JULY ARTICLE ~ DIVINE HEALING ~ Creating New Divine Cause! Mind and Manifestation! Always think in terms of the “Absolute” (First Cause) in you!!!

July Article ~ Divine Healing, Spiritual Mind Treatment ~ Divine Laws of Attraction, Mental Equivalents, Expectation and Manifestation !



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Dear Participants in the 2017 Review of Spiritual Mind Treatment ~

 Now that we have reviewed the five phases of Treatment ~ Recognition, Unification, Realization, Thanksgiving and Release, Let us examine further the option one always has, either to think in terms of “Absolute” and “First Cause” or to remain on the level of Secondary Causation, or “Relative Cause”, bound in the karmic cycle of repetitive negative cause and negative effect.

In Treatment, one should always strive to turn completely away from the appearances of the moment and to always rise within to the level to think in terms of the Presence and the Power of “Absolute First Cause”, whenever looking at the goal you want to manifest and contemplating the possibilities of your new manifestation.

The “Absolute” is the purest essence of the eternal, changeless Divine Nature, that which brought all that it is into being (which we call God). In this way, one disempowers all previous chains of cause and effect, that have been caused at the human level.

“Relative causation” is a series of cause/effect sequences that have been set up by the individual based on limited beliefs and awareness. Therefore, always striving to rise to the level of the unconditioned and the limitless (God in you, that is always free) will always make your treatments so much better and the results will be just as transcendent as you can contemplate and accept.

There is no permanency to the lesser chains of cause/effect that may have been set up in anyone’s life, regardless of how tenacious they may seem. Witness how when you change your consciousness about a thing, in moments of realizing a Greater Truth, how the old pattern can so easily be let go, and the greater can be instated. Now, from the High place of the “Absolute” (God-in-you and all surrounding), the vast horizon of limitless possibilities open up.  Remember, there is never any negative or impossibility in First Cause, no lack, no impossibility, nor lackluster denial of any sort.

How can the individual best use his or her freedom to create the very best in all circumstances, as one with God, the limitless Universal Mind of Infinite Capacity, and God’s Love in All?

The next step is to realize that not only is the universe filled with Divine Essence and Divine Principle ever at hand and animating all ~ there are also Laws of Manifestation that activate the Power of Principle and serve to bring about your good ideas into form.

*The Law of Mental Equivalents, the Law of Attraction (Like Attracts Like), and the Law of Expectation are most important to understand, for these are the prime inner elements of consciousness that govern your every demonstration.

Jesus would always ask, “How is your Faith?”, revealing the inexorable Law that perfect Faith in the Divine Capacity to achieve, along with perfect confidence in the love that God and all of universal being has for you, always brings swiftest and most immediate results. Here is the “Law of Expectation”, so be sure to always re-affirm your trust in that Perfect Power, always wanting the best for you in every situation.  Know that all Laws of Manifestation always respond to you, exactly according to your Expectations. 

Know that “Unconditioned Being” has no limitations at all.  This is why we say, ” With God, all things are possible!”  This is why you never have to have any resources in hand to manifest whatever you need, only the blessed risen consciousness that Principle is All and has all for every need, becoming on the instant the very essence of one’s expectations!

*The Law of Mental Equivalents is also essential to understand, for most effective Treatments. A mental equivalent would be that picture one is holding in mind, and this picture must rise to the level to be the equivalent of the thing desired. This is why constant meditation on the highest and best outcome you can conceive is so important, developing the Divine Prototype of Highest possibility in you. By practicing visioning yourself in the situation desired, with all things perfect, blissful and right, and the perfect Way having been supplied with ease, you increase the cup of receiving to the most maximum idea of good possible.

For example, if one is thinking in terms of perfect right and wonderful work, visioning themselves happy in the new situation, with all constructive elements desired present in the picture ~ his or her prayer coupled with limitless gratitude for this healthy and healed situation, will most certainly out-picture according to the mental equivalent within. Thus in this stage of refining one’s mental equivalents (a good place is in the Thanksgiving Stage of Treatment), the individual is stretching mind beyond the known and all the good of the past, and looking at every specific quality desired, yet not outlining, or telling God  how. This practice is to broaden the receiving capacity, and to practice always filling your own mind with the Highest and Best that you can conceive God-in-you to be truly capable of.

Ask yourself ~ What can God do for me here? Ask yourself ~ What is the most blissful result I can conceive of? And, then give your heartfelt Thanks. Be as specific as you can.

A helpful tool is to look at your issue, as it appears right now (noting all that seems missing or troublesome), and then ask yourself ~  “What would be the Fulfilling Spiritual Opposite (the Divine Idea of Highest Love)?” Then, incorporate that very specifically in your meditations and Spiritual Mind Treatments. For example, if you are experiencing fear, the opposite would be faith ~ “I have the Faith that moves mountains, Thank you, God!”

In the “Thanksgiving” phase of treatment, just before releasing to the All-Capacity, here is where you can describe your situation in the most life-giving words, i.e. “I give thanks for my wonderful new home, filled with light, in an environment that I love, on the water, with plenty of room, and perfectly paid for without strain.”

It is then that Universal Mind hears your inner words, and begins to create the perfection of circumstances, tailor made for you.

How does the Law of Attraction play in here? “Like attracts like”? The Law of Attraction refers to that mental equivalent you have in mind, and the Law of Attraction draws in all the right, persons, places and conditions to facilitate the desired result.

Here you are literally establishing New Divine Cause to the Greater in your life, by dwelling only on the power and bliss of The Eternal Reality vis-a-vis your situation that you want to change…by cultivating only Divine Equivalents and Expectation within, knowing what God itself knows about itself and therefore, for you.

Conversely, if one is wanting a mansion, yet is dwelling on all the impossibles, the toughness of the market, etc., the lack of money (All of this constituting the transient world of “Relative” Causation” (The Appearances) and all of which has nothing to do with the Unlimited and the Absolute) ~ creating a negative and difficult picture and thinking of all the difficulties so much that they now are actually picturing a run down hut as the only thing they might be able to achieve, the neutral Law of Attraction will simply respond in kind, either bringing troublesome and difficult conditions in trying to achieve that goal, or bringing the run down hut of the individuals lowered expectations.

Thus, for this month ~ be aware of what you are attracting. Practice thinking in terms of only Highest Love and Limitless Capacity (Absolute First Cause) responding to you. Have great fun taking time to imagine and actually write out the very best outcome you can conceive of for your goal or quest, filling in your picture with radiant and life-giving quantities and qualities of wholeness and bliss. Know that God in you is definitely capable of all that transcendent good and thensome. Meditate daily on Divinely perfect and outstanding results, and on the Spiritual Opposites of wholeness and completeness for your situation. See yourself in that, know God is the way of the unbounded “Absolute” and the power upon which you rely, and it is certain that awesome good shall be yours in perfect peace and joy, far exceeding any good of the past.

When you discover yourself dropping down in your expectations and giving in to appearances, simply take a breath, go back to Giving Thanks within for the Perfect Divine Outcome, again describing the radiant features of the desired demonstration to yourself, and once again release in faith.  Doubt is your opportunity to re-affirm your perfect faith in all the Laws of Universe and as you have conceived, so it shall be done unto you.  Strive to heal yourself so completely that all you can conceive of (regardless of any appearances) is commensurate with Divine Power and Presence ~ “The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth!”

So let it be for each and for all ~

Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff

*For your convenience, below is once again the formula for the 5 stages of Spiritual Mind Treatment ! the Highest Healing Method for Divine Healing of Mind.

*If you have missed any of this year’s monthly articles on the 5 stages: simply visit our Archives to read and catch up on January thru this month’s postings.


1. Recognition ~ I recognize there is a perfect Principle of Perfect _____________(fill in with the words most describing the Infinite Resource that you want to participate in and that is your “Solution”), i.e. if in lack of any sort, affirm the” Principle of Perfect Supply”.

2. Unification ~ I, (the true I Am and God Self within every being) am one with that! Now, you are moving away from empowering the problem to empowering your Highest God Self within and all surrounding, the one and only solution to every issue.

3. Realization ~ Because I recognize I am one with all the great Divine Principles of the Universe, I now declare the glad Truth about my situation________________. Let your realization include all the elements we covered in our previous lessons, i.e. no time, no space, no difficulty, no limit. Let your Realization rise to the level of knowing your Good is available right now. Remember, you are not relying upon yourself or any limited history you may have (as apart from the Divine) ~ yet you are now radically and directly relying upon the Greatest Power that is, God and Universal Mind and Substance within.  Realize you can choose to live in the penthouse of your thoughts, or in the basement.  Always choose to rise to the highest level, always available to you.

4. Thanksgiving ~ I give thanks! Let your heart overflow with Gratitude to God, Infinite Substance and Supply for all you have and the more to come.

5. Release ~ I release! When you are ready and feel you have reached the maximum depths of awareness in your treatment, then take a deep breath of God and declare your release in faith to the Great Wisdom and Power that is bringing all about in perfection beyond imagining.

Be the Divine Alchemist right where you are, changing all to the radiant perfection that is ~ by constantly aligning with the Highest and Best!


Enjoy the summer months, filled with awareness of the limitless good that is and that can be yours for the acceptance; certain that what you have named and claimed for yourself is indeed taking place How great it is!

*Please feel free to leave your comments, reflections or questions in the “comment section” provided below.

In All Truth, Love & Light ~ Celebrating the great bounty that surrounds us all ~


Diamond best

*Do actually take time to write out at least a few treatments formally, until the Divine Healing process of immediately centering in Truth becomes automatic, no matter what may be taking place. Practice makes perfect! And so, let it be for each and for all ~ Next month, we will delve further into the most important task  of learning always to think in terms of the Absolute.

Love & Light Ever Unbounded, Ever Free ~


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*As always, Review and develop your lists of Divine Principles often, most especially with direct reference to your situation. Do you need supply? Affirm, there is a Perfect Divine Principle of Supply. “My perfect resources are present.” Do you need a perfect new home? Affirm, there is a Principle of Perfect Circulation, Timing, at a perfect “right” price, and “The perfect home is ready for me right now!” Do you need physical healing? Affirm, “There is a perfect Principle of all-encompassing Divine Healing energy in the Universe, now restoring me in all my ways!” All Principles reflect a sublime harmony and connectedness of all things, revealing the inherent immeasurable and blissful perfection that is. All else has simply come to pass.

When you are desirous of any type of healing, ask yourself ~ What Principle of Perfect Life do you need to connect with, that supports the manifestation of your good!  Get underneath  the apparency of the issue itself, healing and releasing at the causal level.

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  1. Thanks ever so much, Dr. Linda, for your wonderful article on Mental Equivalents and our Expectation — and for the important review of the 5 principles! It was divinely inspired and the perfect way to begin celebrating the 241st birthday of America. Certainly we each cherish our independence and on this special day what better way to acknowledge our Freedom than by being in complete alignment with the Mighty Force that gave it to us — and by spreading ur great gifts near and wide! God bless you and keep you always.

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