lead the individual all the way from “The Awakening” into “The Promised Land” {major fulfillment of heart’s desires}. Conscious conversion techniques for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual evolution are given ~ putting forth Divine options for greater success and achievement in any matter.

You will be so delighted to find that there is nothing that cannot be healed by the perfect power already within!



Blue Diamond for back dust cover (2) 300DPI

CHAPTER ONE: THE AWAKENING ~ DISCOVERING THE BLISS OF YOUR TRUE DIVINE REALITY speaks of the next step in evolution, as the human race {the immortal Soul of humanity} rises into heirship to embrace its spiritual origins ~ realizing: “I and the Father are One.” ~ “I am in this earth, but not of it.” An opening meditation is given for releasing all past limited identification, and for expanding into Higher God Consciousness and into the next level of Divine awareness required for the establishing of a major goal. The individual’s goal is to be achieved through the major sequential spiritual alchemical processes outlined in the ensuing chapters

CHAPTER TWO: THE LIBERATION speaks of the fundamental identity shift, necessary ~“I and the Father are One.” ~ as the first step in aligning with and activating a world of limitless good in the life. What we are one with, we become. This is the phase of the healing and raising of the mind.

CHAPTER THREE: THE QUICKENING describes the awesome acceleration that now takes place, as the individual Soul experiences its greater unity with all that is. This is the place where miracles, synthesis and boundless joy begin to appear with frequency, and the individual releases lower emotions of fear, doubt and separation. Faith is restored.

CHAPTER FOUR: THE TRANSFORMATION ~ LIVING BY INTUITION AND THE DIVINE WORD offers the Higher way, where the Soul now lives by intuition and the Word of God in them ~ far transcendent of old habitual patterns. Now, the Soul is gaining confidence, and emancipating from outer sense-world pushes and pulls and limiting collective beliefs ~individualizing, gaining strength and courage, listening to the still small voice within, and reclaiming Divine Birthright and Estate ~ ever open to the Divine influx and healing of the Higher Mind.

CHAPTER FIVE: THE TRANSCENDENCE ~ LETTING GO OF DEPENDENCY, ATTACHMENTS, APPROVAL AND CONTROL deals with releasing and converting negative emotional patterns that bind the Soul to limitation of bondage and repetition. New Divine Love and authority patterns and options of handling are given~ to give firm re-orientation to the indomitable way of God ~ bringing out the power of the Christ within; as the feeling life is aligned, and true creative power is thus restored.

CHAPTER SIX: THE ELEVATION ~ SYNCHRONIZING WITH THE DIVINE speaks of the soaring state of mystical unity that now takes place, as the individual unwinds from negative thoughts, feelings, patterns and attachments. The awareness of all the omni-powers {omniscience, omnipresence, omni substance and omnipotence} of the Divine Self is now taking place. A method for meditative overviewing to discern where the individual Soul is now ~ in terms of evolutionary progress is provided, along with ways of unifying with Higher Divine Patterns, and bringing out Soul Purpose.

CHAPTER SEVEN: THE REGENERATION OF THE DIVINE SELF ~ THE KINGDOM OF THE HOLY BREATH heralds the return, now, of the fully self-sufficient and self-regenerating Soul ~ buoyant within itself. Sacred breath techniques for re-charging, problem solving and maintaining intention, integrity and empowerment are presented. Ways to transcend old thresholds, commonly causing failure and giving up and dropping out of original buoyancy and faith, are given.

CHAPTER EIGHT: THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE begins the 2nd Volume at the highest state of timeless mystical unity. The greater the unity ~ the more awesome the demonstration. Ways of maintaining unity, even in the midst of the whatever’s, are given. This is walking on the waters and the development of transcendent Master capacities, as a sense of Divine plan, purpose, order and unity with Causal Power returns.

CHAPTER NINE ~ THE RESURRECTION ~ THE RELEASING OF ALL KARMA speaks of the glories of the Resurrection Principle ~ manifest in all life ~ the root capacity to revitalize, restore any and all good, right from within, and independently of outer circumstances. This chapter concludes with a sublime meditation ~ causing healing and release of all past unwanted karma ~ a massive letting go and alignment with Highest Love ~ causing Soul victory, sufficient enough to resurrect any good, whatsoever.

CHAPTER TEN: THE RETURN OF THE DIVINE ~ THE ASCENSION INTO BLISS gives the new patterns of resurrected life on earth ~ on an individual and collective basis, when the Christ is “walking the earth” and activated within every being.

CHAPTER ELEVEN: THE RAISING OF THE GIFTS is a profoundly joyous chapter ~ enumerating all the transcendent powers and capacities that renew to the now fully transformed, liberated and ascended Soul ~ the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. A glorious meditation for raising Master capacities and the ability to accomplish transcendent demonstrations, any time at will, is given.

CHAPTER TWELVE: THE PROMISED LAND AND THE IMPERISHABLE CITY OF LIGHT ~ ESTABLISHING HEAVEN ON EARTH! takes the reader into the new dimension of major fulfillment ~ “in my Father’s house,” where the individual experiences supreme unity with the major good desired. A far reaching meditation ~ leaving the old world and entering the Promised Land and receiving the glorious gift desired along with the crystallization of a vision of further good for the individual’s on-goingness into bliss is provided.


This concludes the evolution through the chakras and the mental, emotional, physical aligning of the Soul with God ~ any phase of which may be applied at any time to cause alignment.



Select quotes from Chapter IX ~ “The Resurrection”

The Release of All Karma

“The Resurrection Principle is embodied in all of life. It is the vital essence, most royal ~ the self-renewing God seed and elixir of perfect atomic life, and the major life current, coursing throughout all things, the crystal bloodstream of the Universe and ourselves. It is ever our hope of glory and new good to come; and our deep knowledge, that through this Principle, already resident in us, we may always ascend perfectly into our Heavenly Estate, and experience radiant, new, and improved and risen conditions, right here on earth.”

“All live in praise of this Divine Principle of Immortal Power. The birds sing God’s song of joyous victory every morning…all Kingdoms adore.”

“And we know that when we have rolled away the stone of appearances, we shall be like the pure Christ of radiant Light ~ transformed and transfigured ~ easily rolling away the stone, of yesterday in our lives.”

“We shall step forth luminous on our mountain peaks of eternity, and we shall know, that we have, indeed, resurrected ourselves for all our conditions shall be wholly transformed and renewed around us ~ perfectly mirroring the luster of our awakened consciousness.”

Ask yourself often:

“What do I want to resurrect in my life? What do I want to raise into the Light of the Sun of perfection, and to have stand forth, now, perfect in my life?”

Ask yourself:

“What would utmost Heaven conditions look like here ~ Heaven health, Heaven wealth, Heaven happiness?

Meditate on the answers that come to you often, for this is your true and Heavenly Estate ~ still awaiting your embrace.”



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“A Masterwork in Metaphysics!” ~ J. Marie

“You Cannot be the same on the other side of these reads!” ~ Michael Benzehabe, Syndicated Columnist

“Just reading one chapter can raise one’s vibration for an entire day!” ~ Deborah Beauvais, Producer Dreamvisions 7/NBC Radio Boston

Rene Sanders

Mar 20, 2021Rene Sanders rated it it was amazing

Thankful for this awesome book, because I get to understand the all-encompassing meaning of my existence. I am 40 years old, and getting older has made me felt less vibrant, less attractive, and more unfulfilled with my life. I associate getting old with not being able to achieve things as easily as when I was younger, and maybe, finding true love might be harder this time.

This book, made me realize that I am enough when I connect to the universal truth which is LOVE. This book has inspired me to realize how I can manifest the love of my life, by trusting that God always delivers and that by trusting that all of what we desire is already being heard.

Thank you for reminding me who I AM, before negativity can truly seep into my consciousness. Such a great read- a deep calling to the Spirit.

Wade Hayes

Mar 18, 2021Wade Hayes rated it it was amazing

Fortunately for us, this book holds the secrets to Godhood. Fortunately for us, there are people, such as Linda who are eager to share her experience about transcending to divinity. And, fortunately for us, it is easy.

Reading this book inspired me. It makes me not forget who I AM! The essence of who I AM can be easily forgotten, when one steps into negativity, logic, and hate. One reaches Godhood in the ALL encompassing LOVE that God wants us to know about. Reaching higher levels of divinity is UNIVERSAL LOVE, getting into alignment with the God energy within you, doing things for the good of all, and finding yourself into eternal bliss.

Such a profound and enriching read… highly recommended!

Wilton Gonzales

Mar 21, 2021Wilton Gonzales rated it it was amazing

Fascinating teachings, wonderful thoughts, and awesome realizations.

I’ve been struggling to a breakthrough in my morning worship. This book reminded me of going back to the basics. Its teachings are life-changing and it will make all of those who are in the process of awakening realize how to tap into the level of Godhood in the easiest most achievable way. We already know this, however, we might lack some of the special skills that Linda DeCoff has mastered. Her skills and her background truly speak a lot as she writes the step-by-step process on how we can be spiritual like God.

Knowing this is empowering, and as we step into this God-like mind and awakening, our lives will never be the same again.

This book should not be taken lightly.

Terrance Castillo

Mar 20, 2021Terrance Castillo rated it it was amazing

Relax, trust, believe and love unconditionally.

Simple truths like this are easily forgotten, but when we read this book, we are reminded that the universal truth is creation, Godhood, and reconnecting to our empowered spirit.

Living in divinity is something we no longer practice because we have been too caught up with being human. The best thing? We have this book to remind us to reconnect to the God spirit within us and to access that universal love where creation and manifestation are easy and reachable.

This is a book that every one of us should read! It is not religious, it is spiritual. The message is universal, and someone who has experienced moments of deep love and happiness is someone who can naturally understand the concept of this book. A must-read!

Zee Griffin

Mar 20, 2021Zee Griffin rated it it was amazing

I am grateful that Linda shared her expertise and she shared it with the easiest way we can access the God within us.

Getting into the world of spirituality is sometimes a tricky discussion. Not all of us have truly understood the meaning of Godhood in a sense that is already known to us. So many books quote the religious stuff in the Bible, which may take a scholar to translate its meaning. The good news? This book doesn’t do that. It’s easy to understand and the whole summation of it is to understand who you are in the essence of love and purity. When we get this message, it becomes easy to live in accordance with our natural God-like design that can manifest, give and become wealthy and reach unlimited possibilities.

Connect with this book and let the God from within you reign!

Zackary Diaz

Mar 20, 2021Zackary Diaz rated it it was amazing

What if we live our truth? What if we lived like Jesus? And what if we understood the powerful God that is within us?

This is what this book talks about and it teaches people how to reach and tap into that special power of deep spiritual union.

There is a lot to say about how we can transcend from our body into our spirit, however, some of what is written from other books are too religious and sometimes difficult to understand. Well, not this one!

Linda lays out all spiritual truths as we already know them. We know deep in our hearts, how powerful our minds are. We know how great love can move mountains, and we know that when we trust and believe in the word of God, all things are possible.

That is the simplistic message of this book, once read, it will never be forgotten.

Wilson Foster

Mar 21, 2021Wilson Foster rated it it was amazing

Self- mastery is Godhood and realizing the power from deep within us is where human beings should be connecting themselves more.

We have been brainwashed by society that it is in logic where we can get all the success and richness in the world. Not a lot talk about the Spirit world and how easy it is to access and manifest our dreams if we align.

Alignment, meditation, and unconditional love are some of what this book talks about. It also talks about transformation, ascension, and living in full awareness of the wonderful, life-giving force within us.

This book is a must-read for everyone! This book empowers, and it will change the lives of many if they take Linda’s teachings from the heart.

Winston Russel

Mar 21, 2021Winston Russel rated it it was amazing

Wonderful, thoughtful, and miraculous teachings from Linda DeCoff.

It is not always easy to connect to our spirit. The negativity, the pain, and the loss of the people we loved have made it difficult to move past that and to understand that who we are behind this life force is a GOD that has all the power to change anything.

As we delve deep into the meaning and teachings of this book, we then recognize how powerful and life-giving we naturally are, and that there is nothing to fear.

Trust becomes easy, and creating becomes joyous, happy, and blissful participation that our being and our human self is naturally inclined to.

Know how to connect to God from within, from this book’s wonderful teachings!

Freddie Peterson

Mar 18, 2021Freddie Peterson rated it it was amazing

Godhood is not a usual topic people talk about. Some of us may already feel it, but not all of us can actually know how to speak about it. The great thing about this book is that Linda is able to share in each Chapter how we can naturally tap into it. Clearing the mind, loving unconditionally, not trapping ourselves into negative thoughts and past experiences, meditation, and trusting the word of God, are just some of the ways where we can access and transcend into Godhood.

If we all read this book, the world will be filled with enlightened people- joining forces to unite a world that loves, gives, and manifests the true essence of their soul! Read it and surprise yourself with what might happen to your soul. 

Wendy Alexander

Mar 21, 2021Wendy Alexander rated it it was amazing

If we all read this book, we will become invincible!

This is a special, one-of-a-kind, amazing book that all of us should read, and never miss out on.
We have been bombarded by knowledge of the mind on how to become more. More in wealth, more in skills and material possessions. Not a lot of books teach us how to be rich from the Spirit- the easiest and the most natural way.

That is why this book is SPECIAL! When we recognize who we are from the inside, what we can achieve from the outside becomes easy.

I am recommending this book to anyone who has lost their soul to the BUSYNESS of everyday life! Let this book make you reconnect to God from within!

Whitney Bryant

Mar 21, 2021Whitney Bryant rated it really liked it
Living in intuition is something we need to know
This is what the book talks more of and so much about unconditional love and connecting with God- in a spiritual sense.
Most of us, believe the essence of God coming from the Biblical perspective, but not a lot are able to easily connect in an intuitive way. This book meanwhile will teach us to abandon logic and trust the bigger picture- which is our intuition. It will also teach us how to live in bliss, and how to manifest the calling of our soul. May it be manifesting wealth, the love of your life, and the career that you desire, it is all achievable, and it starts from knowing how to live in your intuition.Let this book guide you!

Eduardo Patel

Mar 18, 2021Eduardo Patel rated it it was amazing

Be still and know that I AM GOD! A simple message from the Bible and yet a profound truth that I have learned from this book- as a summation of what I had come to understand.

I loved everything about this book. It is easy to understand, it is personal and thought-provoking.
We are taught how to reconnect to our inner being- which is that which is God. As we meditate, connect to our breath, and then use love to manifest our deepest desires, we are able to access this most natural and powerful source.

It is time to remember who we are. It is time to uncover our power, and it is time to use Love, instead of hate to power our lives.

An excellent read indeed!

Enrique Rogers

Mar 18, 2021Enrique Rogers rated it it was amazing

I am grateful for this book. I am grateful for Linda, sharing her thoughts and empowering us. I am grateful that there is someone who is talking to so many people about Spiritual transformation in a way that is not religious, but in a way that connects to the UNIVERSAL TRUTHS of our SPIRIT.

It is not a secret that we all possess this God energy, however, not a lot of us know how to uncover it.

Moreover, the reason for this book to be shared with so many of us is for us to remember who we are.
If you are lost, find it in yourself to remember who you are, read this book and reconnect to the God within you!

Such a powerful message! Read it and let it change you!

Terrence Myers

Mar 18, 2021Terrence Myers rated it really liked it
Linda shared the most amazing message of this book- and that is how to connect to God from within.
So many of us are living in the mind, when in fact there’s so much wealth when we live in LOVE. Not a lot of us understand the meaning of Godhood, but when we do, we realize that it is just unconditional love and that if we think about the higher good for all beings, we can manifest our desires.
This book is a must-read for all! This book should be read most especially to people who are doubtful of their natural potential. People who have lost belief in their God should have access to this book, read it with intention, and practice it.A must-read!

Zane Hayes

Mar 20, 2021Zane Hayes rated it really liked it

Worry, negativity, and reliving the past. Some of the things that this book explained help us realize that the only way to access God from within is to live in the present and to trust HIS WORDS.

This is a brilliant read because it will tell all of us that living in wealth and love is easy. We are not human beings experiencing life, but we are spirits experiencing life by being human. Once we recognize the difference, we will always remember that we are capable of changing our experience by thinking with focus and deep alignment.

The God that is within us is always good. It never judges, it never hates, and its only joy is to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY.






I have been asked on more than one occasion “why” I wrote BRIDGE OF THE GODS, and what was my inspiration and the goal I wished to achieve.

Thus, I share you with you ~ my comments below…………


“I have always been aware of the Power of Consciousness in our lives….!”

“Indeed, I glimpsed the very real possibility that the very cause of suffering itself could be dissolved forever in any life, that there is something greater in us that can overcome all.”

After many years of teaching, speaking and writing on major EVOLUTIONARY Higher Consciousness themes, persons urged me over and over to get this material in book form, so persons all over the world would be able to learn and read and enjoy and benefit, whether they could attend public appearances or not. I was urged to consolidate all the discoveries of helpful tools to advancement that I have developed over many years of involvement with the major teachings (from ancient to modern) of Eastern and Western metaphysics.

Just before entering the 21st century it occurred to me as well how important “vision” is for progress and success, and how much people need to know about the Divine Patterns underlying existence, how they can access for their benefit, and how to incorporate in their lives, that they can enter into new dimensions of livingness in the new millennium. I urgently felt compelled to write, feeling that Civilization as a whole needed a vision of the highest spiritual directions to which it can evolve and how to implement.

Thus, BRIDGE OF THE GODS, A Handbook for Ascending Humanity ~ The Golden Pathway to your Highest God Self” offers practical ways and means for the individual to move forward, along with transcendent and joyous stories of the powerful success of individuals who have used the “Consciousness Raising” techniques I have evolved over time, and which are interspersed throughout the book, and who have prospered so profoundly… as they live the utmost vision for our greater society and civilization as a whole.

From very early childhood, I have always keenly aware of the suffering of others, and have actively sought ways and means to help and to heal…always believing, there was a way, whereby anyone could achieve far more than a bandaid, and truly be able to achieve permanent transcendence of any condition whatsoever. Indeed, I glimpsed the very real possibility that the very cause of suffering itself could be dissolved forever in any life, that there is something greater in us that can overcome all.

BRIDGE OF THE GODS is the vehicle through which I am so happy and honored to share the profound healing methods I have been blessed to discover in over 30 years of involvement in ancient and modern major healing techniques of Highest Spiritual nature, indeed a whole lifetime. I consider myself so fortunate to have been blessed with teachers of truly Highest Consciousness, who suddenly appeared in my life at the perfect right times, and who stirred the most profound inspiration and illumination in me; and I hope that others may find such bliss through the reading of my works.

It is the most wondrous liberating blessing to know of the power of consciousness in our lives and the limitless power within that can change the most intense states of depression and suffering to exalted states of bliss; pain and frustration to unstoppable faith, endless courage and strength; illness into maximum wellness on every level; poverty and lack into abundant manifestation, bringing forth joyous success and fulfillment, where once there was only failure and obstruction.  I have discovered that the only path of permanent healing and complete transformation of any department of life is spiritual in nature ~ rising far beyond merely intellectual remedy. And, herein lies the “Pearl of Great Price”, the essence of the philosopher’s stone, and the Secret of Transformation, that persons have sought throughout the ages, and that all mystics, avatars, and saints do reveal.

Indeed, I have discovered that there are Divine Patterns undergirding all of life that, once accessed and incorporated, will bring a harmony and peace and soaring success heretofore unknown.

It came to me that persons really need to know of these patterns, existent within, and how to easily activate and apply to their individual concerns. For without strong vision towards the next desirable state of personal and collective evolution, the people perish.

Through the unveiling of mankind’s true identity, understanding the Laws of the Universe and how to easily apply these beneficent laws for outstanding manifestation ~ I now know that anyone may raise him or herself out of depression and despair, anxiety and frustration, and overcome repetitive obstacles that have kept them stuck and far away from their dreams ~ liberating the limitless joy and power of the Divine Soul, unlocking the mysteries within.

It is my fondest hope that as many as possible will find their lives joyously and permanently transformed while reading this book and experience the boundless happiness I have experienced myself, through the application of the techniques and soaring meditations I share…..that they may not only find comfort and hope, yet truly and practically find their lives transformed ~ each, as I have experienced myself and been so thrilled to witness throughout many years of assisting others and viewing their joy-filled transformations…that each will realize and come to cherish, even as I have, their own awesome potential already within…thereby making their fondest aspirations a living reality ~ never more to return to the past.

The Good News is that there is absolutely nothing of a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual nature that cannot be healed through the greatness of the Divine Self that is within each and all. The door is forever open…..Let us walk in!

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