DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS SERIES ~ March Inspirational Talk & Meditations ~ “THE GATEWAY TO PROSPERITY! ~ Featuring Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff





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Your March Program Highlights ~  are now available to hear.


“The 5 Stages of Spiritual Mind Treatment” ~  In raising consciousness, there is no more profound and accelerated method than the five stages of Spiritual Mind Treatment.  Through this most advanced healing tool,  one quickly rises to the unlimited region of the Divine Self ~ always one with God.  From here, this Highest vantage point of the Divine Soul within, there is nothing that cannot be healed.  To learn more, Visit “Mysticism and Ultimate Divine Healing Processes”.


*It is our great pleasure to announce that New Thought International Library  is now presenting a complete Inspirational Talk Series from Dr. Linda’s timeless collection of works on “Attaining Divine Consciousness”   For those who truly desire further in-depth information on Higher Consciousness Themes,  you will be able to tune in to monthly postings of talks on every subject imaginable throughout this year. Monthly programs will include an extensive talk on the Higher Consciousness Theme being considered, along with accompanying closing meditations , for incorporating deep within.  The closing meditations will  be available in written form as well, so that you can easily reference in your daily meditations, while working on a particular theme. In this wonderful talk series, you will always find very easy, profound and practical tools for raising your consciousness to the level desired, always illuminating “how to tune in” to the completeness of the Divine-in-you!

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To Listen on You Tube (Here you can press cc on the bottom right of the screen and words will appear) Go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6NvRHYYnKo&t=758s


In this all-inclusive talk, Dr. Linda reveals the state of consciousness necessary to prosper all the time, and in every area of concern.  Realize true prosperity is far more than just financial, yet rises to touch all levels of supply ~ from the most mundane and everyday to the most quantum. Learn how to live in Divine Partnership with the Absolute All-in-the-All in this Universe…that you may experience immediate demonstration of any and all good things you require.

As we approach Spring, the glorious time of ever-renewing life…let us prepare by centering in awareness of the Eternal Principles of Divine Abundance always available to each and every one in our world. Especially in this time where so many have suffered from loss of  work and resources, let us realize the Greater Principles that ever stand ready, over and above any and all limiting circumstances to fulfill completely.  No matter what your need, the Providing Law stands by you!

At the end of this talk, Dr. Linda provides a closing meditation for grounding the information in a very personal and meaningful way for you. This is followed by an “I Am Statement” ~ an excerpt from Dr. Linda’s glowing book, SONGS OF ETERNITY ~ Contemplations, Treatments and Meditations on the Word of God!”  Below, please find both in written form, so that you can follow along with ease and refer to as often as possible while you are working on this theme.

*Please note that for a brief 1 minute period, a walkie-talkie being used by hotel management breaks in periodically while Dr. Linda is speaking, but it is not so distracting that you will not be able to hear.  This occurs at approximately 9:02 ~ 9:45 minutes in, and does not recur.


(Closing Centering Meditation)

Thinking of your good goal, let us now just do a very quick meditation for ourselves…to ground the Divine Way of Preparation within ourselves:

Let us each go within right now, breathing deeply in and out of the Abundant Light of an All-encompassing Substance ever at hand to become whatever we need.

In one sweeping breath, we rise up to the Highest Domain of Consciousness… each one now gently exiting the body being to flow out into the great Universe of Substance and to sit at the right hand of God ~ at the Summit of all Existence, viewing the wide universe of abundant good before us.

Right now, we are immersed in a beneficent and bountiful life beyond all imagining. And let us breathe in that life throughout every pore and cell of our being, throughout the entirety of our brain cells and powers of Awareness and Cognition. And right now, let each gently flow to view in mind any situation that needs our Divine Consciousness, the perfection of knowing: “Only Abundance is the Truth of God.” And let us spread our great consciousness over, in, around and through the situation that needs our knowing now, and let each affirm silently within; “I realize the loving magnificence has given all to me all already, thus I right now give up any ideas of lack or limitation for me. These are no longer possible for me to even entertain, as I witness a Universe of Overflowing Abundance Complete.”

And as we wipe the misty clouds of delusion from our eyes, we see that each one’s perfect  individual good,  according to each one’s aspiration, is, in fact, already manifest. For it was already given by a loving Father/ Mother God from the beginning.

We stand back in awe now as we witness the mighty God-action of completion, the perfect forming of our manifestation of prosperous good, right now complete and perfect…right where we are. And we say, it is so wonderful.

Thank-you, Father/Mother Divine ~ You are that Infinite Principle on which I can rely and I am so grateful, And So It Is.

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Now, let us speak our word of the pure and unbounded Soul within ~ knowing these words that we speak go out to bless all in our world.  Any time you need to tune-up to the Perfect Truth, reference your “I am Statement” ~ and you will center right back in power once again.




(Daily meditation for centering in the Kingdom Within) 

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Let us read our statements together now, knowing that each is establishing this perfect and pure Pattern of the Divine and Eternal Soul within!

“I am that I am, and right now I declare there is only one force that streams through my life and that is the rich and radiant substance of God, always becoming that which I need. I am the totality of Divine Abundance in action. I realize that the very stuff of God flows limitlessly throughout the very pores of my being, in and out. The unstoppable, ever circulating river of resounding life sustains and supports my every need and gloriously fulfills my every desire. God is the never ending, self-renewing action of abounding creation manifesting in the instant.

Right now, anywhere that requires the stuff of God, anywhere that is at a lesser level than fullest life is immediately raised to richest and completest satisfaction. I am that which gathers and attracts the most Abundant and the Best.

Thank you God. Thou art the sweet perfume of an ineffable and irresistible Majesty and Wholeness. Thou art the Allness rushing in and sweeping through me on every crest and every wave, And so it is!”


I love that ever-flowing river of life, and I know you do too!

And So It Is.”


Diamond best


*For strongest use of the monthly talks provided, establish a major goal you would like for yourself, not thinking of how this may be accomplished or limiting in anyway. Describe this goal to yourself in the most radiant detail, and then simply write it out, Giving Thanks that it is being established in the now and speaking in the present tense, i.e. “I Give Thanks I now have_______ (Fill in and describe), I now Am________________, (Fill in and describe)etc. Refer to your wonderful goal often, as long as you are working on any given talk.  Whenever in doubt, simply turn within, Giving Thanks and once again describing to yourself in full.  This definite action of spending quality time contemplating your goal as if you have it now serves to build the new prototype in your consciousness and heart, the new cup of acceptance, and before you know it ~ there it is… right there in your manifest world.


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HAPPIEST ‘2021!  MAY TRUTH LIFT YOU TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF EXPECTATION, as you become so one with Divine Consciousness of ever-available supply that nothing is impossible for you.



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