Divine Healing ~ Article 11/Spiritual Mind Treatment ~ The Divine Power of Thanksgiving!…”Increasing the Cup of Receiving!”


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Dear Participants in the 2017 Spiritual Mind Treatment Review, our review of the most potent healing technology there is:

Last month we concentrated on ways to accelerate your demonstration.

This month, in tune with the deep power of Thanksgiving (4th phase of Treatment) we are working on “Increasing the Cup of Receiving”, recognizing the immense importance of one’s inner state of mind and expectation, vis-a-vis results, and knowing that treatment can only rise to the level of the cup of receiving within.

How do we build this optimum state of receiving? How to raise to the perfect level that Jesus enjoyed, knowing his every thought was immediately being answered by all the powers of the Universe, without limit. Below are some very helpful ways to maintain your inner receiving and expectation at optimum levels, for as you “expect”, it is done unto you.

1. Meditate and concentrate often on “God’s Idea” for you. Ask ~ “What does my Divine Father/Mother want for me here?” “What is the greatest “Divine Outcome” I can conceive of?” The more you concentrate on the Divine Idea, plumbing Highest Thoughts of Infinite Capacity and fulfillment, and place your expectation there, the more you will increase your receiving heart, realizing all the power and love the universe has for you.

2. Learn to develop ideas of complete radiance and joy, always filled with concepts of fulfillment that rise beyond every good of the past, the highest and the best you can conceive of, for is not the Lord of all Creation capable of doing this for you? We know that when cure of any sort was necessary, Jesus did not perform half a cure ~ leaving one leg broken and one healed, for instance. Thus, learn to use your power of visioning to conceive of perfect and whole healing of your circumstance, every time, through the power of God’s life within you, thus strengthening your own inner visioning and your receiving heart.

Stretch your consciousness as far as you can ~ to embrace the magnitude of Infinite proportions and possibilities. Fill your pictures with joy beyond imagining, and descriptive words, that in the contemplation of their fulfillment, have meaning for you, and stir your heart. Describe to yourself your healed situation and how it shall be in detail, covering every aspect entailed. For instance, “perfect health, with all organs functioning in harmony, perfect circulation, assimilation, and elimination. Delve deeply into what this word “perfect” really means to you. Do not settle for piecemeal, and when you find yourself slipping down in vision or abandoning your heart felt quest, simply center within, re-focus on perfect results, and once again declare and re-affirm your complete expectancy to yourself, of Highest Divine Outcome, reminding yourself of what it shall look like.

3. Realizing that God is Love and the completeness of all of Life, it is important to align and bring one’s expectancy to Divine Love’s Level, so, if all your words and thoughts and expectations were held up to Divine Love’s Level of caring for you, would your expectations rise in fullest measure? Explore the Will of Love in your situation, by asking, “If all I ever knew was Divine Love and perfect fulfillment all the time, what would I be expecting here.

4. Realize the words you speak to yourself or about any condition have potent subtext, reaching deep into your subconscious mind, the great creative power that pours forth your worlds. Thus when you speak the Highest words and thoughts of Divine Love to yourself, saturating heart and mind in radiant pictures of expectation and faith in limitless Divine Capacity, your subconscious, the builder of your experience, is responding “in kind”, (in like measure) to you, and producing like results.

5. Meditate often on divinely perfect outcomes, building perfect expectation in you. Practice your “Attitude of Gratitude” daily to that Infinite power that is always sustaining and responding to you. Think of Highest and most benevolent outcomes always ~ not of yourself alone, but always uniting with the power of Infinite God in your very own circumstances. What you think of God will display in your world. So, contemplate the great capacities of the Divine, upon whom you always rely, and declare to yourself your conscious choice to align always here at the summit of your convictions, always one with the Creator most sublime.

6. Return often to the “Realization” (3rd phase of treatment), reminding yourself of all the elements of most potent treatments, until no negative exists to distort or diminish your perfect fulfillment. When you notice negatives come up through your day, practice healing doubt and misgiving at once, declaring the Perfect Outcome once again. Remember, perfect treatments are totally based on God consciousness all the time; No limits, no time, no space, no limitation, no difficulty, no precedent required, in essence, what the Lord of your Life can do for you.

7. Give humble thanks morning, noon and night. Know, every atom of the universe is responding to you.

Have an unprecedented Thanksgiving Season, with deep love and highest expectations of wholeness and complete fulfillment filling your Soul. God can, and you are “letting”. Think in terms of greater demonstrations and wholeness of Good than ever before. Stretch your mind and heart to include all the wondrous Divine potential there really is. Fill in (even write down) all the details of your inner pictures with as many healed and whole ideas as possible, that in the enumerating, bring boundless joy to your Soul. And, so it shall be for you, right where you have directed the omnipotent healing and manifesting power.

Such expectations now form the basis for your every inner Thought of Gratitude in Advance, and your demonstration completed in most perfect ways.

“God can, and you are letting” ~ like never before. So be it. And, so it is

Happiest Thanksgiving! Please don’t hesitate to e*mail revdecoff@aol.com with any questions you may have.

*For your convenience, below is once again the formula for the 5 stages of Spiritual Mind Treatment ! the Highest Healing Method for Divine Healing of Mind.

*If you have missed any of this year’s monthly articles on the 5 stages: simply visit our Archives to read and catch up on January thru this month’s postings.




1. Recognition ~ I recognize there is a perfect Principle of Perfect _____________(fill in with the words most describing the Infinite Resource that you want to participate in and that is your “Solution”), i.e. if in lack of any sort, affirm the” Principle of Perfect Supply”.

2. Unification ~ I, (the true I Am and God Self within every being) am one with that! Now, you are moving away from empowering the problem to empowering your Highest God Self within and all surrounding, the one and only solution to every issue.

3. Realization ~ Because I recognize I am one with all the great Divine Principles of the Universe, I now declare the glad Truth about my situation________________. Let your realization include all the elements we covered in our previous lessons, i.e. no time, no space, no difficulty, no limit. Let your Realization rise to the level of knowing your Good is available right now. Remember, you are not relying upon yourself or any limited history you may have (as apart from the Divine) ~ yet you are now radically and directly relying upon the Greatest Power that is, God and Universal Mind and Substance within.  Realize you can choose to live in the penthouse of your thoughts, or in the basement.  Always choose to rise to the highest level, always available to you.

4. Thanksgiving ~ I give thanks! Let your heart overflow with Gratitude to God, Infinite Substance and Supply for all you have and the more to come.

5. Release ~ I release! When you are ready and feel you have reached the maximum depths of awareness in your treatment, then take a deep breath of God and declare your release in faith to the Great Wisdom and Power that is bringing all about in perfection beyond imagining.


Love & Light Unbounded and Free ~

Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff



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All Blessings for a wonderful Thanksgiving Season, as you prepare to receive of unbounded Good.


Love & Light Ever Unbounded, Ever Free ~


Diamond best

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Have a most blessed and bountiful and unsurpassed Thanksgiving!, grateful for all the good that you now have and for the ever-greater to come!!!

So let it be!

Aum! Bliss!








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