EASTER/PASSOVER HIGHLIGHT ~ Excerpt from BRIDGE OF THE GODS, Chapter IX ~ “The Resurrection & The Release of All Karma!”

DEAR FOLLOWERS & FRIENDS ~ During this Glorious Season of Light, Remember  “I am the Resurrection and the Life!”  Nothing is impossible to me!


GLORIOUS EASTER & PASSOVER! Sharing an excerpt from BRIDGE OF THE GODS ~ Chapter IX “The Resurrection & the Release of All Karma!”


Center in the greatest mantra of Divine Reality, knowing “I am the Resurrection and the Life” ~ in all my ways!” Through this holy mantra, there will be nothing you cannot achieve, for it is the unbounded Truth of the Eternal you!



The Resurrection Principle is embodied in all of life. It is the vital essence, most royal – the self-renewing God seed and elixir of perfect atomic life, and the major life current, coursing throughout all things. It is the crystal bloodstream of the Universe and ourselves – the substance of incomprehensible Light and the perpetual activity of the Father. It is ever our hope of glory and new good to come; and our deep knowledge, that through this Principle, already resident in us, we may always ascend perfectly into our Heavenly Estate, and experience radiant, new, and improved and risen conditions, right here on earth.

This Principle is the ever surging fountain of God’s wisdom, power and glory, causing undying faith within us, and we know with God, I am ~ the Principle of the All in the All, like the Phoenix rising, we may ever rise anew out of our ashes of yesterday.

All of nature speaks of the glory of the Presence and this luminous abiding Principle, as the trees drop their leaves in the Autumn, retreat in reverent silence in Winter, and burst forth anew with even more beautiful displays in the Spring. All live in praise of this Divine Principle of Immortal Power. The birds sing God’s song of joyous victory every morning…all Kingdoms adore.

And we know that when we have rolled away the stone of appearances, cast aside the influence of all the doubt, fear, and negation and separation of commonly held thoughts of the day, we shall be like the pure Christ of radiant Light ~ transformed and transfigured ~ easily rolling away the stone of yesterday in our lives.

Our immortal, eternal pure Christ Selves, the supreme glory of the Father Mind, shall unify our faith, and come forth in victory untouched and unscathed from the tomb. We shall step forth luminous on our mountain peaks of eternity, and we shall know, that we have, indeed, resurrected ourselves for all our conditions shall be wholly transformed and renewed around us – perfectly mirroring the luster of our awakened consciousness.

With God, there is always the way to bring forth our new truth and new conditions in the lustrous perfection of the Creator Mind ~ and this way is the immortal way of Truth and Light, and unifying Love.

For there is only one Principle that is your salvation, and that is:

“The raising of the Eternal Christ son and daughter of Light in you.”

Ask yourself often:

“What do I want to resurrect in my life? What do I want to raise into the Light of the Sun of perfection, and to have stand forth, now, perfect in my life?” Know this undying Principle of God is in you, and will aid you in the way: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Light.”

Ask yourself:

“What would utmost Heaven conditions look like here ~ Heaven health, Heaven wealth, Heaven happiness?

Meditate on the answers that come to you often, for this is your true and Heavenly Estate ~ still awaiting your embrace.

When the fog of denial and separation is cast away, we discover our issues are a thing of mind only, and when we put on the Mind of the Christ, we are resurrected in all our ways. This is the High Law of our lives.

Ask yourself often ~

“How would you like to see yourself being in your current condition?

How do you think you would be, if you were being the true Divine you? If you had no problems whatsoever, and had never experienced any difficulties in this area you are thinking of, what would you be experiencing? When you look back into your life, how would you like to see yourself handling the challenges and conditions that you are in, now? How do you want to remember yourself?”

Think and feel deeply about this, and when you are certain how you would be, if you were being the true Divine you ~ eliminate everything that stands between… in your behavior, beliefs and attitudes.

“Release the lesser for the greater.”

“Put on the new man and woman…and the Mantle of the Divine.”

Ask:  “What must you now forsake and release, in order to accomplish your noble task?”

Now, you are the Christ, rising above the cross of matter ~ unifying with the angels of your renewal in the Holy Place, and remembering your ultra mantra: “I am the Resurrection and the life ~ the hope of the ages ~ the God-seed of Ever-Renewing, Immortal and Eternal life.”

You are free now and can now operate from your radiant Divine Pattern:  Know ~

“I am the Perfection of Divine Love!

“Therefore, of what have I need?”

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Wishing everyone a Unprecedented Season of Highest Love & Light, as you are at every moment being the Divine manifestor that you are!

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LOVE & LIGHT ~ Forever Unbounded, Forever Free!


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